Monday, October 8, 2012

1103.1352 (Tim Adamo et al.)

MHV diagrams in twistor space and the twistor action    [PDF]

Tim Adamo, Lionel Mason

1111.2585 (L. J. Mason et al.)

Conformal Field Theories in Six-Dimensional Twistor Space    [PDF]

L. J. Mason, R. A. Reid-Edwards, A. Taghavi-Chabert

1201.2903 (Minjoon Park et al.)

Sudden variations in the speed of sound during inflation: features in
the power spectrum and bispectrum

Minjoon Park, Lorenzo Sorbo

1209.6356 (Marco Spaans)

A topological extension of GR: Black holes induce dark energy    [PDF]

Marco Spaans

1210.1580 (David Tong et al.)

Fluctuation and Dissipation at a Quantum Critical Point    [PDF]

David Tong, Kenny Wong

1210.1590 (Richard J. Anantua et al.)

The Pauli exclusion principle at strong coupling: Holographic matter and
momentum space

Richard J. Anantua, Sean A. Hartnoll, Victoria L. Martin, David M. Ramirez

1210.1591 (Ralph Blumenhagen et al.)

A bi-invariant Einstein-Hilbert action for the non-geometric string    [PDF]

Ralph Blumenhagen, Andreas Deser, Erik Plauschinn, Felix Rennecke

1210.1606 (Gavin S. Hartnett et al.)

Geons and Spin-2 Condensates in the AdS Soliton    [PDF]

Gavin S. Hartnett, Gary T. Horowitz

1210.1615 (J. B. Formiga et al.)

Dirac equation in non-Riemannian geometries    [PDF]

J. B. Formiga, C. Romero

1210.1685 (J. Ablinger et al.)

Advanced Computer Algebra Algorithms for the Expansion of Feynman

J. Ablinger, S. Bl├╝mlein, M. Round, C. Schneider

1210.1692 (Jong-Phil Lee)

Quantization of $D$-dimensional noncommutative black holes    [PDF]

Jong-Phil Lee

1210.1712 (D. T. J. Feist et al.)

Skyrmions up to Baryon Number 108    [PDF]

D. T. J. Feist, P. H. C. Lau, N. S. Manton

1210.1719 (G. Papadopoulos)

New potentials for conformal mechanics    [PDF]

G. Papadopoulos

1210.1731 (Andrzej Herdegen)

Infraparticle problem, asymptotic fields and Haag-Ruelle theory    [PDF]

Andrzej Herdegen

1210.1742 (Hugo Reinhardt et al.)

The effective potential of the confinement order parameter in the
Hamilton approach

Hugo Reinhardt, Jan Heffner

1210.1755 (Ruth Britto et al.)

On-shell recursion for massive fermion currents    [PDF]

Ruth Britto, Alexander Ochirov

1210.1761 (Mariam Bouhmadi-Lopez et al.)

Smoking guns of a bounce in modified theories of gravity through the
spectrum of the gravitational waves

Mariam Bouhmadi-Lopez, Joao Morais, Alfredo B. Henriques

1210.1776 (Yung-Yeh Chang et al.)

A note on on-shell recursion relation of string amplitudes    [PDF]

Yung-Yeh Chang, Bo Feng, Chih-Hao Fu, Jen-Chi Lee, Yihong Wang, Yi Yang

1210.1787 (Steffen Gielen)

Spontaneous breaking of Lorentz symmetry for canonical gravity    [PDF]

Steffen Gielen

1210.1803 (Eugene B. Kolomeisky et al.)

Fermion condensation around a Coulomb impurity in a Weyl semimetal and
in a narrow band gap semiconductor as manifestations of the Landau
zero-charge problem

Eugene B. Kolomeisky, Joseph P. Straley

1210.1816 (Ellis Ye Yuan)

Virtual Color-Kinematics Duality: 6-pt 1-Loop MHV Amplitudes    [PDF]

Ellis Ye Yuan

1210.1842 (Mohammad F. Maghrebi et al.)

A Scattering Approach to the Dynamical Casimir Effect    [PDF]

Mohammad F. Maghrebi, Ramin Golestanian, Mehran Kardar