Wednesday, October 31, 2012

1003.4388 (Joel Ekstrand et al.)

Chiral de Rham complex on Riemannian manifolds and special holonomy    [PDF]

Joel Ekstrand, Reimundo Heluani, Johan Kallen, Maxim Zabzine

1110.5168 (Canan N. Karahan et al.)

Scalars, Vectors and Tensors from Metric-Affine Gravity    [PDF]

Canan N. Karahan, Asli Altas, Durmus A. Demir

1111.4195 (Marcus K. Benna)

De (Baby) Sitter Overlaps    [PDF]

Marcus K. Benna

1205.4504 (Valter Moretti et al.)

Generalized Complex Spherical Harmonics, Frame Functions, and Gleason

Valter Moretti, Davide Pastorello

1210.7568 (Evangelos I. Sfakianakis)

Analysis of Oscillons in the SU(2) Gauged Higgs Model    [PDF]

Evangelos I. Sfakianakis

1210.7717 (Abdelmalek Abdesselam et al.)

Rigorous quantum field theory functional integrals over the p-adics:
research announcement

Abdelmalek Abdesselam, Ajay Chandra, Gianluca Guadagni

1210.7801 (Satoshi Ohya)

Parasupersymmetry in Quantum Graphs    [PDF]

Satoshi Ohya

1210.7800 (Mafalda Dias et al.)

The δN formula is the dynamical renormalization group    [PDF]

Mafalda Dias, Raquel H. Ribeiro, David Seery

1210.7799 (Iñaki García-Etxebarria et al.)

New N=1 dualities from orientifold transitions - Part I: Field Theory    [PDF]

Iñaki García-Etxebarria, Ben Heidenreich, Timm Wrase

1210.7805 (Simeon Hellerman et al.)

BPS States in the Duality Web of the Omega deformation    [PDF]

Simeon Hellerman, Domenico Orlando, Susanne Reffert

1210.7834 (Giovanni Amelino-Camelia et al.)

The DSR-deformed relativistic symmetries and the relative locality of 3D
quantum gravity

Giovanni Amelino-Camelia, Michele Arzano, Stefano Bianco, Riccardo J. Buonocore

1210.7839 (C. Adam et al.)

Symmetries and exact solutions of the BPS Skyrme model    [PDF]

C. Adam, C. D. Fosco, J. M. Queiruga, J. Sanchez-Guillen, A. Wereszczynski

1210.7865 (Kiyoshi Shiraishi)

Finite Temperature and Density Effects in Higher Dimensions with and
without Compactifications

Kiyoshi Shiraishi

1210.7873 (H. Suganuma et al.)

Dirac-mode expansion for confinement and chiral symmetry breaking    [PDF]

H. Suganuma, S. Gongyo, T. Iritani

1210.7880 (Misao Sasaki)

Inflation and Birth of Cosmological Perturbations    [PDF]

Misao Sasaki

1210.7881 (Antonio González-Arroyo et al.)

Twisted reduction in large N QCD with two adjoint Wilson fermions    [PDF]

Antonio González-Arroyo, Masanori Okawa

1210.7916 (Cheng-Yang Lee)

Self-interacting mass-dimension one fields for any spin    [PDF]

Cheng-Yang Lee

1210.7925 (Chaiho Rim)

Irregular conformal block and its matrix model    [PDF]

Chaiho Rim

1210.7934 (K. G. Klimenko et al.)

Superconducting phase transitions induced by chemical potential in
(2+1)-dimensional four-fermion quantum field theory

K. G. Klimenko, R. N. Zhokhov, V. Ch. Zhukovsky

1210.7963 (V. E. Didenko et al.)

Exact higher-spin symmetry in CFT: all correlators in unbroken Vasiliev

V. E. Didenko, E. D. Skvortsov

1210.7965 (D. Momeni et al.)

Analytical holographic superconductors in $AdS_N$ topological Lifshitz
black holes

D. Momeni, R. Myrzakulov, L. Sebastiani, M. R. Setare

1210.7978 (Mikhail N. Smolyakov)

More on divergences in brane world models    [PDF]

Mikhail N. Smolyakov

1210.8016 (Miguel Zumalacarregui et al.)

DBI Galileons in the Einstein Frame: Local Gravity and Cosmology    [PDF]

Miguel Zumalacarregui, Tomi S. Koivisto, David F. Mota

1210.8064 (Parinya Karndumri)

Holographic RG flows in six dimensional F(4) gauged supergravity    [PDF]

Parinya Karndumri

1210.8067 (V. K. Dobrev)

Conservation Laws for SO(p,q)    [PDF]

V. K. Dobrev

1210.8110 (Tejinder P. Singh)

The problem of time and the problem of quantum measurement    [PDF]

Tejinder P. Singh

1210.8111 (Ryo Saotome et al.)

Relationship Between Gravity and Gauge Scattering in the High Energy

Ryo Saotome, Ratindranath Akhoury

1210.8125 (Davide Cassani et al.)

BPS domain walls in N=4 supergravity and dual flows    [PDF]

Davide Cassani, Gianguido Dall'Agata, Anton F. Faedo

1210.8138 (Martin Bojowald et al.)

Non-linear (loop) quantum cosmology    [PDF]

Martin Bojowald, Alexander L. Chinchilli, Christine C. Dantas, Matthew Jaffe, David Simpson

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

0909.2428 (Marco Frasca)

Exact solution of Dyson-Schwinger equations for a scalar field theory    [PDF]

Marco Frasca

1207.6547 (Richard DeJonghe et al.)

Bott Periodicity and Realizations of Chiral Symmetry in Arbitrary

Richard DeJonghe, Kimberly Frey, Tom Imbo

1210.7535 (Takayuki Hirayama)

Power counting renormalizability of scalar theory in Lifshitz spacetime    [PDF]

Takayuki Hirayama

1210.7747 (Christian Corda)

Black hole's quantum levels    [PDF]

Christian Corda

1210.7243 (Marco A. C. Kneipp et al.)

