Wednesday, March 20, 2013

1108.1588 (Andrey Akhmeteli)

No Drama Quantum Electrodynamics?    [PDF]

Andrey Akhmeteli

1111.3366 (Rakibur Rahman)

Helicity-1/2 Mode as a Probe of Interactions of Massive Rarita-Schwinger

Rakibur Rahman

1303.1812 (Adam Falkowski et al.)

Higgs At Last    [PDF]

Adam Falkowski, Francesco Riva, Alfredo Urbano

1303.3892 (Carlos Contreras et al.)

Exact black hole solution for scale dependent gravitational couplings
and the corresponding coupling flow

Carlos Contreras, Benjamin Koch, Paola Rioseco

1303.3895 (Massimo Giovannini)

Bootstrapping from inflationary magnetogenesis to CMB initial conditions    [PDF]

Massimo Giovannini

1303.3897 (J. W. Maluf)

The teleparallel equivalent of general relativity    [PDF]

J. W. Maluf

1303.3923 (James M. Cline)

The validity of perturbation theory for the O(N) nonlinear sigma models    [PDF]

James M. Cline

1303.3925 (Viatcheslav Mukhanov)

Quantum Cosmological Perturbations: Predictions and Observations    [PDF]

Viatcheslav Mukhanov

1303.3935 (Florin Moldoveanu)

Quantum mechanics from invariance laws    [PDF]

Florin Moldoveanu

1303.3966 (Renann Lipinski Jusinskas)

Nilpotency of the b ghost in the non minimal pure spinor formalism    [PDF]

Renann Lipinski Jusinskas

1303.3975 (Jon Emery et al.)

Mixed non-Gaussianity in multiple-DBI inflation    [PDF]

Jon Emery, Gianmassimo Tasinato, David Wands

1303.3982 (Hajime Aoki)

Probability distribution over some phenomenological models in the matrix
model compactified on a torus

Hajime Aoki

1303.4034 (Mohammad R. Garousi)

On Riemann curvature corrections to type II supergravity    [PDF]

Mohammad R. Garousi

1303.4038 (Kevin Cahill)

Striking Properties of Finite Nonrenormalizable Theories    [PDF]

Kevin Cahill

1303.4067 (Jiro Matsumoto)

The Casimir effect as a candidate of dark energy    [PDF]

Jiro Matsumoto

1303.4069 (A. Eghbali et al.)

WZW models as mutual super Poisson-Lie T-dual sigma models    [PDF]

A. Eghbali, A. Rezaei-Aghdam

1303.4143 (Dhiraj Kumar Hazra et al.)

Primordial power spectrum: a complete analysis with the WMAP nine-year

Dhiraj Kumar Hazra, Arman Shafieloo, Tarun Souradeep

1303.4154 (Antonio De Felice et al.)

Nonlinear stability of cosmological solutions in massive gravity    [PDF]

Antonio De Felice, A. Emir Gumrukcuoglu, Chunshan Lin, Shinji Mukohyama

1303.4159 (Akhilesh Nautiyal)

Anisotropic Non-gaussianity with noncommutative spacetime    [PDF]

Akhilesh Nautiyal

1303.4230 (Yu. A. Sitenko et al.)

The Aharonov--Bohm effect in scattering theory    [PDF]

Yu. A. Sitenko, N. D. Vlasii

1303.4237 (Heng-Yu Chen et al.)

On Integrable Structure and Geometric Transition in Supersymmetric Gauge

Heng-Yu Chen, Annamaria Sinkovics

1303.4253 (Holger Gies et al.)

Renormalization flow towards gravitational catalysis in the 3d
Gross-Neveu model

Holger Gies, Stefan Lippoldt

1303.4310 (Philippe Ruelle)

Logarithmic conformal invariance in the Abelian sandpile model    [PDF]

Philippe Ruelle

1303.4337 (V. S. Manko)

On the Properties of Exact Solutions Endowed with Negative Mass    [PDF]

V. S. Manko

1303.4344 (Abhishek K. Singh et al.)

Discrete torsion, de Sitter tunneling vacua and AdS brane: U(1) gauge
theory on D4-brane and an effective curvature

Abhishek K. Singh, K. Priyabrat Pandey, Sunita Singh, Supriya Kar

1303.4390 (Ning Bao et al.)

