Thursday, February 28, 2013

1108.6301 (Dawood Kothawala)

Box of Ideal Gas in Free Fall    [PDF]

Dawood Kothawala

1201.2648 (Zheng-Cheng Gu et al.)

Symmetry-protected topological orders for interacting fermions --
fermionic topological non-linear sigma-models and a group super-cohomology

Zheng-Cheng Gu, Xiao-Gang Wen

1212.6502 (Betti Hartmann et al.)

Gravitating cosmic strings with flat directions    [PDF]

Betti Hartmann, Asier Lopez-Eiguren, Kepa Sousa, Jon Urrestilla

1302.6317 (Siddhartha Sen et al.)

Scale invariance and superfluid turbulence    [PDF]

Siddhartha Sen, Koushik Ray

1302.6361 (Peter Millington et al.)

Thermal field theory to all orders in gradient expansion    [PDF]

Peter Millington, Apostolos Pilaftsis

1302.6566 (Andreas Kreienbuehl et al.)

Singularity resolution from polymer quantum matter    [PDF]

Andreas Kreienbuehl, Tomasz Pawlowski

1302.6587 (Jonathan L. Feng)

Naturalness and the Status of Supersymmetry    [PDF]

Jonathan L. Feng

1302.6586 (Gary T. Horowitz et al.)

General Relativity and the Cuprates    [PDF]

Gary T. Horowitz, Jorge E. Santos

1302.6593 (Tadashi Okazaki et al.)

Supersymmetric Boundary Conditions in Three Dimensional N = 2 Theories    [PDF]

Tadashi Okazaki, Satoshi Yamaguchi

1302.6643 (Bin Chen et al.)

Aspects of Warped AdS$_3$/CFT$_2$ Correspondence    [PDF]

Bin Chen, Jia-ju Zhang, Jian-dong Zhang, De-liang Zhong

1302.6658 (Shahar Hod)

Cosmic Censorship: Formation of a Shielding Horizon Around a Fragile

Shahar Hod

1302.6693 (Gregory Falkovich et al.)

What a single snapshot reveals about the future and the past of
turbulent flow

Gregory Falkovich, Anna Frishman

1302.6699 (I. Ya. Aref'eva et al.)

Note on the Unruh Effect    [PDF]

I. Ya. Aref'eva, I. V. Volovich

1302.6707 (Iryna Zahladko et al.)

Partially reduced formulation of scalar Yukawa model:
Poincare-invariance and unitarity

Iryna Zahladko, Askold Duviryak

1302.6736 (Martin Cederwall et al.)

Exceptional geometry and tensor fields    [PDF]

Martin Cederwall, Joakim Edlund, Anna Karlsson

1302.6737 (Martin Cederwall)

Non-gravitational exceptional supermultiplets    [PDF]

Martin Cederwall

1302.6765 (Frederik F. Van der Veken)

Evolution and dynamics of cusped light-like Wilson loops    [PDF]

Frederik F. Van der Veken

1302.6909 (F. Jugeau et al.)

SVZ + 1/q2 expansion versus some QCD holographic Models    [PDF]

F. Jugeau, S. Narison, H. Ratsimbarison

1302.6919 (Pei-Ming Ho et al.)

Effective Action for Dp-Brane in Large RR (p-1)-Form Background    [PDF]

Pei-Ming Ho, Chen-Te Ma

1302.6956 (Jong-Ping Hsu)

Experimental Tests on Yang-Mills Gravity with Accurate Measurements of
the Deflection of Light

Jong-Ping Hsu

1302.6968 (Jorge G. Russo et al.)

Evidence for Large-N Phase Transitions in N=2* Theory    [PDF]

Jorge G. Russo, Konstantin Zarembo

1302.6969 (E. A. Davydov et al.)

Dilaton-scalar models in context of generalized affine gravity theories:
their properties and integrability

E. A. Davydov, A. T. Filippov

1302.6980 (Basem Mahmoud El-Menoufi et al.)

Gravitational Tension and Thermodynamics of Planar AdS Spacetimes    [PDF]

Basem Mahmoud El-Menoufi, Benjamin Ett, David Kastor, Jennie Traschen

1302.6986 (Ali Akbar Abolhasani et al.)

δN Formalism in Anisotropic Inflation and Large Anisotropic
Bispectrum and Trispectrum

Ali Akbar Abolhasani, Razieh Emami, Javad T. Firouzjaee, Hassan Firouzjahi

1302.6991 (Bartomeu Fiol et al.)

Exact momentum fluctuations of an accelerated quark in N=4 super

Bartomeu Fiol, Blai Garolera, Genis Torrents