Friday, May 4, 2012

0811.3405 (Simon Badger et al.)

Simplicity in the Structure of QED and Gravity Amplitudes    [PDF]

Simon Badger, N. E. J. Bjerrum-Bohr, Pierre Vanhove

1004.5492 (Namit Mahajan et al.)

Remarks on non-gaussian fluctuations of the inflaton and constancy of
ζoutside the horizon

Namit Mahajan, Raghavan Rangarajan

1008.1003 (David E. Evans et al.)

The Nakayama automorphism of the almost Calabi-Yau algebras associated
to SU(3) modular invariants

David E. Evans, Mathew Pugh

1101.2744 (H. Nikolic)

Time in quantum gravity and black-hole information paradox    [PDF]

H. Nikolic

1103.6133 (Koichi Hirano et al.)

Constraining Galileon gravity from observational data with growth rate    [PDF]

Koichi Hirano, Zen Komiya, Hisato Shirai

1110.3342 (James Alsup et al.)

Hair on near-extremal Reissner-Nordstrom AdS black holes    [PDF]

James Alsup, George Siopsis, Jason Therrien

1111.5249 (A. R. Aguirre)

Inverse scattering approach for massive Thirring models with integrable
type-II defects

A. R. Aguirre

1201.4169 (Ward Struyve)

On the zig-zag pilot-wave approach for fermions    [PDF]

Ward Struyve

1205.0558 (Dmitry Podolsky et al.)

Quantum kinetics and prethermalization of Hawking radiation    [PDF]

Dmitry Podolsky, Eric Greenwood, Glenn Starkman

1205.0559 (David Kubiznak et al.)

P-V criticality of charged AdS black holes    [PDF]

David Kubiznak, Robert B. Mann

1205.0565 (M. Hamani Daouda et al.)

Inhomogeneous Universe in f(T) Theory    [PDF]

M. Hamani Daouda, Manuel E. Rodrigues, M. J. S. Houndjo

1205.0589 (Leonard Susskind)

Is Eternal Inflation Past-Eternal? And What if It Is?    [PDF]

Leonard Susskind

1205.0597 (Kun Hao et al.)

Determinant representations for scalar products of the XXZ Gaudin model
with general boundary terms

Kun Hao, Wen-Li Yang, Heng Fan, Si-Yuan Liu, Ke Wu, Zhan-Ying Yang, Yao-Zhong Zhang

1205.0620 (Peter M. Lavrov)

Remarks on the Curci-Ferrari model    [PDF]

Peter M. Lavrov

1205.0655 (Huo Qiu-Hong et al.)

Anomalous spin of the Chern-Simons-Georgi-Glashow model    [PDF]

Huo Qiu-Hong, Jiang Yunguo

1205.0658 (Jørgen E. Andersen et al.)

Topological recursion for chord diagrams, RNA complexes, and cells in
moduli spaces

Jørgen E. Andersen, Leonid O. Chekhov, R. C. Penner, Christian M. Reidys, Piotr Sułkowski

1205.0677 (Johanna Erdmenger et al.)

Holographic Cosmological Backgrounds, Wilson Loop (De)confinement and
Dilaton Singularities

Johanna Erdmenger, Kazuo Ghoroku, Rene Meyer, Ioannis Papadimitriou

1205.0694 (Fredrik Ohlsson)

(2,0) theory on Taub-NUT: A note on WZW models on singular fibrations    [PDF]

Fredrik Ohlsson

1205.0710 (Ana Achucarro et al.)

Heavy fields, reduced speeds of sound and decoupling during inflation    [PDF]

Ana Achucarro, Vicente Atal, Sebastian Cespedes, Jinn-Ouk Gong, Gonzalo A. Palma, Subodh P. Patil

1205.0718 (Fei Han et al.)

Anomaly Cancellation and Modularity    [PDF]

Fei Han, Kefeng Liu, Weiping Zhang

1205.0728 (B. S. Kandemir)

Intrinsic Spin-Orbit Interaction in Graphene    [PDF]

B. S. Kandemir

1205.0752 (Andreas Windisch et al.)

Examining the Analytic Structure of Green's Functions: Massive Parallel
Complex Integration using GPUs

Andreas Windisch, Reinhard Alkofer, Gundolf Haase, Manfred Liebmann

1205.0753 (Nikos Irges et al.)

Dimensional Reduction of N=1, E_8 SYM over SU(3)/U(1) x U(1) x Z_3 and
its four-dimensional effective action

Nikos Irges, Georgios Orfanidis, George Zoupanos

1205.0776 (Samir D. Mathur)

Black Holes and Beyond    [PDF]

Samir D. Mathur

1205.0784 (Patrick Desrosiers et al.)

Superconformal field theory and Jack superpolynomials    [PDF]

Patrick Desrosiers, Luc Lapointe, Pierre Mathieu

1205.0786 (Sanil Unnikrishnan et al.)

Refining inflation using non-canonical scalars    [PDF]

Sanil Unnikrishnan, Varun Sahni, Aleksey Toporensky

1205.0801 (Simon Caron-Huot et al.)

Uniqueness of two-loop master contours    [PDF]

Simon Caron-Huot, Kasper J. Larsen