Monday, April 23, 2012

1010.1642 (Seiya Nishiyama et al.)

A new description of motion of the Fermionic SO(2N+2) top in the
classical limit under the quasi-anticommutation relation approximation

Seiya Nishiyama, Joao Da Providencia, Constanca Providencia

1105.0094 (Felipe Robledo-Padilla et al.)

Entangled spinning particles in charged and rotating black holes    [PDF]

Felipe Robledo-Padilla, Hugo Garcia-Compean

1112.6243 (Yin Zhong et al.)

Two-dimensional confinement of critical U(1) gauge field in the presence
of Fermi surface

Yin Zhong, Ke Liu, Yong-Qiang Wang, Hong-Gang Luo

1201.5163 (Ivan G. Avramidi et al.)

Thermal Yang-Mills Theory In the Einstein Universe    [PDF]

Ivan G. Avramidi, Samuel Collopy

1204.4324 (Stjepan Meljanac et al.)

Kappa-deformation of Heisenberg algebra and coalgebra; generalized
Poincare algebras and R-matrix

Stjepan Meljanac, Andjelo Samsarov, Rina Strajn

1204.4452 (Borun D. Chowdhury)

Black rings with fourth dipole cause less hair loss    [PDF]

Borun D. Chowdhury

1204.4462 (Don N. Page et al.)

Massless Scalar Field Vacuum in de Sitter Spacetime    [PDF]

Don N. Page, Xing Wu

1204.4466 (Anson Hook)

A test for emergent dynamics    [PDF]

Anson Hook

1204.4472 (Hideki Maeda)

Exact dynamical AdS black holes and wormholes with a Klein-Gordon field    [PDF]

Hideki Maeda

1204.4474 (Sergey Fedoruk et al.)

Nahm equations in supersymmetric mechanics    [PDF]

Sergey Fedoruk, Evgeny Ivanov, Olaf Lechtenfeld

1204.4482 (Max R. Atkin et al.)

FZZT Brane Relations in the Presence of Boundary Magnetic Fields    [PDF]

Max R. Atkin, Stefan Zohren

1204.4505 (David Ridout et al.)

Standard Modules, Induction and the Temperley-Lieb Algebra    [PDF]

David Ridout, Yvan Saint-Aubin

1204.4531 (Y. Araki et al.)

Spin Versus Charge Density Wave Order in Graphene-like Systems    [PDF]

Y. Araki, G. W. Semenoff

1204.4567 (Mehmet Koca et al.)

Radii of the E8 Gosset Circles as the Mass Excitations in the Ising

Mehmet Koca, Nazife Ozdes Koca

1204.4599 (Steffen Schmidt et al.)

Generation of families of spectra in PT-symmetric quantum mechanics and
scalar bosonic field theory

Steffen Schmidt, S. P. Klevansky

1204.4603 (E. R. Bezerra de Mello)

Induced self-interactions in the spacetime of a global monopole with
finite core

E. R. Bezerra de Mello

1204.4615 (F. C. Sá Barreto et al.)

On the coupling constant bounds implying area decay of Wilson loop for
Z2 lattice gauge theories with Wilson action Boltzmann factor given by bond
variables described by transverse Ising model

F. C. Sá Barreto, A. L. Mota

1204.4650 (S. Capozziello et al.)

New Spherically Symmetric Solutions in f(R)-gravity by Noether

S. Capozziello, N. Frusciante, D. Vernieri

1204.4653 (Gerald Kelnhofer)

Remarks on the thermodynamics and the vacuum energy of a quantum Maxwell
gas on compact and closed manifolds

Gerald Kelnhofer

1204.4654 (Ctirad Klimcik)

On Poisson geometry and supersymmetric sigma models    [PDF]

Ctirad Klimcik

1204.4658 (Audrey Mithani et al.)

Did the universe have a beginning?    [PDF]

Audrey Mithani, Alexander Vilenkin

1204.4674 (Hilary Greaves et al.)

The CPT theorem    [PDF]

Hilary Greaves, Teruji Thomas

1204.4683 (Frank Wilczek)

A Long View of Particle Physics    [PDF]

Frank Wilczek

1204.4709 (Mina Aganagic et al.)

Large N Duality, Mirror Symmetry, and a Q-deformed A-polynomial for

Mina Aganagic, Cumrun Vafa