Tuesday, May 28, 2013

1002.4035 (Changjun Gao)

When scalar field is kinetically coupled to the Einstein tensor    [PDF]

Changjun Gao

1107.0318 (Stephon Alexander et al.)

Chern-Simons Inflation and Baryogenesis    [PDF]

Stephon Alexander, Antonino Marciano, David Spergel

1107.5788 (V. P. Spiridonov et al.)

Elliptic hypergeometry of supersymmetric dualities II. Orthogonal
groups, knots, and vortices

V. P. Spiridonov, G. S. Vartanov

1305.1947 (Arthur Hebecker et al.)

Evading the Lyth Bound in Hybrid Natural Inflation    [PDF]

Arthur Hebecker, Sebastian C. Kraus, Alexander Westphal

1305.2809 (Costas Kounnas et al.)

Aspects of String Cosmology    [PDF]

Costas Kounnas, Nicolaos Toumbas

1305.5841 (Mikhail Feigin et al.)

The quantum angular Calogero-Moser model    [PDF]

Mikhail Feigin, Olaf Lechtenfeld, Alexios Polychronakos

1305.5850 (Georgios Papathanasiou et al.)

Open String Self-energy on the Lightcone Worldsheet Lattice    [PDF]

Georgios Papathanasiou, Charles B. Thorn

1305.5872 (W. A. Cardona et al.)

A comparative study of non-Gaussianity in ILC-7yr    [PDF]

W. A. Cardona, A. Bernui, M. J. Reboucas

1305.5892 (Changhyun Ahn)

Higher Spin Currents with Arbitrary N in the N=1 Stringy Coset Minimal

Changhyun Ahn

1305.5964 (Hristu Culetu)

On a regular modified Schwarzschild spacetime    [PDF]

Hristu Culetu

1305.6001 (Liu Zhao et al.)

Novel rotating hairy black hole in (2+1)-dimensions    [PDF]

Liu Zhao, Wei Xu, Bin Zhu

1305.6048 (K. V. Antipin et al.)

Haag's Theorem in the Theories with Non-physical Particles    [PDF]

K. V. Antipin, M. N. Mnatsakanova, Yu. S. Vernov

1305.6066 (Armen Poghosyan et al.)

Mixing with descendant fields in perturbed minimal CFT models    [PDF]

Armen Poghosyan, Hayk Poghosyan

1305.6087 (Pinaki Patra et al.)

Lorentz Invariant CPT Violating Effects for a Class of Gauge-invariant
Nonlocal Thirring Models

Pinaki Patra, Jyoti Prasad Saha

1305.6135 (Thomas Hertog)

Predicting a Prior for Planck    [PDF]

Thomas Hertog

1305.6136 (O. B. Zaslavskii)

Ultra-high-energy head-on collisions without horizons or naked
singulrities: general approach

O. B. Zaslavskii

1305.6220 (Michele Arzano et al.)

Beyond Fock space in three dimensional semiclassical gravity    [PDF]

Michele Arzano, Jerzy Kowalski-Glikman, Tomasz Trzesniewski

1305.6227 (Yun Zhang)

A Tale Of Two Amplitudes In High Energy Physics    [PDF]

Yun Zhang

1305.6252 (Stephen Britton et al.)

Free field representation and form factors of the chiral Gross-Neveu

Stephen Britton, Sergey Frolov

1305.6253 (Antonio González-Arroyo et al.)

Twisted space-time reduced model of large N QCD with two adjoint Wilson

Antonio González-Arroyo, Masanori Okawa

1305.6273 (Subhash Mahapatra et al.)

Generalized Superconductors and Holographic Optics    [PDF]

Subhash Mahapatra, Prabwal Phukon, Tapobrata Sarkar

1305.6280 (Jaemo Park et al.)

Seiberg-like Dualities for 3d N=2 Theories with SU(N) gauge group    [PDF]

Jaemo Park, Kyung-Jae Park

1305.6294 (Daniel Arean et al.)

The spectrum of (h)QCD in the Veneziano limit    [PDF]

Daniel Arean, Ioannis Iatrakis, Matti Jarvinen