Wednesday, January 23, 2013

1009.3016 (Shunsuke Furukawa et al.)

Entanglement entropy between two coupled Tomonaga-Luttinger liquids    [PDF]

Shunsuke Furukawa, Yong Baek Kim

1104.2553 (J. Swain et al.)

Asymptotic High Energy Total Cross Sections and Theories with Extra

J. Swain, A. Widom, Y. Srivastava

1106.5787 (Gianluca Calcagni)

Geometry of fractional spaces    [PDF]

Gianluca Calcagni

1301.4993 (Kurt Hinterbichler et al.)

Cosmologies of extended massive gravity    [PDF]

Kurt Hinterbichler, James Stokes, Mark Trodden

1301.4995 (Don N. Page)

Time Dependence of Hawking Radiation Entropy    [PDF]

Don N. Page

1301.5002 (Christopher P. Herzog et al.)

Stress Tensors from Trace Anomalies in Conformal Field Theories    [PDF]

Christopher P. Herzog, Kuo-Wei Huang

1301.5031 (Amir-Kian Kashani-Poor et al.)

Enhanced supersymmetry from vanishing Euler number    [PDF]

Amir-Kian Kashani-Poor, Ruben Minasian, Hagen Triendl

1301.5042 (Richard A. Battye et al.)

Massive gravity, the elasticity of space-time and perturbations in the
dark sector

Richard A. Battye, Jonathan A. Pearson

1301.5043 (Tohru Eguchi et al.)

Enriques moonshine    [PDF]

Tohru Eguchi, Kazuhiro Hikami

1301.5057 (Lucas Sourrouille)

Charged Nielsen-Olesen vortices from a Generalized Abelian
Chern-Simons-Higgs Theory

Lucas Sourrouille

1301.5084 (Gérard Clément et al.)

Oxidation of D=3 cosets and Bonnor dualities in $D\leq 6$    [PDF]

Gérard Clément, Dmitri V. Gal'tsov

1301.5092 (George Georgiou et al.)

Correlators of massive string states with conserved currents    [PDF]

George Georgiou, Bum-Hoon Lee, Chanyong Park

1301.5094 (Calin Iuliu Lazaroiu et al.)

Geometric algebra and M-theory compactifications    [PDF]

Calin Iuliu Lazaroiu, Elena-Mirela Babalic

1301.5102 (Shu Oi et al.)

Fundamental solutions of the Knizhnik-Zamolodchikov equation of one
variable and the Riemann-Hilbert problem

Shu Oi, Kimio Ueno

1301.5103 (I. S. Kalinichenko et al.)

High-temperature expansion of the one-loop free energy of a scalar field
on a curved background

I. S. Kalinichenko, P. O. Kazinski

1301.5105 (Shu Oi et al.)

The hexagon equations for dilogarithms and the Riemann-Hilbert problem    [PDF]

Shu Oi, Kimio Ueno

1301.5106 (Elena-Mirela Babalic et al.)

Revisiting eight-manifold flux compactifications of M-theory using
geometric algebra techniques

Elena-Mirela Babalic, Calin-Iuliu Lazaroiu

1301.5130 (Enrique Álvarez et al.)

No Conformal Anomaly in Unimodular Gravity    [PDF]

Enrique Álvarez, Mario Herrero-Valea

1301.5135 (Jan-Eric Daum et al.)

Einstein-Cartan gravity, Asymptotic Safety, and the running Immirzi

Jan-Eric Daum, Martin Reuter

1301.5138 (Wontae Kim et al.)

Black hole complementarity and firewall in two dimensions    [PDF]

Wontae Kim, Bum-Hoon Lee, Dong-han Yeom

1301.5158 (O. Foda et al.)

Colour-independent partition functions in coloured vertex models    [PDF]

O. Foda, M. Wheeler

1301.5178 (Niall T. Macpherson)

SuGra on G2 Structure Backgrounds that Asymptote to AdS4 and Holographic
Duals of Confining 2+1d Gauge Theories with N=1 SUSY

Niall T. Macpherson

1301.5184 (Yasuyuki Hatsuda et al.)

Instanton Bound States in ABJM Theory    [PDF]

Yasuyuki Hatsuda, Sanefumi Moriyama, Kazumi Okuyama

1301.5194 (Sergei M. Kuzenko)

Duality rotations in supersymmetric nonlinear electrodynamics revisited    [PDF]

Sergei M. Kuzenko

1301.5205 (Jelena Smolic et al.)

Higher derivative effects for 4d AdS gravity    [PDF]

Jelena Smolic, Marika Taylor

1301.5218 (Alexey Chopovsky et al.)

Many-body problem in Kaluza-Klein models: negative result    [PDF]

Alexey Chopovsky, Maxim Eingorn, Alexander Zhuk

1301.5232 (Stefan Palenta et al.)

Post-Newtonian expansion of a rigidly rotating disc of dust with
constant specific charge

Stefan Palenta, Reinhard Meinel

1301.5260 (Shi-shyr Roan)

Fermat Surface and Group Theory in Symmetry of Rapidity Family in Chiral
Potts Model

Shi-shyr Roan

1301.5261 (Markus B. Fröb et al.)

Nonperturbative semiclassical stability of de Sitter spacetime for small
metric deviations

Markus B. Fröb, Demetrios B. Papadopoulos, Albert Roura, Enric Verdaguer

1301.5292 (Natalia Alkofer et al.)

The non-perturbative BRST quartet mechanism in Landau gauge QCD:
Ghost-gluon and ghost-quark bound states

Natalia Alkofer, Reinhard Alkofer