Thursday, January 10, 2013

0905.4401 (Sergiu I. Vacaru)

Black Holes, Ellipsoids, and Nonlinear Waves in Pseudo-Finsler Spaces
and Einstein Gravity

Sergiu I. Vacaru

1106.1033 (Sergiu I. Vacaru)

Hidden Symmetries for Ellipsoid-Solitonic Deformations of Kerr-Sen Black
Holes and Quantum Anomalies

Sergiu I. Vacaru

1110.5931 (Daniel J. H. Chung et al.)

Isocurvature Perturbations and Non-Gaussianity of Gravitationally
Produced Nonthermal Dark Matter

Daniel J. H. Chung, Hojin Yoo

1301.1687 (Peng Gao et al.)

Geodesics on Calabi-Yau manifolds and winding states in nonlinear sigma

Peng Gao, Michael R. Douglas

1301.1692 (Steffen Gielen)

Contracted Lorentz Invariance for Gravity with a Preferred Foliation    [PDF]

Steffen Gielen

1301.1706 (ChunJun Cao et al.)

Topological Casimir effect in Maxwell Electrodynamics on a Compact

ChunJun Cao, Moos van Caspel, Ariel R. Zhitnitsky

1301.1731 (Anindya Dey et al.)

Three Dimensional Mirror Symmetry and Partition Function on $S^3$    [PDF]

Anindya Dey, Jacques Distler

1301.1780 (J. X. Lu et al.)

Modulating the phase structure of black D6 branes in canonical ensemble    [PDF]

J. X. Lu, Ran Wei

1301.1783 (Eun Kyung Park et al.)

A comment on Calabi-Yau vacua of the string theory and the cosmological
constant problem

Eun Kyung Park, Pyung Seong Kwon

1301.1787 (Hyun Min Lee)

Running inflation with unitary Higgs    [PDF]

Hyun Min Lee

1301.1803 (A. Jakovac et al.)

Spectral function of the Bloch-Nordsieck model at finite temperature    [PDF]

A. Jakovac, P. Mati

1301.1896 (Maciej Dunajski et al.)

Enhanced Euclidean supersymmetry, 11D supergravity and $SU(\infty)$ Toda

Maciej Dunajski, Jan Gutowski, Wafic Sabra

1301.1943 (Francisco Correa et al.)

Finite-gap twists of carbon nanotubes and an emergent hidden

Francisco Correa, Vit Jakubsky