Friday, September 21, 2012

0712.2318 (Makoto Sakurai)

Mixed anomalies of chiral algebras compactified to smooth
quasi-projective surfaces

Makoto Sakurai

0712.2824 (Vasily Pestun)

Localization of gauge theory on a four-sphere and supersymmetric Wilson

Vasily Pestun

1110.2004 (Joe Watkins)

Spectral zeta functions of a 1D Schrödinger problem    [PDF]

Joe Watkins

1110.4451 (L. Ortíz)

Hawking temperature in the eternal BTZ black hole: an example of
Holography in AdS spacetime

L. Ortíz

1201.0767 (Davide Gaiotto)

Domain Walls for Two-Dimensional Renormalization Group Flows    [PDF]

Davide Gaiotto

1205.1474 (Edward Belbruno)

On the Regularizability of the Big Bang Singularity    [PDF]

Edward Belbruno

1206.3067 (Sergio Doplicher et al.)

Comment on "Can we measure structures to a precision better than the
Planck length?"[arXiv:1205.3636], by Sabine Hossenfelder

Sergio Doplicher, Gherardo Piacitelli, Luca Tomassini, Stefano Viaggiu

1209.4355 (Miguel S. Costa et al.)

Conformal Regge theory    [PDF]

Miguel S. Costa, Vasco Goncalves, Joao Penedones

1209.4374 (Abhay Ashtekar et al.)

On the Uniqueness of Kinematics of Loop Quantum Cosmology    [PDF]

Abhay Ashtekar, Miguel Campiglia

1209.4376 (Gianluca Calcagni)

Multi-fractional spacetimes, asymptotic safety and Hořava-Lifshitz

Gianluca Calcagni

1209.4391 (Dongsu Bak et al.)

M5/D4 brane partition function on a circle bundle    [PDF]

Dongsu Bak, Andreas Gustavsson

1209.4406 (Hiroyuki Hata et al.)

Singularities in K-space and Multi-brane Solutions in Cubic String Field

Hiroyuki Hata, Toshiko Kojita

1209.4409 (Dan Mazur)

Nonperturbative Quantum Field Theory in Astrophysics    [PDF]

Dan Mazur

1209.4421 (Eran Palti)

A Note on Hypercharge Flux, Anomalies, and U(1)s in F-theory GUTs    [PDF]

Eran Palti

1209.4440 (Taeseung Choi)

Relativistic spin operator and Lorentz transformation of spin state of a
massive Dirac particle

Taeseung Choi

1209.4448 (E. T. Akhmedov)

On the physical meaning and consequences of the loop IR divergences in
global dS

E. T. Akhmedov

1209.4468 (Florian Preis et al.)

Chiral transition in dense, magnetized matter    [PDF]

Florian Preis, Anton Rebhan, Andreas Schmitt

1209.4472 (Simone Zonetti)

Two-dimensional quantum dilaton gravity and the quantized cosmological

Simone Zonetti

1209.4476 (Kiyoshi Shiraishi)

Can Virtual Cosmic Strings Shift the Hawking Temperature?    [PDF]

Kiyoshi Shiraishi

1209.4484 (Mariano Cadoni et al.)

Hyperscaling violation for scalar black branes in arbitrary dimensions    [PDF]

Mariano Cadoni, Matteo Serra

1209.4490 (Siamk Sadat Gousheh et al.)

Casimir Energy for a Coupled Fermion-Kink System and its stability    [PDF]

Siamk Sadat Gousheh, Azadeh Mohammadi, Leila Shahkarami

1209.4501 (Maxim Eingorn et al.)

Viable Kaluza-Klein models with spherical compactification:
multicomponent background

Maxim Eingorn, Seyed Hossein Fakhr, Alexander Zhuk

1209.4512 (Rong-Gen Cai et al.)

Some aspects of QGP phase in a hQCD model    [PDF]

Rong-Gen Cai, Shankhadeep Chakrabortty, Song He, Li Li

1209.4514 (Hajime Aoki)

Probability of the Standard Model Appearance from a Matrix Model    [PDF]

Hajime Aoki

1209.4540 (Fei Han et al.)

Anomaly Cancellation and Modularity. II: $E_8\times E_8$ case    [PDF]

Fei Han, Kefeng Liu, Weiping Zhang

1209.4606 (Joseph Ben Geloun et al.)

Addendum to "A Renormalizable 4-Dimensional Tensor Field Theory"    [PDF]

Joseph Ben Geloun, Vincent Rivasseau