BPS Z(2) monopoles and N=2 SU(n) superconformal field theories on the
Higgs branch

Marco A. C. Kneipp, Paulo J. Liebgott

1210.7244 (Juan Maldacena et al.)

Entanglement entropy in de Sitter space    [PDF]

Juan Maldacena, Guilherme L. Pimentel

1210.7233 (Harold Blas)

A fermion-soliton system: self-consistent solutions, vacuum polarization
and charge quantization

Harold Blas

1210.7305 (Yuichi Fukazawa et al.)

Radion Inflation in Higher-Dimensional Gravity Theory    [PDF]

Yuichi Fukazawa, Takeo Inami, Yoji Koyama

1210.7318 (Nidhi Joshi et al.)

Revealing Non-circular beam effect in WMAP-7 CMB maps with BipoSH
measures of Statistical Isotropy

Nidhi Joshi, Santanu Das, Aditya Rotti, Sanjit Mitra, Tarun Souradeep

1210.7321 (S. Krishna et al.)

Spinning relativistic particle: some novel features    [PDF]

S. Krishna, D. Shukla, R. P. Malik

1210.7365 (David McNutt et al.)

Killing vectors in higher dimensional spacetimes with constant scalar
curvature invariants

David McNutt, Nicos Pelavas, Alan Coley

1210.7371 (Shuangwei Hu et al.)

On Energy Functions for String-Like Continuous Curves, Discrete Chains,
and Space-Filling One Dimensional Structures

Shuangwei Hu, Ying Jiang, Antti J. Niemi

1210.7378 (Pietro Longhi et al.)

Neutral Massive Spin 1/2 Particles Emission in a Rindler Spacetime    [PDF]

Pietro Longhi, Roberto Soldati

1210.7416 (Alonso Contreras-Astorga et al.)

Solutions of the Dirac Equation in a Magnetic Field and Intertwining

Alonso Contreras-Astorga, David J. Fernández C., Javier Negro

1210.7428 (Kiminad A. Mamo)

Strongly Enhanced Photon and Dilepton Production in Strongly Coupled N=4
Super-Yang-Mills Plasma in Strong External Magnetic Field

Kiminad A. Mamo

1210.7452 (S. E. Korenblit et al.)

On the origin of superselection rules and different solutions of
Thirring model

S. E. Korenblit, V. V. Semenov

1210.7454 (Alexander Belavin et al.)

NSR conformal blocks with Ramond fields from AGT correspondence    [PDF]

Alexander Belavin, Baur Mukhametzhanov

1210.7455 (Francesco Giacosa et al.)

Pressure of the O(N) Model in 1+1 Dimensions    [PDF]

Francesco Giacosa, Stefano Lottini, Elina Seel, Dominik Smith

1210.7523 (P. Klimas et al.)

Numerical vortex solutions in (3+1) dimensions for the extended $CP^N$
Skyrme-Faddeev model

P. Klimas, N. Sawado

1210.7540 (Jaume Garriga et al.)

Watchers of the multiverse    [PDF]

Jaume Garriga, Alexander Vilenkin

1210.7574 (Kenichi Kawagoe)

On the formulae for the colored HOMFLY polynomials    [PDF]

Kenichi Kawagoe

1210.7596 (Chao Fang et al.)

The trouble with asymptotically safe inflation    [PDF]

Chao Fang, Qing-Guo Huang

1210.7695 (Marco Baggio et al.)

Conformal Symmetry for Black Holes in Four Dimensions and Irrelevant

Marco Baggio, Jan de Boer, Juan I. Jottar, Daniel R. Mayerson

1210.7705 (Pawel Caputa et al.)

From Schurs to Giants in ABJ(M)    [PDF]

Pawel Caputa, Badr Awad Elseid Mohammed

1210.7709 (Zvi Bern et al.)

D = 5 maximally supersymmetric Yang-Mills theory diverges at six loops    [PDF]

Zvi Bern, John Joseph Carrasco, Lance J. Dixon, Michael R. Douglas, Matt von Hippel, Henrik Johansson

1210.7731 (Dario Capasso et al.)

Spinning Fluids: A Group Theoretical Approach    [PDF]

Dario Capasso, Debajyoti Sarkar

1210.7733 (Minjoon Park et al.)

Massive Gravity from Higher Derivative Gravity with Boundary Conditions    [PDF]

Minjoon Park, Lorenzo Sorbo

1210.7739 (M. A. Anacleto et al.)

Noncommutative analogue Aharonov-Bohm effect and superresonance    [PDF]

M. A. Anacleto, F. A. Brito, E. Passos

1210.7760 (Remo Garattini)

Distorting General Relativity: Gravity's Rainbow and f(R) theories at

Remo Garattini

1210.7791 (Peter Orland)

Exact Correlators in the 't Hooft Limit of the Principal Chiral Model    [PDF]

Peter Orland

1210.7792 (Valentin Assassi et al.)

Symmetries and Loops in Inflation    [PDF]

Valentin Assassi, Daniel Baumann, Daniel Green

1210.7794 (O. Oliveira et al.)

Glueball spectral densities from the lattice    [PDF]

O. Oliveira, D. Dudal, P. J. Silva

Monday, October 29, 2012

0903.5383 (Hidetoshi Awata et al.)

Changing the preferred direction of the refined topological vertex    [PDF]

Hidetoshi Awata, Hiroaki Kanno

1111.7307 (Lihui Liu et al.)

Moduli stabilization in type II Calabi-Yau compactifications at finite

Lihui Liu, Herve Partouche

1210.6993 (Mohammad Edalati et al.)

Quantum Fluctuations in Holographic Theories with Hyperscaling Violation    [PDF]

Mohammad Edalati, Juan F. Pedraza, Walter Tangarife Garcia

1210.6996 (Steven G. Avery et al.)

Unitarity and fuzzball complementarity: "Alice fuzzes but may not even
know it!"

