Wednesday, July 31, 2013

1307.7773 (Adi Armoni et al.)

Correlators of Circular Wilson Loops from Holography    [PDF]

Adi Armoni, Maurizio Piai, Ali Teimouri
We study the correlators of two circular Wilson loops of different radii at strong coupling. In our setup one Wilson loop is located inside the other. We use holography to calculate the connected two-point function. Both an AdS background and a confining background are considered. As the computation cannot be carried out analytically we solve the problem numerically. In the AdS case our results agree with similar, however simpler, holographic calculations. In the case of a confining background we find an asymptotic area law, in agreement with the result of the lattice strong coupling expansion. We also elaborate on the subtle issue of the interplay between connected and disconnected string worldsheets.
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