Tuesday, February 21, 2012

1101.5370 (F. R. Klinkhamer)

Newton's gravitational coupling constant from a quantum of area    [PDF]

F. R. Klinkhamer

1106.5359 (Mansi Dhuria et al.)

Towards Large Volume Big Divisor D3-D7 "mu-Split Supersymmetry" and
Ricci-Flat Swiss-Cheese Metrics, and Dimension-Six Neutrino Mass Operators

Mansi Dhuria, Aalok Misra

1107.3677 (Kengo Maeda et al.)

Inhomogeneous charged black hole solutions in asymptotically anti-de
Sitter spacetime

Kengo Maeda, Takashi Okamura, Jun-ichirou Koga

1107.4320 (Marco Bochicchio)

Glueballs in large-N YM by localization on critical points    [PDF]

Marco Bochicchio

1108.0119 (Adam R. Brown et al.)

Populating the Whole Landscape    [PDF]

Adam R. Brown, Alex Dahlen

1108.0422 (Adriano Contillo et al.)

Renormalisation group improvement of scalar field inflation    [PDF]

Adriano Contillo, Mark Hindmarsh, Christoph Rahmede

1108.1145 (Viqar Husain et al.)

Time and a physical Hamiltonian for quantum gravity    [PDF]

Viqar Husain, Tomasz Pawlowski

1108.2615 (Iwo Bialynicki-Birula et al.)

Removal of the Schwinger nonanaliticity in pair production by adiabatic
switching of the electric field

Iwo Bialynicki-Birula, Lukasz Rudnicki

1108.3841 (Jianwei Mei)

Conformal Symmetries of the Einstein-Hilbert Action on Horizons of
Stationary and Axisymmetric Black Holes

Jianwei Mei

1108.4963 (Takeshi Morita et al.)

F-theorem, duality and SUSY breaking in one-adjoint Chern-Simons-Matter

Takeshi Morita, Vasilis Niarchos

1108.5549 (Seungjoon Hyun et al.)

Finite Temperature Aging Holography    [PDF]

Seungjoon Hyun, Jaehoon Jeong, Bom Soo Kim

1110.1074 (Tameem Albash et al.)

Holographic Entanglement Entropy and Renormalization Group Flow    [PDF]

Tameem Albash, Clifford V. Johnson

1110.2459 (Hosho Katsura)

Sine-square deformation of solvable spin chains and conformal field

Hosho Katsura

1110.5628 (M. N. Alfimov et al.)

Parafermionic Liouville field theory and instantons on ALE spaces    [PDF]

M. N. Alfimov, G. M. Tarnopolsky

1111.1919 (Razieh Emami et al.)

Issues on Generating Primordial Anisotropies at the End of Inflation    [PDF]

Razieh Emami, Hassan Firouzjahi

1111.2834 (H. S. Tan)

Aspects of Three-dimensional Spin-4 Gravity    [PDF]

H. S. Tan

1111.2875 (Mohamed M. Anber et al.)

On the running of the gravitational constant    [PDF]

Mohamed M. Anber, John F. Donoghue

1111.3174 (Timothy J. Hollowood et al.)

The Effect of Gravitational Tidal Forces on Renormalized Quantum Fields    [PDF]

Timothy J. Hollowood, Graham M. Shore

1111.3228 (Massimo Blasone et al.)

Nambu-Goldstone dynamics and generalized coherent-state functional

Massimo Blasone, Petr Jizba

1111.6073 (Marco Bochicchio)

Glueballs propagators in large-N YM    [PDF]

Marco Bochicchio

1112.0627 (Xian-Hui Ge et al.)

Holographic RG flows and transport coefficients in
Einstein-Gauss-Bonnet-Maxwell theory

Xian-Hui Ge, Yi Ling, Yu Tian, Xiao-Ning Wu

1112.5202 (Julio C. Fabris et al.)

Gravitational waves and stability of cosmological solutions in the
theory with anomaly-induced corrections

Julio C. Fabris, Ana M. Pelinson, Filipe de O. Salles, Ilya L. Shapiro

1201.4537 (Moritz McGarrie et al.)

Super-Higgs in Superspace    [PDF]

Moritz McGarrie, Gianni Tallarita

1202.4059 (B. Chandrasekhar et al.)

A Comparative Note on Tunneling in AdS and in its Boundary Matrix Dual    [PDF]

B. Chandrasekhar, Sudipta Mukherji, Anurag Sahay, Swarnendu Sarkar

1202.4060 (Xiao-Dong Li et al.)