Steven G. Avery, Borun D. Chowdhury, Andrea Puhm

1210.7001 (P. M. Stevenson)

Optimization of QCD Perturbation Theory: Results for R(e+e-) at fourth

P. M. Stevenson

1210.7007 (Juan C. Bueno Sánchez et al.)

On the fate of coupled flat directions during inflation    [PDF]

Juan C. Bueno Sánchez, Kari Enqvist

1210.7015 (Charlotte Kristjansen et al.)

Chiral primary one-point functions in the D3-D7 defect conformal field

Charlotte Kristjansen, Gordon W. Semenoff, Donovan Young

1210.7080 (Ken'ichi Saikawa et al.)

Evolution and thermalization of dark matter axions in the condensed

Ken'ichi Saikawa, Masahide Yamaguchi

1210.7094 (A. Babichenko et al.)

Takiff superalgebras and Conformal Field Theory    [PDF]

A. Babichenko, D. Ridout

1210.7115 (Valeri P. Frolov)

Black holes, hidden symmetry and complete integrability: Brief Review    [PDF]

Valeri P. Frolov

1210.7118 (Seishi Enomoto et al.)

Non-Gaussianity in the unified curvaton mechanism : The generalized
curvaton mechanism that comprehends modulation at the transition

Seishi Enomoto, Kazunori Kohri, Tomohiro Matsuda

1210.7135 (Prashant Kumar et al.)

Geodesics in Information Geometry : Classical and Quantum Phase

Prashant Kumar, Subhash Mahapatra, Prabwal Phukon, Tapobrata Sarkar

1210.7169 (C. A. Linhares et al.)

Spontaneous symmetry restoration in a field theory at finite chemical
potential in a toroidal topology

C. A. Linhares, A. P. C. Malbouisson, J. M. C. Malbouisson, I. Roditi

1210.7170 (Dhiraj Kumar Hazra)

Changes in the halo formation rates due to features in the primordial

Dhiraj Kumar Hazra

1210.7181 (Michael P. Salem)

Multiverse rate equation including bubble collisions    [PDF]

Michael P. Salem

1210.7207 (Edmundo Capelas de Oliveira et al.)

Does Elko Spinor Field Imply the Existence of an Axis of Locality?    [PDF]

Edmundo Capelas de Oliveira, Waldyr Alves Rodrigues Jr

1210.7222 (Jack Gegenberg et al.)

Solvable model for quantum gravity    [PDF]

Jack Gegenberg, Viqar Husain

1210.7227 (Ruben Manvelyan et al.)

Radial Reduction and Cubic Interaction for Higher Spins in (A)dS space    [PDF]

Ruben Manvelyan, Ruben Mkrtchyan, Werner Ruehl

Friday, October 26, 2012

1210.6651 (Yi-Zen Chu et al.)

Retarded Green's Function Of A Vainshtein System And Galileon Waves    [PDF]

Yi-Zen Chu, Mark Trodden

1210.6655 (Ariel Sibilia et al.)

Noncommutative Geometry of Multicore Bions    [PDF]

Ariel Sibilia, Joanna L. Karczmarek

1210.6669 (Yan-Yan Bu et al.)

Magnetic field induced lattice ground states from holography    [PDF]

Yan-Yan Bu, Johanna Erdmenger, Jonathan P. Shock, Migael Strydom

1210.6702 (Federico Carrasco et al.)

Turbulent flows for relativistic conformal fluids in 2+1 dimensions    [PDF]

Federico Carrasco, Luis Lehner, Robert C. Myers, Oscar Reula, Ajay Singh

1210.6708 (Aqeel Ahmed et al.)

Brane modeling in warped extra-dimension    [PDF]

Aqeel Ahmed, Bohdan Grzadkowski

1210.6723 (Shinya Tomizawa et al.)

General Kaluza-Klein black holes with all six independent charges in
five-dimensional minimal supergravity

Shinya Tomizawa, Shun'ya Mizoguchi

1210.6733 (Dong-il Hwang et al.)

Is the firewall consistent?: Gedanken experiments on black hole
complementarity and firewall proposal

Dong-il Hwang, Bum-Hoon Lee, Dong-han Yeom

1210.6736 (Bibhas Ranjan Majhi)

Noether current of the surface term of Einstein-Hilbert action, Virasoro
algebra and entropy

Bibhas Ranjan Majhi

1210.6748 (Yan Wu et al.)

The relativistic correction of the quarkonium melting temperature with a
holographic potential

Yan Wu, Defu Hou, Hai-cang Ren

1210.6759 (Javier Molina-Vilaplana)

Holographic Entanglement Entropy of AdS Solitons and Tensor Network

Javier Molina-Vilaplana

1210.6761 (Ion I. Cotaescu)

Covariant representations of the de Sitter isometry group    [PDF]

Ion I. Cotaescu

1210.6814 (Stjepan Meljanac et al.)

Different realizations of kappa- momentum space and relative-locality

Stjepan Meljanac, Anna Pachol, Andjelo Samsarov, Kumar S. Gupta

1210.6820 (Matej Pavšič)

Quantum Field Theories in Spaces with Neutral Signatures    [PDF]

Matej Pavšič

1210.6821 (D. S. Kaparulin et al.)

Consistent interactions and involution    [PDF]

D. S. Kaparulin, S. L. Lyakhovich, A. A. Sharapov

1210.6823 (Raúl E. Arias et al.)

Backreacting p-wave Superconductors    [PDF]

Raúl E. Arias, Ignacio Salazar Landea

1210.6840 (Anton Ilderton et al.)

Scattering in plane-wave backgrounds: infra-red effects and pole

Anton Ilderton, Greger Torgrimsson

1210.6858 (Aitor Lewkowycz et al.)

Observations on entanglement entropy in massive QFT's    [PDF]

Aitor Lewkowycz, Robert C. Myers, Michael Smolkin

1210.6862 (Todor Milanov et al.)

