Monday, June 18, 2012

1010.0869 (Naresh Dadhich et al.)

On the equivalence of the Einstein-Hilbert and the Einstein-Palatini
formulations of general relativity for an arbitrary connection

Naresh Dadhich, Josep M. Pons

1104.0783 (Marcos Marino)

Lectures on localization and matrix models in supersymmetric
Chern-Simons-matter theories

Marcos Marino

1109.2035 (Imtak Jeon et al.)

Incorporation of fermions into double field theory    [PDF]

Imtak Jeon, Kanghoon Lee, Jeong-Hyuck Park

1110.0765 (T. Balehowsky et al.)

The Ricci flow of asymptotically hyperbolic mass and applications    [PDF]

T. Balehowsky, E. Woolgar

1201.4989 (Térence Delsate et al.)

New insights on the matter-gravity coupling paradigm    [PDF]

Térence Delsate, Jan Steinhoff

1206.3311 (Ayan Mukhopadhyay)

Non-equilibrium fluctuation-dissipation relation from holography    [PDF]

Ayan Mukhopadhyay

1206.3317 (S. C. Ulhoa et al.)

On Non-commutative Corrections of Gravitational Energy in Teleparallel

S. C. Ulhoa, R. G. G. Amorim

1206.3395 (R. Gannouji et al.)

Generic f(R) theories and classicality of their scalarons    [PDF]

R. Gannouji, M. Sami, I. Thongkool

1206.3401 (L. De Angelis et al.)

More About Branes on a General Magnetized Torus    [PDF]

L. De Angelis, R. Marotta, F. Pezzella, R. Troise

1206.3411 (A. Ghosh et al.)

Absence of log correction in entropy of large black holes    [PDF]

A. Ghosh, P. Mitra

1206.3457 (Hans-Christian Ruiz)

Introduction to Spin Networks and Towards a Generalization of the
Decomposition Theorem

Hans-Christian Ruiz

1206.3465 (Andrej El et al.)

Dissipative hydrodynamics for multi-component systems    [PDF]

Andrej El, Ioannis Bouras, Christian Wesp, Zhe Xu, Carsten Greiner

1206.3478 (Imtak Jeon et al.)

Ramond-Ramond Cohomology and O(D,D) T-duality    [PDF]

Imtak Jeon, Kanghoon Lee, Jeong-Hyuck Park

1206.3482 (Claudia de Rham et al.)

Massive Gravity on de Sitter and Unique Candidate for Partially Massless

Claudia de Rham, Sebastien Renaux-Petel

1206.3492 (Wei-Jian Jiang et al.)

Phase structures of holographic screen themodynamics    [PDF]

Wei-Jian Jiang, Yi-Xin Chen, Jian-Long Li

1206.3496 (Marcus Berg et al.)

Growth Histories in Bimetric Massive Gravity    [PDF]

Marcus Berg, Igor Buchberger, Jonas Enander, Edvard Mortsell, Stefan Sjors

1206.3497 (D. L. Bennett et al.)

Different Theories of Gravity in Plebanski Formulation    [PDF]

D. L. Bennett, L. V. Laperashvili, H. B. Nielsen, A. Tureanu

1206.3503 (Oren Bergman et al.)

5d quivers and their AdS(6) duals    [PDF]

Oren Bergman, Diego Rodriguez-Gomez

1206.3535 (Walter Vinci et al.)

Spontaneous Magnetization through Non-Abelian Vortex Formation in
Rotating Dense Quark Matter

Walter Vinci, Mattia Cipriani, Muneto Nitta