Tuesday, February 26, 2013

1111.3903 (H. M. Fried et al.)

Dark Energy as the Remnant of Inflation    [PDF]

H. M. Fried, Y. Gabellini

1212.5609 (Charlotte Kristjansen et al.)

Giant D5 Brane Holographic Hall State    [PDF]

Charlotte Kristjansen, Gordon W. Semenoff

1212.6264 (Hai-Shan Liu et al.)

Charged Rotating AdS Black Hole and Its Thermodynamics in Conformal

Hai-Shan Liu, H. Lu

1302.5703 (Masahiro Nozaki et al.)

Holographic Local Quenches and Entanglement Density    [PDF]

Masahiro Nozaki, Tokiro Numasawa, Tadashi Takayanagi

1302.5768 (Yukihiro Fujimoto et al.)

Shifted orbifold models with magnetic flux    [PDF]

Yukihiro Fujimoto, Tatsuo Kobayashi, Takashi Miura, Kenji Nishiwaki, Makoto Sakamoto

1302.5795 (U. Camara dS et al.)

Self-Duality from New Massive Gravity Holography    [PDF]

U. Camara dS, C. P. Constantinidis, A. L. Alves Lima, G. M. Sotkov

1302.5829 (A. Bashir et al.)

QCD: Restoration of Chiral Symmetry and Deconfinement for Large N_f    [PDF]

A. Bashir, A. Raya, J. Rodríguez-Quintero

1302.5846 (Jae Yong Lee)

Gaugino masses from gravitino at one loop    [PDF]

Jae Yong Lee

1302.5884 (S. Capozziello et al.)

Cosmological dark energy effects from entanglement    [PDF]

S. Capozziello, O. Luongo, S. Mancini

1302.5907 (Maciej Trzetrzelewski)

Dirac equation for strings    [PDF]

Maciej Trzetrzelewski

1302.5935 (Arthur Jaffe et al.)

Complex Classical Fields and Partial Wick Rotations    [PDF]

Arthur Jaffe, Christian D. Jäkel, Roberto E. Martinez II

1302.5971 (Abdelmalek Abdesselam et al.)

Rigorous quantum field theory functional integrals over the p-adics I:
anomalous dimensions

Abdelmalek Abdesselam, Ajay Chandra, Gianluca Guadagni

1302.5989 (Valentina Baccetti et al.)

Inertial frames without the relativity principle: breaking Lorentz

Valentina Baccetti, Kyle Tate, Matt Visser

1302.6006 (Bum-Hoon Lee et al.)

Status report: black hole complementarity controversy    [PDF]

Bum-Hoon Lee, Dong-han Yeom

1302.6013 (Christophe Ringeval et al.)

Magneto-reheating constraints from curvature perturbations    [PDF]

Christophe Ringeval, Teruaki Suyama, Jun'ichi Yokoyama

1302.6017 (Anna V. Yaparova et al.)

Application of the Abel Equation of the 1st kind to an inflation
analysis of non-exactly solvable cosmological models

Anna V. Yaparova, Artyom V. Yurov, Valerian A. Yurov

1302.6020 (Osvaldo Civitarese et al.)

Generalized variational procedure: An application to non-perturbative

Osvaldo Civitarese, Peter Otto Hess, Davis Arturo Amor-Quiroz

1302.6028 (Kiyoshi Shiraishi)

U(infinity) Gauge Theory from Higher Dimensions    [PDF]

Kiyoshi Shiraishi

1302.6032 (D. Bazeia et al.)

Construction of new scalar field models from the standard $φ^4$

D. Bazeia, M. A. González León, L. Losano, J. Mateos Guilarte, J. R. L. Santos

1302.6057 (Andrea Borghese et al.)

Triality, Periodicity and Stability of SO(8) Gauged Supergravity    [PDF]

Andrea Borghese, Adolfo Guarino, Diederik Roest

1302.6059 (Hidenori Sonoda)

Analytic form of the effective potential in the large N limit of a real
scalar theory in four dimensions

Hidenori Sonoda

1302.6063 (Kenichi Konishi)

Confinement via strongly-coupled non-Abelian monopoles    [PDF]

Kenichi Konishi

1302.6069 (H. Sonoda)

Solving RG equations with the Lambert W function    [PDF]

H. Sonoda

1302.6086 (Ram Brustein et al.)

Semiclassical black holes expose forbidden charges and censor divergent

Ram Brustein, A. J. M. Medved

1302.6095 (Min-xin Huang)

Modular Anomaly from Holomorphic Anomaly in Mass Deformed N=2
Superconformal Field Theories

Min-xin Huang

1302.6113 (Eliot Hijano et al.)

Matching four-point functions in higher spin AdS_3/CFT_2    [PDF]

Eliot Hijano, Per Kraus, Eric Perlmutter

1302.6129 (Kanehisa Takasaki)

Modified melting crystal model and Ablowitz-Ladik hierarchy    [PDF]

Kanehisa Takasaki

1302.6139 (Salvatore Butera et al.)

Field fluctuations in a one-dimensional cavity with a mobile wall    [PDF]

Salvatore Butera, Roberto Passante

1302.6162 (Alex Jourjine)

Scalar Supersymmetry in Bi-Spinor Gauge Theory    [PDF]

Alex Jourjine

1302.6185 (B. Cuadros-Melgar et al.)

Quasinormal modes and thermodynamical aspects of the 3D Lifshitz black

B. Cuadros-Melgar, Jeferson de Oliveira, C. E. Pellicer

1302.6186 (José P. Mimoso et al.)

Spherically symmetric models: generalised local conditions separating
expansion from collapse in models with anisotropic pressures

José P. Mimoso, Morgan Le Delliou, Filipe C. Mena

1302.6198 (Kei-ichi Maeda et al.)

Anisotropic universes in the ghost-free bigravity    [PDF]

Kei-ichi Maeda, Mikhail S. Volkov

1302.6199 (Kazuhiko Kamikado et al.)

Real-Time Correlation Functions in the O(N) Model from the Functional
Renormalization Group

Kazuhiko Kamikado, Nils Strodthoff, Lorenz von Smekal, Jochen Wambach

1302.6215 (Christian Bogner et al.)

Multiple polylogarithms and linearly reducible Feynman graphs    [PDF]

Christian Bogner, Martin Lüders

1302.6217 (E. Abdalla et al.)

The AdS/CFT relation, quasi-normal modes and applications    [PDF]

E. Abdalla, C. E. Pellicer, Jeferson de Oliveira

1302.6219 (Bernard de Wit et al.)

Deformations of gauged SO(8) supergravity and supergravity in eleven

Bernard de Wit, Hermann Nicolai

1302.6229 (Daniele Bertolini et al.)

TASI 2012: Super-Tricks for Superspace    [PDF]

Daniele Bertolini, Jesse Thaler, Zachary Thomas