Tuesday, June 18, 2013

1305.2414 (Benjamin Béri et al.)

Gauge Dynamics and Topological Insulators    [PDF]

Benjamin Béri, David Tong, Kenny Wong

1306.3504 (Andreas von Manteuffel et al.)

Massive planar and non-planar double box integrals for light Nf
contributions to gg->tt

Andreas von Manteuffel, Cedric Studerus

1306.3512 (C. P. Burgess et al.)

String Inflation After Planck 2013    [PDF]

C. P. Burgess, M. Cicoli, F. Quevedo

1306.3515 (Joshua Erlich et al.)

Model Sensitivity in Holographic Superconductors and their Deconstructed

Joshua Erlich, Zhen Wang

1306.3561 (Tsunehide Kuroki et al.)

Supersymmetric double-well matrix model as two-dimensional type IIA
superstring on RR background

Tsunehide Kuroki, Fumihiko Sugino

1306.3565 (A. Gorsky et al.)

The CP(N-1) model on a Disc and Decay of a Non-Abelian String    [PDF]

A. Gorsky, A. Milekhin

1306.3580 (Yong-Long Wang et al.)

The Dirac Conjecture and the Non-uniqueness of Lagrangian    [PDF]

Yong-Long Wang, Chang-Tan Xu, Hua Jiang, Wei-Tao Lu, Hong-Zhe Pan

1306.3621 (Edward Witten)

Notes On Holomorphic String And Superstring Theory Measures Of Low Genus    [PDF]

Edward Witten

1306.3633 (Yurii Ignatyev)

Establishment of thermodynamic equilibrium in cosmological model with an
arbitrary acceleration

Yurii Ignatyev

1306.3651 (Alexey Golovnev et al.)

Modified gravitational collapse, or the wonders of the MOND    [PDF]

Alexey Golovnev, Natalia Masalaeva

1306.3691 (Jinn-Ouk Gong et al.)

Equilateral non-Gaussianity from heavy fields    [PDF]

Jinn-Ouk Gong, Shi Pi, Misao Sasaki

1306.3695 (Peng Ye et al.)

Bosonic symmetry-protected topological phases with charge and spin
symmetries: response theory and dynamical gauge theory in 2D, 3D, and the
surface of 3D

Peng Ye, Juven Wang

1306.3499 (Thiago Prudêncio et al.)

Coherent States, Superpositions of Coherent States and Uncertainty
Relations on a Möbius Strip

Thiago Prudêncio, Diego Julio Cirilo-Lombardo

1306.3725 (Yun Soo Myung)

Stability of Schwarzschild black holes in fourth-order gravity revisited    [PDF]

Yun Soo Myung

1306.3748 (Subir Ghosh et al.)

Spontaneous Photoemission From Metamaterial Junction: A Conjecture    [PDF]

Subir Ghosh, Santanu K. Maiti

1306.3756 (G. Bauer et al.)

On Irreversibility and Radiation in Classical Electrodynamics of Point

G. Bauer, D. -A. Deckert, Detlef Dürr, Günter Hinrichs

1306.3759 (Tomoya Hayata)

Dynamical Mass Generation of Light-vector Mesons from QCD Trace Anomaly    [PDF]

Tomoya Hayata

1306.3793 (A. Jourjine)

The Quantum Theory of Bi-Spinor Fields    [PDF]

A. Jourjine

1306.3796 (Sameer Murthy et al.)

Quantum black hole entropy and the holomorphic prepotential of N=2

Sameer Murthy, Valentin Reys

1306.3816 (Da-Wei Pang)

Probing holographic semi-local quantum liquids with D-branes    [PDF]

Da-Wei Pang

1306.3846 (Julien Serreau)

Renormalization group flow and symmetry restoration in de Sitter space    [PDF]

Julien Serreau

1306.3868 (V. Achilleos et al.)

Oscillons and oscillating kinks in the Abelian-Higgs model    [PDF]

V. Achilleos, F. K. Diakonos, D. J. Frantzeskakis, G. C. Katsimiga, X. N. Maintas, E. Manousakis, C. E. Tsagkarakis, A. Tsapalis

1306.3873 (Jose L. F. Barbon et al.)

Fast Scramblers And Ultrametric Black Hole Horizons    [PDF]

Jose L. F. Barbon, Javier M. Magan

1306.3891 (Simon Catterall et al.)

Twisted supersymmetries in lattice ${\cal N}=4$ super Yang-Mills theory    [PDF]

Simon Catterall, Joel Giedt, Anosh Joseph

1306.3893 (Dario Martelli et al.)

The gravity dual of supersymmetric gauge theories on a two-parameter
deformed three-sphere

Dario Martelli, Achilleas Passias

1306.3898 (Aaron Hanken et al.)

Extraordinary Gauge Mediation at Finite Temperature    [PDF]

Aaron Hanken, Ben Kain, Collin Manning

1306.3900 (Denis Bernard et al.)

Time-reversal symmetry and fluctuation relations in non-equilibrium
quantum steady states

Denis Bernard, Benjamin Doyon

1306.3918 (R. Percacci et al.)

Functional renormalization of $N$ scalars with O(N) invariance    [PDF]

R. Percacci, M. Safari

1306.3938 (M. N. Alfimov et al.)

Coset conformal field theory and instanton counting on C^2/Z_p    [PDF]

M. N. Alfimov, A. A. Belavin, G. M. Tarnopolsky

1306.3941 (Ayan Mukhopadhyay et al.)

Phenomenological characterisation of semi-holographic non-Fermi liquids    [PDF]

Ayan Mukhopadhyay, Giuseppe Policastro

1306.3966 (Alexei E. Zayats)

Self-interaction in the Bopp-Podolsky electrodynamics: Can the
observable mass of a charged particle depend on its acceleration?

Alexei E. Zayats