Friday, March 9, 2012

1102.0320 (Artyom V. Yurov et al.)

An Infrared Divergence Problem in the cosmological measure theory and
the anthropic reasoning

Artyom V. Yurov, Valerian A. Yurov, Artyom V. Astashenok, Andrei A. Shpilevoi

1107.5020 (Sebastien Renaux-Petel)

On the redundancy of operators and the bispectrum in the most general
second-order scalar-tensor theory

Sebastien Renaux-Petel

1107.5560 (Jorge Mastache et al.)

Core-Cusp revisited and Dark Matter Phase Transition Constrained at
O(0.1) eV with LSB Rotation Curve

Jorge Mastache, Axel de la Macorra, Jorge L. Cervantes-Cota

1108.0242 (Gor Sarkissian)

Some remarks on D-branes and defects in Liouville and Toda field

Gor Sarkissian

1110.3874 (Ghanashyam Date et al.)

Matter in Loop Quantum Gravity    [PDF]

Ghanashyam Date, Golam Mortuza Hossain

1110.6861 (Roberto Bondesan et al.)

Conformal boundary state for the rectangular geometry    [PDF]

Roberto Bondesan, Jerome Dubail, Jesper Lykke Jacobsen, Hubert Saleur

1111.5597 (Marcelo Gleiser et al.)

Entropic Measure for Localized Energy Configurations: Kinks, Bounces,
and Bubbles

Marcelo Gleiser, Nikitas Stamatopoulos

1111.6544 (Mafalda Dias et al.)

Transport equations for the inflationary spectral index    [PDF]

Mafalda Dias, David Seery

1112.6322 (G. Z. Feher et al.)

Sine-Gordon multi-soliton form factors in finite volume    [PDF]

G. Z. Feher, T. Palmai, G. Takacs

1201.4048 (Naonori S. Sugiyama)

Consistency Relation for multifield inflation scenario with all loop

Naonori S. Sugiyama

1203.1616 (Antonio Amariti et al.)

Integrability on the Master Space    [PDF]

Antonio Amariti, Davide Forcella, Alberto Mariotti

1203.1617 (Nadav Drukker)

Integrable Wilson loops    [PDF]

Nadav Drukker

1203.1619 (Thomas C. Bachlechner)

Decoherence delays false vacuum decay    [PDF]

Thomas C. Bachlechner

1203.1630 (Bo Feng et al.)

Photon Self-Energy and Electric Susceptibility in a Magnetized
Three-flavor Color Superconductor

Bo Feng, Efrain J. Ferrer, Vivian de la Incera

1203.1659 (O. J. Franca et al.)

Emergent electrodynamics from the Nambu model for spontaneous Lorentz
symmetry breaking

O. J. Franca, R. Montemayor, L. F. Urrutia

1203.1670 (F T Brandt et al.)

Thermal Effective Lagrangian of Static Gravitational Fields    [PDF]

F T Brandt, J B Siqueira

1203.1680 (Xi Dong et al.)

Unitarity bounds and RG flows in time dependent quantum field theory    [PDF]

Xi Dong, Bart Horn, Eva Silverstein, Gonzalo Torroba

1203.1689 (F. Bastianelli et al.)

Photon-Graviton Amplitudes from the Effective Action    [PDF]

F. Bastianelli, O. Corradini, J. M. Davila, C. Schubert

1203.1702 (Manfred Requardt)

Gravitons as Goldstone Modes and the Spontaneous Symmetry Breaking of
Diffeomorphism Invariance

Manfred Requardt

1203.1709 (Pedram Hekmati et al.)

T-duality of current algebras and their quantization    [PDF]

Pedram Hekmati, Varghese Mathai

1203.1750 (Michele Cicoli et al.)

De Sitter String Vacua from Dilaton-dependent Non-perturbative Effects    [PDF]

Michele Cicoli, Anshuman Maharana, F. Quevedo, C. P. Burgess

1203.1803 (Mandar Patil et al.)

Ultra-high energy particle collisions in a regular spacetime without
blackholes or naked singularities

Mandar Patil, Pankaj S. Joshi

1203.1822 (Carl M. Bender et al.)

Asymptotic Analysis of the Boltzmann Equation for Dark Matter Relics    [PDF]

Carl M. Bender, Sarben Sarkar

1203.1837 (Don N. Page)

Normalized Observational Probabilities from Unnormalizable Quantum
States or Phase-Space Distributions

Don N. Page

1203.1844 (P. Castelo Ferreira)

On the variation of the Astronomical Unit and the corrections to
planetary motion on an expanding locally anisotropic background

P. Castelo Ferreira

1203.1846 (Alan Coley et al.)

Refinements of the Weyl tensor classification in five dimensions    [PDF]

Alan Coley, Sigbjorn Hervik, Marcello Ortaggio, Lode Wylleman

1203.1855 (Cesar D. Fosco et al.)

Derivative expansion of the electromagnetic Casimir energy for two thin

Cesar D. Fosco, Fernando C. Lombardo, Francisco D. Mazzitelli

1203.1856 (Alina Czajka et al.)

N=4 Super Yang-Mills Plasma    [PDF]

Alina Czajka, Stanislaw Mrowczynski

1203.1907 (Ana Achúcarro et al.)

Sgoldstino inflation    [PDF]

Ana Achúcarro, Sander Mooij, Pablo Ortiz, Marieke Postma

1203.1913 (Diego Correa et al.)

The quark anti-quark potential and the cusp anomalous dimension from a
TBA equation

Diego Correa, Juan Maldacena, Amit Sever

1203.1915 (John Golden et al.)

Collinear and Soft Limits of Multi-Loop Integrands in N=4 Yang-Mills    [PDF]

John Golden, Marcus Spradlin