Vortex Lattices and Crystalline Geometries    [PDF]

Ning Bao, Sarah Harrison, Shamit Kachru, Subir Sachdev

1303.4398 (Aristomenis Donos et al.)

Holographic charge density waves    [PDF]

Aristomenis Donos, Jerome P. Gauntlett

1303.4415 (Gabriele Honecker et al.)

To Tilt or Not To Tilt: Discrete Gauge Symmetries in Global Intersecting
D-Brane Models

Gabriele Honecker, Wieland Staessens

1303.4428 (Brian Greene et al.)

Tumbling through a landscape: Evidence of instabilities in
high-dimensional moduli spaces

Brian Greene, David Kagan, Ali Masoumi, Erick J. Weinberg, Xiao Xiao

1303.4435 (Andrei Linde)

Chaotic inflation in supergravity and cosmic string production    [PDF]

Andrei Linde

1303.4442 (Netta Engelhardt et al.)

Entanglement Entropy Near Cosmological Singularities    [PDF]

Netta Engelhardt, Gary T. Horowitz

1303.4460 (Luis F. Alday et al.)

Surface defects, the superconformal index and q-deformed Yang-Mills    [PDF]

Luis F. Alday, Mathew Bullimore, Martin Fluder, Lotte Hollands

1303.4462 (Hiromi Saida)

Nontriviality in Black Hole Thermodynamics: towards physically and
mathematically rigorous foundation as phenomenology

Hiromi Saida

1303.4469 (Kenichi Kasamatsu et al.)

D-brane solitons and boojums in field theory and Bose-Einstein

Kenichi Kasamatsu, Hiromitsu Takeuchi, Muneto Nitta

1303.4472 (Mitsuhiro Kato et al.)

A criterion for lattice supersymmetry: cyclic Leibniz rule    [PDF]

Mitsuhiro Kato, Makoto Sakamoto, Hiroto So

1303.4475 (Bin Wu et al.)

Gravity mediated holography in fluid dynamics    [PDF]

Bin Wu, Liu Zhao

1303.4508 (I. Nandori et al.)

Spontaneous symmetry breaking and optimization of functional
renormalization group

I. Nandori, I. G. Marian, V. Bacso

1303.4526 (Qing-Guo Huang et al.)

Large Local Non-Gaussianity from General Single-field Inflation    [PDF]

Qing-Guo Huang, Yi Wang

1303.4529 (H. M. Fried et al.)

QED Vacuum Loops and Dark Energy    [PDF]

H. M. Fried, Y. Gabellini

1303.4534 (Moritz McGarrie)

5D Maximally Supersymmetric Yang-Mills in 4D Superspace: Applications    [PDF]

Moritz McGarrie

1303.4543 (Minos Axenides et al.)

Gravothermal instability with a cosmological constant in the canonical

Minos Axenides, George Georgiou, Zacharias Roupas

1303.4601 (Alexangel Bracho et al.)

First Order Actions for New Massive Dual Gravities    [PDF]

Alexangel Bracho, Adel Khoudeir

1303.4652 (Terence C. Farrelly et al.)

Causal Fermions in Discrete Spacetime    [PDF]

Terence C. Farrelly, Anthony J. Short

1303.4676 (Austin Gerig et al.)

Universal Doomsday: Analyzing Our Prospects for Survival    [PDF]

Austin Gerig, Ken D. Olum, Alexander Vilenkin

1303.4678 (Godfrey Leung et al.)

Influence of Reheating on the Trispectrum and its Scale Dependence    [PDF]

Godfrey Leung, Ewan R. M. Tarrant, Christian T. Byrnes, Edmund J. Copeland

1303.4700 (C. Wetterich)

Cosmon inflation    [PDF]

C. Wetterich

1303.4703 (Sebastian Cespedes et al.)

Cosmic inflation in a landscape of heavy-fields    [PDF]

Sebastian Cespedes, Gonzalo A. Palma

1303.4707 (Roman Plyatsko et al.)

Highly relativistic circular orbits of spinning particle in the Kerr

Roman Plyatsko, Mykola Fenyk

1303.4708 (Michael Pawellek)

Finite-sites corrections to the Casimir energy on a periodic lattice    [PDF]

Michael Pawellek

1303.4716 (T. S. Jackson et al.)

Entanglement subspaces, trial wavefunctions, and special Hamiltonians in
the fractional quantum Hall effect

T. S. Jackson, N. Read, S. H. Simon