Global mirror symmetry for invertible simple elliptic singularities    [PDF]

Todor Milanov, Yefeng Shen

1210.6863 (M. Gomes et al.)

On the effective superpotential in the supersymmetric Chern-Simons
theory with matter

M. Gomes, A. C. Lehum, J. R. Nascimento, A. Yu. Petrov, A. J. da Silva

1210.6869 (Casey Tomlin et al.)

Towards an Anomaly-Free Quantum Dynamics for a Weak Coupling Limit of
Euclidean Gravity

Casey Tomlin, Madhavan Varadarajan

1210.6874 (D. Bazeia et al.)

Twinlike models for kinks and compactons in flat and warped spacetime    [PDF]

D. Bazeia, A. S. Lobão Jr., R. Menezes

1210.6877 (Madhavan Varadarajan)

Towards an Anomaly-Free Quantum Dynamics for a Weak Coupling Limit of
Euclidean Gravity: Diffeomorphism Covariance

Madhavan Varadarajan

1210.6887 (Thomas Zojer)

On gravity one-loop partition functions of three-dimensional critical

Thomas Zojer

1210.6889 (Ivan Booth et al.)

Some spacetimes containing non-rotating extremal isolated horizons    [PDF]

Ivan Booth, David Wenjie Tian

1210.6904 (Daniel Grumiller et al.)

Black holes in the conical ensemble    [PDF]

Daniel Grumiller, Robert McNees, Simone Zonetti

1210.6955 (A. Mironov et al.)

Cardy-Frobenius extension of algebra of cut-and-join operators    [PDF]

A. Mironov, A. Morozov, S. Natanzon

1210.6964 (Carl Stigner)

Hopf and Frobenius algebras in conformal field theory    [PDF]

Carl Stigner

1210.6968 (Katie E. Leonard et al.)

Covariant Vacuum Polarizations on de Sitter Background    [PDF]

Katie E. Leonard, T. Prokopec, R. P. Woodard

1210.6969 (Yannick Meurice et al.)

Fisher zeros and conformality in lattice models    [PDF]

Yannick Meurice, Alexei Bazavov, Bernd A. Berg, Daping Du, Alan Denbleyker, Yuzhi Liu, Donald K. Sinclair, Judah Unmuth-Yockey, Haiyuan Zou

1210.6976 (Dmitry Gal'tsov et al.)

Gravitational bremsstrahlung in ultra-planckian collisions    [PDF]

Dmitry Gal'tsov, Pavel Spirin, Theodore N. Tomaras

Thursday, October 25, 2012

1001.0118 (Junya Yagi)

Chiral Algebras of (0,2) Models    [PDF]

Junya Yagi

1210.6348 (Yasunori Nomura et al.)

Black Holes, Information, and Hilbert Space for Quantum Gravity    [PDF]

Yasunori Nomura, Jaime Varela, Sean J. Weinberg

1210.6352 (Pallab Goswami et al.)

Axion field theory and anomalous non-dissipative transport properties of
(3+1)-dimensional Weyl semi-metals and Lorentz violating spinor

Pallab Goswami, Sumanta Tewari

1210.6351 (Sophia K. Domokos et al.)

Successes and Failures of a More Comprehensive Hard Wall AdS/QCD    [PDF]

Sophia K. Domokos, Jeffrey A. Harvey, Andrew B. Royston

1210.6363 (Nils Carqueville et al.)

Orbifold completion of defect bicategories    [PDF]

Nils Carqueville, Ingo Runkel

1210.6433 (John M. Cornwall et al.)

Can supersymmetry breaking lead to electroweak symmetry breaking via
formation of scalar bound states?

John M. Cornwall, Alexander Kusenko, Lauren Pearce, R. D. Peccei

1210.6439 (Yu Nakayama)

Is boundary conformal in CFT?    [PDF]

Yu Nakayama

1210.6458 (Matsuo Sato et al.)

Comment on "ADM reduction of IIB on $H^{p,q}$ to dS braneworld"    [PDF]

Matsuo Sato, Asato Tsuchiya

1210.6500 (Max Riegler)

Asymptotic Symmetry Algebras in Non-Anti-de-Sitter Higher-Spin Gauge

Max Riegler

1210.6525 (Atsushi Naruko et al.)

Beyond δN formalism    [PDF]

Atsushi Naruko, Yu-ichi Takamizu, Misao Sasaki

1210.6544 (Yusuke Korai et al.)

QFT in the flat chart of de Sitter space    [PDF]

Yusuke Korai, Takahiro Tanaka

1210.6547 (O. Kruglinskaya)

Correlation functions and spectral curves in models of minimal gravity    [PDF]

O. Kruglinskaya

1210.6573 (Pierre Martinetti)

Towards a Monge-Kantorovich metric in noncommutative geometry    [PDF]

Pierre Martinetti

1210.6595 (Masahiro Kawasaki et al.)

Non-Gaussianity from Axionic Curvaton    [PDF]

Masahiro Kawasaki, Takeshi Kobayashi, Fuminobu Takahashi

1210.6618 (Andrea De Simone et al.)

Non-Gaussianities from the Standard Model Higgs    [PDF]

Andrea De Simone, Hideki Perrier, Antonio Riotto

1210.6632 (Piotr Korcyl et al.)

On non-trivial spectra of trivial gauge theories    [PDF]

Piotr Korcyl, Mateusz Koren, Jacek Wosiek

1210.6644 (Winton Brown et al.)

Scrambling speed of random quantum circuits    [PDF]

Winton Brown, Omar Fawzi

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

1106.3261 (Pedro D. Prieto-Martínez et al.)

Lagrangian-Hamiltonian unified formalism for autonomous higher-order
dynamical systems

Pedro D. Prieto-Martínez, Narciso Román-Roy

1210.0990 (Varghese Mathai et al.)

