Friday, July 27, 2012

0712.4021 (Huijun Fan et al.)

The Witten equation, mirror symmetry and quantum singularity theory    [PDF]

Huijun Fan, Tyler J. Jarvis, Yongbin Ruan

1109.0840 (Keiichi Akama et al.)

General Solution for the Static, Spherical and Asymptotically Flat

Keiichi Akama, Takashi Hattori, Hisamitsu Mukaida

1205.3386 (Mayeul Arminjon)

A simpler solution of the non-uniqueness problem of the covariant Dirac

Mayeul Arminjon

1205.0324 (Karl-Henning Rehren et al.)

Multilocal fermionization    [PDF]

Karl-Henning Rehren, Gennaro Tedesco

1207.5788 (Adam Becker et al.)

First constraints on the running of non-Gaussianity    [PDF]

Adam Becker, Dragan Huterer

1207.6110 (Stefan Groot Nibbelink et al.)

A Lorentz invariant doubled worldsheet theory    [PDF]

Stefan Groot Nibbelink, Peter Patalong

1207.6112 (Dan Xie)

Network, cluster coordinates and N = 2 theory II: Irregular singularity    [PDF]

Dan Xie

1207.6113 (Cheng Cheng et al.)

Cosmological Interpretations of Consistency Relation of Inflation Models
with Current CMB Data

Cheng Cheng, Qing-Guo Huang, Xiao-Dong Li, Yin-Zhe Ma

1207.6120 (Luca Martucci et al.)

Branes, U-folds and hyperelliptic fibrations    [PDF]

Luca Martucci, Francisco Morales, Daniel Ricci Pacifici

1207.6121 (Stefano Giusto et al.)

Holomorphic Chern-Simons theory coupled to off-shell Kodaira-Spencer

Stefano Giusto, Camillo Imbimbo, Dario Rosa

1207.6169 (Ling-Yan Hung et al.)

String-Net Models with $Z_N$ Fusion Algebra    [PDF]

Ling-Yan Hung, Yidun Wan

1207.6176 (Arthur E. Lipstein et al.)

Amplitudes of 3d Yang Mills Theory    [PDF]

Arthur E. Lipstein, Lionel Mason

1207.6208 (Axel de Goursac)

Renormalization of the commutative scalar theory with harmonic term to
all orders

Axel de Goursac

1207.6214 (I. Ghisoiu et al.)

A new three-loop sum-integral of mass dimension two    [PDF]

I. Ghisoiu, Y. Schroder

1207.6218 (Assaf Ben-David et al.)

Searching for Stringy Topologies in the Cosmic Microwave Background    [PDF]

Assaf Ben-David, Ben Rathaus, Nissan Itzhaki

1207.6220 (Toru Masuda et al.)

Constraints on a class of classical solutions in open string field

Toru Masuda, Toshifumi Noumi, Daisuke Takahashi

1207.6230 (Bartosz Fornal)

Particle creation in a toroidal universe    [PDF]

Bartosz Fornal

1207.6243 (Daniel Harlow)

Complementarity, not Firewalls    [PDF]

Daniel Harlow

1207.6266 (Joanes Lizarraga et al.)

Correlations between cosmic strings and extra relativistic species    [PDF]

Joanes Lizarraga, Irene Sendra, Jon Urrestilla

1207.6283 (A. Gynther et al.)

Thermodynamics and phase diagram of anisotropic Chern-Simons deformed
gauge theories

A. Gynther, A. Rebhan, D. Steineder

1207.6321 (Dirk Kreimer et al.)

Renormalization and Mellin transforms    [PDF]

Dirk Kreimer, Erik Panzer

1207.6334 (A. M. Gainutdinov et al.)

Associative algebraic approach to logarithmic CFT in the bulk: the
continuum limit of the gl(1|1) periodic spin chain, Howe duality and the
interchiral algebra

A. M. Gainutdinov, N. Read, H. Saleur

1207.6338 (C. Deffayet et al.)

Covariant constraints in ghost free massive gravity    [PDF]

C. Deffayet, J. Mourad, G. Zahariade

1207.6370 (Enrico Barausse et al.)

A no-go theorem for slowly rotating black holes in Horava-Lifshitz

Enrico Barausse, Thomas P. Sotiriou