Tuesday, August 6, 2013

0903.1960 (Horacio E. Camblong et al.)

Conformal Tightness of Holographic Scaling in Black Hole Thermodynamics    [PDF]

Horacio E. Camblong, Carlos R. Ordonez

1308.0605 (Mustafa A. Amin et al.)

A Clash of Kinks: Phase shifts in colliding non-integrable solitons    [PDF]

Mustafa A. Amin, Eugene A. Lim, I-Sheng Yang

1308.0606 (Mustafa A. Amin et al.)

A scattering theory of ultra-relativistic solitons    [PDF]

Mustafa A. Amin, Eugene A. Lim, I-Sheng Yang

1308.0619 (Min-xin Huang et al.)

Refined stable pair invariants for E-, M- and [p,q]-strings    [PDF]

Min-xin Huang, Albrecht Klemm, Maximilian Poretschkin

1308.0635 (Shao-Jun Zhang et al.)

Horizon instability of massless scalar perturbations of an extreme
Reissner-Nordström-AdS black hole

Shao-Jun Zhang, Qiyuan Pan, Bin Wang, Elcio Abdalla

1308.0654 (Tristan Hubsch et al.)

Golden Ratio Controlled Chaos in Supersymmetric Dynamics    [PDF]

Tristan Hubsch, Gregory A. Katona

1308.0673 (S. Mignemi)

Classical dynamics on Snyder spacetime    [PDF]

S. Mignemi

1308.0819 (Song He et al.)

Entanglement Temperature in Non-conformal Cases    [PDF]

Song He, Danning Li, Jun-Bao Wu

1308.0860 (Luis P. Chimento et al.)

Nonbaryonic dark matter and scalar field coupled with a transversal
interaction plus decoupled radiation

Luis P. Chimento, Martín G. Richarte

1308.0929 (V. K. Oikonomou)

Extended Supersymmetries and 2+1 Dimensional Supersymmetric Chern Simons

V. K. Oikonomou

1308.0982 (Sudhaker Upadhyay)

Finite field dependent BRST transformations and its applications to
gauge field theories

Sudhaker Upadhyay

1308.1007 (Gerard 't Hooft)

The Fate of the Quantum    [PDF]

Gerard 't Hooft

1308.1019 (C. Wetterich)

Variable gravity Universe    [PDF]

C. Wetterich

1308.1027 (Johannes Schmude)

Laplace operators on Sasaki-Einstein manifolds    [PDF]

Johannes Schmude

1308.1052 (Steven Duplij)

Formulation of singular theories in a partial Hamiltonian formalism
using a new bracket and multi-time dynamics

Steven Duplij

1308.1054 (J. Sadeghi et al.)

Thermodynamics of a charged hairy black hole in (2+1) dimensions    [PDF]

J. Sadeghi, H. Farahani

1308.1061 (Yoann Dabrowski et al.)

Functional properties of Hörmander's space of distributions having a
specified wavefront set

Yoann Dabrowski, Christian Brouder

1308.1076 (Alcides Garat)

The equivalence between local inertial frames and electromagnetic gauge
in Einstein-Maxwell theories

Alcides Garat

1308.1083 (Eric Perlmutter)

A universal feature of CFT Renyi entropy    [PDF]

Eric Perlmutter