Geometry of Pseudodifferential algebra bundles and Fourier Integral

Varghese Mathai, R. B. Melrose

1210.5510 (Marco Panero)

Recent results in large-N lattice gauge theories    [PDF]

Marco Panero

1210.6034 (Mirjam Cvetič et al.)

Anomaly Cancellation And Abelian Gauge Symmetries In F-theory    [PDF]

Mirjam Cvetič, Thomas W. Grimm, Denis Klevers

1210.6038 (Jonathan Hauenstein et al.)

Numerical Analyses on Moduli Space of Vacua    [PDF]

Jonathan Hauenstein, Yang-Hui He, Dhagash Mehta

1210.6048 (Leonardo Senatore et al.)

The constancy of ζin single-clock Inflation at all loops    [PDF]

Leonardo Senatore, Matias Zaldarriaga

1210.6053 (Kevin Dusling et al.)

Quantum chaos in the perfect fluid: spectrum of initial fluctuations in
the little bang

Kevin Dusling, Thomas Epelbaum, Francois Gelis, Raju Venugopalan

1210.6057 (Sayantani Bhattacharyya et al.)

A One-Loop Test of Quantum Supergravity    [PDF]

Sayantani Bhattacharyya, Alba Grassi, Marcos Marino, Ashoke Sen

1210.6074 (A. Krikun et al.)

Holographic model of S^{+/-} multiband superconductor    [PDF]

A. Krikun, V. P. Kirilin, A. V. Sadofyev

1210.6140 (Olga V. Radchenko et al.)

Notes on soft breaking of BRST symmetry in the Batalin-Vilkovisky

Olga V. Radchenko, Alexander A. Reshetnyak

1210.6164 (A. L. Cherchiglia et al.)

(Un)determined finite regularization dependent quantum corrections: the
Higgs decay into two photons and the two photon scattering examples

A. L. Cherchiglia, L. A. Cabral, M. C. Nemes, Marcos Sampaio

1210.6188 (Suphakorn Chunlen et al.)

Instability of N=2 gauge theory in compact space with an isospin
chemical potential

Suphakorn Chunlen, Kasper Peeters, Pichet Vanichchapongjaroen, Marija Zamaklar

1210.6215 (Gianluca Delfino et al.)

Pure connection formalism for gravity: Feynman rules and the
graviton-graviton scattering

Gianluca Delfino, Kirill Krasnov, Carlos Scarinci

1210.6224 (Ying-li Zhang et al.)

Hawking-Moss instanton in nonlinear massive gravity    [PDF]

Ying-li Zhang, Ryo Saito, Misao Sasaki

1210.6251 (Young S. Kim et al.)

Dirac Matrices and Feynman's Rest of the Universe    [PDF]

Young S. Kim, Marilyn E. Noz

1210.6257 (Thomas Krajewski)

Group field theories    [PDF]

Thomas Krajewski

1210.6261 (A. N. Atehortua et al.)

Non Linear Lorentz Transformation and Doubly Special Relativity    [PDF]

A. N. Atehortua, D. E. Jaramillo, J. M. Mira, N. Vanegas

1210.6273 (Seungjoon Hyun et al.)

Fake Supersymmetry and Extremal Black Holes    [PDF]

Seungjoon Hyun, Jaehoon Jeong, Sang-Heon Yi

1210.6308 (Yosuke Imamura)

Perturbative partition function for squashed S^5    [PDF]

Yosuke Imamura

1210.6318 (D. Bazeia et al.)

Braneworld solutions from scalar field in bimetric theory    [PDF]

D. Bazeia, F. A. Brito, F. G. Costa

1210.6323 (Davesh Maulik)

Stable pairs and the HOMFLY polynomial    [PDF]

Davesh Maulik

1210.6331 (Adam Balcerzak et al.)

Redshift drift in a pressure gradient cosmology    [PDF]

Adam Balcerzak, Mariusz P. Dabrowski

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

1210.5337 (Julien Bichon et al.)

The quantum group of a preregular multilinear form    [PDF]

Julien Bichon, Michel Dubois-Violette

1210.5566 (Luca Carlevaro et al.)

Gauge Threshold Corrections for N = 2 Heterotic Local Models with Flux,
and Mock Modular Forms

Luca Carlevaro, Dan Israel

1210.5568 (Gustavo Burdman et al.)

Full-hierarchy Quiver Theories of Electroweak Symmetry Breaking and
Fermion Masses

Gustavo Burdman, Nayara Fonseca, Leonardo de Lima

1210.5588 (Eoin Ó Colgáin)

Fermionic T-duality: A snapshot review    [PDF]

Eoin Ó Colgáin

1210.5600 (Daniele Musso)

D-branes and Non-Perturbative Quantum Field Theory: Stringy Instantons
and Strongly Coupled Spintronics

Daniele Musso

1210.5651 (Peter M. Lavrov et al.)

Gauge dependence of vacuum expectation values of gauge invariant
operators from soft breaking of BRST symmetry. Example of Gribov-Zwanziger

Peter M. Lavrov, Alexander A. Reshetnyak

1210.5655 (Connor Behan)

Towards an exact density of states in a free conformal field theory    [PDF]

Connor Behan

1210.5713 (Robert M. Yamaleev)

Klein-Gordon equations for energy-momentum of relativistic particle in
rapidity space

Robert M. Yamaleev

1210.5735 (Xiao-Mei Kuang et al.)

Dynamical gap from holography in the charged dilaton black hole    [PDF]

Xiao-Mei Kuang, Bin Wang, Jian-Pin Wu

1210.5763 (Felix M. Haehl)

The Schwarzschild-Black String AdS Soliton: Instability and Holographic
Heat Transport

Felix M. Haehl

1210.5767 (Naihuan Jing et al.)

On finite-dimensional representations of two-parameter quantum affine

Naihuan Jing, Honglian Zhang

1210.5852 (Alberto Salvio)

Bulk Renormalization and Particle Spectrum in Codimension-Two Brane

Alberto Salvio

1210.5878 (V. Dzhunushaliev et al.)