Dark Energy and Fate of the Universe    [PDF]

Xiao-Dong Li, Shuang Wang, Qing-Guo Huang, Xin Zhang, Miao Li

1202.4066 (Sabine Hossenfelder)

Comment on arXiv:1104.2019, "Relative locality and the soccer ball
problem," by Amelino-Camelia et al

Sabine Hossenfelder

1202.4071 (Hong Li et al.)

Constraining dynamical dark energy with a divergence-free
parametrization in the presence of spatial curvature and massive neutrinos

Hong Li, Xin Zhang

1202.4091 (Rong-Gen Cai et al.)

Holographic Forced Fluid Dynamics in Non-relativistic Limit    [PDF]

Rong-Gen Cai, Li Li, Zhang-Yu Nie, Yun-Long Zhang

1202.4103 (Nikolay Gromov et al.)

Quantum Integrability for Three-Point Functions    [PDF]

Nikolay Gromov, Pedro Vieira

1202.4130 (Shinya Gongyo et al.)

Gauge-Invariant Formalism with Dirac-mode Expansion for Confinement and
Chiral Symmetry Breaking

Shinya Gongyo, Takumi Iritani, Hideo Suganuma

1202.4156 (Jianwei Mei)

On the General Kerr/CFT Correspondence in Arbitrary Dimensions    [PDF]

Jianwei Mei

1202.4159 (Jie Yang et al.)

Particle collisions in the lower dimensional rotating black hole
space-time with the cosmological constant

Jie Yang, Yun-Liang Li, Yang Li, Shao-Wen Wei, Yu-Xiao Liu

1202.4162 (Kei-Ichi Kondo)

A unitary and renormalizable model for massive Yang-Mills fields without
Higgs fields

Kei-Ichi Kondo

1202.4182 (O. P. Santillan)

A common scenario for an small vacuum energy and long lived super heavy
dark matter

O. P. Santillan

1202.4216 (Robert Delbourgo)

Properties, Generations and Masses    [PDF]

Robert Delbourgo

1202.4235 (Manuel Asorey et al.)

Vacuum stress-tensor in SSB theories    [PDF]

Manuel Asorey, Petr M. Lavrov, Baltazar J. Ribeiro, Ilya L. Shapiro

1202.4270 (Vincent Caudrelier et al.)

Quantum Wire Network with Magnetic Flux    [PDF]

Vincent Caudrelier, Mihail Mintchev, Eric Ragoucy

1202.4295 (Gabi Zafrir)

Embedding massive flavor in ABJM    [PDF]

Gabi Zafrir

1202.4298 (B. Sathiapalan)

Loop Variables and Gauge Invariant Exact Renormalization Group Equations
for (Open) String Theory

B. Sathiapalan

1202.4306 (Alexander Gorsky)

SQCD, Superconducting Gaps and Cyclic RG Flows    [PDF]

Alexander Gorsky

1202.4308 (Andrzej Herdegen)

Infrared limit in external field scattering    [PDF]

Andrzej Herdegen

1202.4310 (Athanasios Chatzistavrakidis et al.)

Matrix theory compactifications on twisted tori    [PDF]

Athanasios Chatzistavrakidis, Larisa Jonke

1202.4322 (Max R. Atkin et al.)

An Analytical Analysis of CDT Coupled to Dimer-like Matter    [PDF]

Max R. Atkin, Stefan Zohren

1202.4342 (Tristan Hubsch et al.)

On the Construction and the Structure of Off-Shell Supermultiplet

Tristan Hubsch, Gregory A. Katona

1202.4357 (S. R. Ramazanov et al.)

Statistical anisotropy of CMB as a probe of conformal rolling scenario    [PDF]

S. R. Ramazanov, G. I. Rubtsov

1202.4383 (Rafael Hernandez)

Semiclassical correlation functions of Wilson loops and local vertex

Rafael Hernandez

1202.4395 (I. Ya. Arefeva et al.)

Rolling in the Higgs Model and Elliptic Functions    [PDF]

I. Ya. Arefeva, E. V. Piskovskiy, I. V. Volovich

1202.4418 (S. J. Gates Jr et al.)

The Real Anatomy of Complex Linear Superfields    [PDF]

S. J. Gates Jr, J. Hallett, T. Hubsch, K. Stiffler

1202.4435 (Jan Ambjorn et al.)

New multicritical matrix models and multicritical 2d CDT    [PDF]

Jan Ambjorn, Lisa Glaser, Andrzej Gorlich, Yuki Sato

1202.4436 (Dimitrios Giataganas)

Probing strongly coupled anisotropic plasma    [PDF]

Dimitrios Giataganas