Tuesday, July 17, 2012

0903.5176 (Alexey S. Koshelev et al.)

Cosmological perturbations in SFT inspired non-local scalar field models    [PDF]

Alexey S. Koshelev, Sergey Yu. Vernov

1101.0569 (Bert Schroer)

The Einstein-Jordan conundrum and its relation to ongoing foundational
research in local quantum physics

Bert Schroer

1102.0168 (Bert Schroer)

Causality and dispersion relations and the role of the S-matrix in the
ongoing research

Bert Schroer

1105.5117 (Mina Aganagic et al.)

Knot Homology from Refined Chern-Simons Theory    [PDF]

Mina Aganagic, Shamil Shakirov

1106.0210 (Jurgen Fuchs et al.)

Modular invariant Frobenius algebras from ribbon Hopf algebra

Jurgen Fuchs, Christoph Schweigert, Carl Stigner

1111.6930 (Dario Martelli et al.)

The gravity dual of supersymmetric gauge theories on a biaxially
squashed three-sphere

Dario Martelli, James Sparks

1207.3353 (Sho Yaida)

Lifshitz Tails of Scale-Invariant Theories with Electric Impurities    [PDF]

Sho Yaida

1207.3352 (Oliver DeWolfe et al.)

Fermi surfaces in N=4 Super-Yang-Mills theory    [PDF]

Oliver DeWolfe, Steven S. Gubser, Christopher Rosen

1207.3355 (Don N. Page)

Generalized Jarzynski Equality    [PDF]

Don N. Page

1207.3360 (Igor R. Klebanov et al.)

Is Renormalized Entanglement Entropy Stationary at RG Fixed Points?    [PDF]

Igor R. Klebanov, Tatsuma Nishioka, Silviu S. Pufu, Benjamin R. Safdi

1207.3439 (Xavier Bekaert et al.)

Notes on the ambient approach to boundary values of AdS gauge fields    [PDF]

Xavier Bekaert, Maxim Grigoriev

1207.3469 (Ravindra V. Saraykar et al.)

A Note on Genericity and Stability of Black Holes and Naked
Singularities in Dust Collapse

Ravindra V. Saraykar, Pankaj S. Joshi

1207.3473 (Gang Chen et al.)

Ward Identity implied recursion relation at loop level    [PDF]

Gang Chen, Yun Zhang

1207.3478 (Paolo Castorina)

Holographic Bound in Quantum Field Energy Density and Cosmological

Paolo Castorina

1207.3497 (Yuji Tachikawa)

4d partition function on S^1 x S^3 and 2d Yang-Mills with nonzero area    [PDF]

Yuji Tachikawa

1207.3515 (Ke Yang et al.)

Emergence of Cosmic Space and the Generalized Holographic Equipartition    [PDF]

Ke Yang, Yu-Xiao Liu, Yong-Qiang Wang

1207.3577 (Davide Gaiotto et al.)

Bootstrapping the superconformal index with surface defects    [PDF]

Davide Gaiotto, Leonardo Rastelli, Shlomo S. Razamat

1207.3602 (Tim Adamo et al.)

Twistor-strings and gravity tree amplitudes    [PDF]

Tim Adamo, Lionel Mason

1207.3611 (Alexei Davydov et al.)

Z/2Z-extensions of Hopf algebra module categories by their base

Alexei Davydov, Ingo Runkel

1207.3612 (Gerard 't Hooft)

Discreteness and Determinism in Superstrings    [PDF]

Gerard 't Hooft

1207.3623 (S. L. Cacciatori et al.)

A simple E8 construction    [PDF]

S. L. Cacciatori, F. Dalla Piazza, A. Scotti

1207.3627 (Ricardo Gallego Torromé)

A second order differential equation for a point charged particle    [PDF]

Ricardo Gallego Torromé

1207.3637 (Kouichi Nomura et al.)

When is Multimetric Gravity Ghost-free?    [PDF]

Kouichi Nomura, Jiro Soda

1207.3638 (Mohammad Hossein Namjoo et al.)

Multiple Inflationary Stages with Varying Equation of State    [PDF]

Mohammad Hossein Namjoo, Hassan Firouzjahi, Misao Sasaki

1207.3661 (Ivan Todorov)

Conformal field theories with infinitely many conservation laws    [PDF]

Ivan Todorov

1207.3673 (Pouria Dadras et al.)

Dynamical black holes with a torus topology    [PDF]

Pouria Dadras, J. T. Firouzjaee, Reza Mansouri

1207.3677 (P. Castorina et al.)

Symmetry Restoration By Acceleration    [PDF]

P. Castorina, M. Finocchiaro

1207.3717 (Ali Masoumi et al.)

Bounces with O(3) x O(2) symmetry    [PDF]

Ali Masoumi, Erick J. Weinberg

1207.3723 (Mikhail S. Volkov)

Exact self-accelerating cosmologies in the ghost-free massive gravity --
the detailed derivation

Mikhail S. Volkov

1207.3737 (Borzu Toloui et al.)

Simulating Symmetric Time Evolution With Local Operations    [PDF]

Borzu Toloui, Gilad Gour

1207.3759 (Herbert W. Hamber et al.)

Wheeler-DeWitt Equation in 2 + 1 Dimensions    [PDF]

Herbert W. Hamber, Reiko Toriumi, Ruth M. Williams

1207.3763 (J. Kallen et al.)

$N^3$-behavior from 5D Yang-Mills theory    [PDF]

J. Kallen, J. A. Minahan, A. Nedelin, M. Zabzine