Quantum torsion with non-zero standard deviation: non-perturbative
approach for cosmology

V. Dzhunushaliev, V. Folomeev, B. Kleihaus, J. Kunz

1210.5906 (Daniel Butter et al.)

Nonlinear sigma models with AdS supersymmetry in three dimensions    [PDF]

Daniel Butter, Sergei M. Kuzenko, Gabriele Tartaglino-Mazzucchelli

1210.5909 (Guglielmo Lockhart et al.)

Superconformal Partition Functions and Non-perturbative Topological

Guglielmo Lockhart, Cumrun Vafa

1210.5923 (Douglas M. Gingrich)

Experimental limits on the fundamental Planck scale in large extra

Douglas M. Gingrich

1210.5933 (Michael Klaput et al.)

Moduli Stabilising in Heterotic Nearly Kähler Compactifications    [PDF]

Michael Klaput, Andre Lukas, Cyril Matti, Eirik E. Svanes

1210.5939 (Juan L. Perez et al.)

Cosmological constraints in a two branes system for a vacuum bulk    [PDF]

Juan L. Perez, L. Arturo Urena-Lopez, Ruben Cordero

1210.5962 (J. A. Gracey)

Power corrections to symmetric point vertices in Gribov-Zwanziger theory    [PDF]

J. A. Gracey

1210.5963 (Ernst-Michael Ilgenfritz et al.)

Topological aspects of G2 Yang-Mills theory    [PDF]

Ernst-Michael Ilgenfritz, Axel Maas

1210.5983 (Anna Ceresole et al.)

d-Geometries Revisited    [PDF]

Anna Ceresole, Sergio Ferrara, Alessandra Gnecchi, Alessio Marrani

1210.6022 (Jaume Gomis et al.)

Exact Kahler Potential from Gauge Theory and Mirror Symmetry    [PDF]

Jaume Gomis, Sungjay Lee

Monday, October 22, 2012

1007.1573 (V. Gogokhia et al.)

The Non-Perturbative Analytical Equation of State for SU(3) Gauge Theory    [PDF]

V. Gogokhia, M. Vasúth

1103.3669 (Xian O. Camanho et al.)

A Lovelock black hole bestiary    [PDF]

Xian O. Camanho, Jose D. Edelstein

1210.5186 (Alireza Sepehri et al.)

Does HM mechanism work in string theory?    [PDF]

Alireza Sepehri, Somayyeh Shoorvazi, Mohammad Ebrahim Zomorrodian

1210.5181 (Balazs Szendroi)

Nekrasov's partition function and refined Donaldson--Thomas theory: the
rank one case

Balazs Szendroi

1210.5245 (Mirjam Cvetič et al.)

Stringy Hidden Valleys    [PDF]

Mirjam Cvetič, James Halverson, Hernan Piragua

1210.5247 (Debanjan Chowdhury et al.)

Multipoint correlators of conformal field theories: implications for
quantum critical transport

Debanjan Chowdhury, Suvrat Raju, Subir Sachdev, Ajay Singh, Philipp Strack

1210.5271 (Alexander Chigodaev)

Inter-Particle Potentials in Non-Linear Quantum Field Theories    [PDF]

Alexander Chigodaev

1210.5276 (Frank Hellmann et al.)

Geometric asymptotics for spin foam lattice gauge gravity on arbitrary

Frank Hellmann, Wojciech Kaminski

1210.5332 (Alexander A. Reshetnyak)

On general Lagrangian formulations for arbitrary mixed-symmetric
higher-spin fermionic fields on Minkowski backgrounds

Alexander A. Reshetnyak

1210.5334 (Pouria Pedram)

A Higher Order GUP with Minimal Length Uncertainty and Maximal Momentum
II: Applications

Pouria Pedram

1210.5359 (Pasquale Calabrese et al.)

Entanglement negativity in extended systems: A field theoretical

Pasquale Calabrese, John Cardy, Erik Tonni

1210.5373 (Hideki Perrier et al.)

Explosive particle production in non-commutative inflation    [PDF]

Hideki Perrier, Ruth Durrer, Massimiliano Rinaldi

1210.5376 (Oliver Schnetz)

Evaluation of the period of a family of triangle and box ladder graphs    [PDF]

Oliver Schnetz

1210.5396 (Yungui Gong)

Observational constraints on massive gravity    [PDF]

Yungui Gong

1210.5404 (Sebastian Schierenberg et al.)

Improved lattice actions for supersymmetric quantum mechanics    [PDF]

Sebastian Schierenberg, Falk Bruckmann

1210.5405 (C. P. Burgess et al.)

Accidental SUSY: Enhanced Bulk Supersymmetry from Brane Back-reaction    [PDF]

C. P. Burgess, L. van Nierop, S. Parameswaran, A. Salvio, M. Williams

1210.5409 (Mihail Mintchev et al.)

Luttinger Liquid in Non-equilibrium Steady State    [PDF]

Mihail Mintchev, Paul Sorba

1210.5427 (Josip Trampetic)

High energy cosmic rays experiments inspired by noncommutative quantum
field theory

Josip Trampetic

1210.5448 (Dorothea Bahns et al.)

On-shell extension of distributions    [PDF]

Dorothea Bahns, Michał Wrochna

1210.5458 (Askold Duviryak)

Quantization of almost-circular orbits in the Fokker action formalism.
II. Regge trajectories

Askold Duviryak

1210.5467 (A. Noble et al.)

A kinetic model of radiating electrons    [PDF]

A. Noble, J. Gratus, D. A. Burton, D. A. Jaroszynski

1210.5473 (D. Bazeia et al.)

Topological defect solutions in new families of sine-Gordon models    [PDF]

D. Bazeia, L. Losano, R. Menezes

1210.5481 (S. P. Flood et al.)

Testing vacuum electrodynamics using `slow light' experiments    [PDF]

S. P. Flood, D. A. Burton

1210.5490 (Joseph Ben Geloun)

Asymptotic Freedom of Rank 4 Tensor Group Field Theory    [PDF]

Joseph Ben Geloun

1210.5492 (Joseph Ben Geloun)

Enhanced Quantization: The particle on the circle    [PDF]

Joseph Ben Geloun

Friday, October 19, 2012

0901.0323 (J. Harnad et al.)

Convolution symmetries of integrable hierarchies, matrix models and

J. Harnad, A. Yu. Orlov

1107.3096 (Per Berglund et al.)

Charged Dilatonic AdS Black Branes in Arbitrary Dimensions    [PDF]

Per Berglund, Jishnu Bhattacharyya, David Mattingly

1108.0203 (Yu. L. Bolotin et al.)

Expanding Universe: slowdown or speedup?    [PDF]

Yu. L. Bolotin, O. A. Lemets, D. A. Yerokhin

1201.4630 (Yongqing Huang et al.)

Inflation in general covariant theory of gravity    [PDF]

Yongqing Huang, Anzhong Wang, Qiang Wu

1210.4925 (Marco S. Bianchi et al.)

N=8 SYM vs. N=6 Chern-Simons: Four-point amplitudes at two-loops    [PDF]

Marco S. Bianchi, Matias Leoni

1210.4935 (Moritz McGarrie)

Holography for General Gauge Mediation    [PDF]

Moritz McGarrie

1210.4936 (James Unwin)

R-symmetric High Scale Supersymmetry    [PDF]

James Unwin

1210.4940 (Per Berglund et al.)

Thermodynamics of universal horizons in Einstein-aether theory    [PDF]

Per Berglund, Jishnu Bhattacharyya, David Mattingly

1210.4997 (Biagio Lucini et al.)

SU(N) gauge theories at large N    [PDF]

Biagio Lucini, Marco Panero

1210.5000 (Jun Li et al.)

Fermi Surfaces and Analytic Green's Functions from Conformal Gravity    [PDF]

Jun Li, Hai-Shan Liu, H. Lu, Zhao-Long Wang

1210.5008 (Leonardo Mondaini)

Obtaining a closed-form representation for the dual bosonic thermal
Green function by using methods of integration on the complex plane

Leonardo Mondaini

1210.5036 (Jan de Gier et al.)

Discrete holomorphicity and integrability in loop models with open

Jan de Gier, Alexander Lee, Jorgen Rasmussen

1210.5040 (Sebastian J. H. Konopka)

Non Abelian orbifold compactifications of the heterotic string    [PDF]

Sebastian J. H. Konopka

1210.5078 (Imtak Jeon et al.)

Stringy Unification of Type IIA and IIB Supergravities under N=2 D=10
Supersymmetric Double Field Theory

Imtak Jeon, Kanghoon Lee, Jeong-Hyuck Park, Yoonji Suh

1210.5080 (Inyong Cho et al.)

Perturbations in Symmetric Lee-Wick Bouncing Universe    [PDF]

Inyong Cho, O-Kab Kwon

1210.5100 (Daniel S. Freed)

The cobordism hypothesis    [PDF]

Daniel S. Freed

1210.5134 (Anisur Rahaman)

Unparticle in (1+1) dimension with one loop correction    [PDF]

Anisur Rahaman

1210.5187 (Zi-qiang Zhang et al.)

The finite 't Hooft coupling correction on jet quenching parameter in a
$\mathcal N=4$ Super Yang-Mills Plasma

Zi-qiang Zhang, Defu Hou, Hai-cang Ren

1210.5195 (Ofer Aharony et al.)

Confinement in Anti-de Sitter Space    [PDF]

Ofer Aharony, Micha Berkooz, David Tong, Shimon Yankielowicz

1210.5197 (Jay Armas et al.)

Relativistic Elasticity of Stationary Fluid Branes    [PDF]

Jay Armas, Niels A. Obers

1210.5238 (Daniel A. Roberts et al.)

On memory in exponentially expanding spaces    [PDF]

Daniel A. Roberts, Douglas Stanford

Thursday, October 18, 2012

1201.0307 (Keith Burghardt et al.)

SUSY Equation Topology, Zonohedra, and the Search for Alternate
Off-Shell Adinkras

Keith Burghardt, S. James Gates Jr

1210.4615 (Andrea Zanzi)

Dilaton stabilization and composite dark matter in the string frame of

Andrea Zanzi

1210.3775 (Milutin Blagojević et al.)

Gauge Theories of Gravitation    [PDF]

Milutin Blagojević, Friedrich W. Hehl

1210.4544 (Qing-Quan Jiang)

A note on black hole spectroscopy in the tunneling mechanism    [PDF]

Qing-Quan Jiang

1210.4516 (T. Alho et al.)

On finite-temperature holographic QCD in the Veneziano limit    [PDF]

T. Alho, M. Jarvinen, K. Kajantie, E. Kiritsis, K. Tuominen

1210.4551 (Aleksandra Dobardzic et al.)

Diffuse Gamma-Ray Emission from Large Scale Structures    [PDF]

Aleksandra Dobardzic, Tijana Prodanovic

1210.4560 (H. Lu et al.)

Exact Green's Function and Fermi Surfaces From Conformal Gravity    [PDF]

H. Lu, Zhao-Long Wang

1210.4587 (Nikolay Kozyrev et al.)

N=2 supersymmetric S^2 -> CP^3 -> S^4 fibration viewed as superparticle

Nikolay Kozyrev, Sergey Krivonos, Olaf Lechtenfeld

1210.4628 (Hiroki Okawara et al.)

Possible daily and seasonal variations in quantum interference induced
by Chern-Simons gravity

Hiroki Okawara, Kei Yamada, Hideki Asada

1210.4649 (Fiorenzo Bastianelli et al.)

Effective action for higher spin fields on (A)dS backgrounds    [PDF]

Fiorenzo Bastianelli, Roberto Bonezzi, Olindo Corradini, Emanuele Latini

1210.4684 (Stoytcho S. Yazadjiev)

Area-angular momentum-charge inequality for stable marginally outer
trapped surfaces in 4D Einstein-Maxwell-dilaton theory

Stoytcho S. Yazadjiev

1210.4704 (Frederik Coomans et al.)

An off-shell formulation for internally gauged D=5, N=2 supergravity
from superconformal methods

Frederik Coomans, Mehmet Ozkan

1210.4705 (Eduardo de Rafael)

Update of the Electron and Muon g-Factors    [PDF]

Eduardo de Rafael

1210.4716 (Cayetano Di Bartolo et al.)

Mimetic discretization of the Abelian Chern-Simons theory and link

Cayetano Di Bartolo, Javier Grau, Lorenzo Leal

1210.4730 (J. Rizos et al.)

Shock waves as branes with throats    [PDF]

J. Rizos, N. Tetradis

1210.4734 (M. A. L. Capri et al.)

A study of the Higgs and confining phases in 3d Georgi-Glashow model by
taking into account the Gribov horizon

M. A. L. Capri, A. J. Gomez, M. S. Guimaraes, S. P. Sorella

1210.4740 (I-Sheng Yang)

The Negative Mode for small CDL instantons    [PDF]

I-Sheng Yang

1210.4815 (Ugo Moschella)

Infrared surprises in the de Sitter universe    [PDF]

Ugo Moschella

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

1012.2069 (E. A. Ivanov et al.)

Dirac Operator on Complex Manifolds and Supersymmetric Quantum Mechanics    [PDF]

E. A. Ivanov, A. V. Smilga

1101.2252 (Artan Sheshmani)

Wall-crossing and invariants of higher rank stable pairs    [PDF]

Artan Sheshmani

1104.0776 (Shao-Wen Wei et al.)

Strong field limit analysis of gravitational lensing in Kerr-Taub-NUT

Shao-Wen Wei, Yu-Xiao Liu, Chun-E Fu, Ke Yang

1111.7257 (Wojciech A. Hellwing et al.)

DM haloes and their environment in the fifth-force cosmology    [PDF]

Wojciech A. Hellwing, Marius Cautun, Alexander Knebe, Steffen Knollmann, Roman Juszkiewicz

1112.3411 (Yukinobu Toda)

Bogomolov-Gieseker type inequality and counting invariants    [PDF]

Yukinobu Toda

1201.5366 (Z. Bern et al.)

Simplifying Multiloop Integrands and Ultraviolet Divergences of Gauge
Theory and Gravity Amplitudes

Z. Bern, J. J. M. Carrasco, L. J. Dixon, H. Johansson, R. Roiban

1210.0509 (S. I. Kruglov)

Modified Dirac equation with Lorentz invariance violation and its
solutions for particles in an external magnetic field

S. I. Kruglov

1210.4166 (William Witczak-Krempa et al.)

The quasi-normal modes of quantum criticality    [PDF]

William Witczak-Krempa, Subir Sachdev

1210.4165 (Michael P. Salem et al.)

Gravity waves from cosmic bubble collisions    [PDF]

Michael P. Salem, Prashant Saraswat, Edgar Shaghoulian

1210.4170 (S. Bolognesi et al.)

Comments on Critical Electric and Magnetic Fields from Holography    [PDF]

S. Bolognesi, F. Kiefer, E. Rabinovici

1210.4174 (T. Padmanabhan)

The Physical Principle that determines the Value of the Cosmological

T. Padmanabhan

1210.4175 (J. Antonio Garcia et al.)

No Line on the Horizon: On Uniform Acceleration and Gluonic Fields at
Strong Coupling

J. Antonio Garcia, Alberto Guijosa, Eric J. Pulido

1210.4179 (Johanna Erdmenger et al.)

Slow-walking inflation    [PDF]

Johanna Erdmenger, Sebastian Halter, Carlos Nunez, Gianmassimo Tasinato

1210.4181 (Steven S. Gubser)

Complex deformations of Bjorken flow    [PDF]

Steven S. Gubser

1210.4191 (Chen-Te Ma et al.)

Supersymmetry and BPS States on D4-brane in Large C-field Background    [PDF]

Chen-Te Ma, Chi-Hsien Yeh

1210.4192 (Francesco Giacosa et al.)

Spectral function of a scalar boson coupled to fermions    [PDF]

Francesco Giacosa, Giuseppe Pagliara

1210.4202 (Artan Sheshmani)

An introduction to the theory of Higher rank stable pairs and Virtual

Artan Sheshmani

1210.4222 (Atsushi Nakamula et al.)

Cyclic Calorons    [PDF]

Atsushi Nakamula, Nobuyuki Sawado

1210.4226 (Yu-tin Huang et al.)

The two-loop six-point amplitude in ABJM theory    [PDF]

Yu-tin Huang, S. Caron-Huot

1210.4238 (Hideo Kodama et al.)

Classification and stability of vacua in maximal gauged supergravity    [PDF]

Hideo Kodama, Masato Nozawa

1210.4239 (Shinji Tsujikawa et al.)

Testing for dynamical dark energy models with redshift-space distortions    [PDF]

Shinji Tsujikawa, Antonio De Felice, Jailson Alcaniz

1210.4258 (Pedro Liendo et al.)

The Bootstrap Program for Boundary CFT_d    [PDF]

Pedro Liendo, Leonardo Rastelli, Balt C. van Rees

1210.4266 (Thomas Ortiz et al.)

SO(9) supergravity in two dimensions    [PDF]

Thomas Ortiz, Henning Samtleben

1210.4284 (Maarten Golterman et al.)

Phase with no mass gap in non-perturbatively gauge-fixed Yang--Mills

Maarten Golterman, Yigal Shamir

1210.4312 (Andrea Prudenziati)

On recursion relations in topological string theory    [PDF]

Andrea Prudenziati