Friday, February 8, 2013

0803.1593 (Ettore Vicari et al.)

Theta dependence of SU(N) gauge theories in the presence of a
topological term

Ettore Vicari, Haralambos Panagopoulos

1109.5728 (Min-xin Huang et al.)

The Omega deformed B-model for rigid N=2 theories    [PDF]

Min-xin Huang, Amir-Kian Kashani-Poor, Albrecht Klemm

1302.0795 (S. Fabi et al.)

Gravity on a Lie algebroid structure    [PDF]

S. Fabi, B. Harms, S. Hou

1302.1577 (Philip Schuster et al.)

On the Theory of Continuous-Spin Particles: Helicity Correspondence in
Radiation and Forces

Philip Schuster, Natalia Toro

1302.1580 (Oscar J. C. Dias et al.)

Boundary Conditions for Kerr-AdS Perturbations    [PDF]

Oscar J. C. Dias, Jorge E. Santos

1302.1583 (Per Kraus et al.)

An Entropy Formula for Higher Spin Black Holes via Conical Singularities    [PDF]

Per Kraus, Tomonori Ugajin

1302.1622 (Jan M. Pawlowski et al.)

The Thirring Model at Finite Density in 0+1 Dimensions with Stochastic
Quantization, a Status Report

Jan M. Pawlowski, Christian Zielinski

1302.1644 (Ali R. Amani et al.)

Interacting closed string tachyon with generalized Chaplygin gas and its

Ali R. Amani, Celia Escamilla-Rivera, H. R. Faghani

1302.1652 (Jeong-Hyuck Park et al.)

U-geometry : SL(5)    [PDF]

Jeong-Hyuck Park, Yoonji Suh

1302.1656 (Naoki Sasakura)

A canonical rank-three tensor model with a scaling constraint    [PDF]

Naoki Sasakura

1302.1688 (S. Bellucci et al.)

Scalar and fermionic vacuum currents in de Sitter spacetime with compact

S. Bellucci, A. A. Saharian, H. A. Nersisyan

1302.1692 (Dan-Radu Grigore)

Loop Anomalies in the Causal Approach    [PDF]

Dan-Radu Grigore

1302.1719 (Jnanadeva Maharana)

The Worldsheet Perspective of T-duality Symmetry in String Theory    [PDF]

Jnanadeva Maharana

1302.1748 (Horatiu Nastase et al.)

A natural cosmological constant from chameleons    [PDF]

Horatiu Nastase, Amanda Weltman

1302.1754 (Francesca Catino et al.)

Simple metastable de Sitter vacua in N=2 gauged supergravity    [PDF]

Francesca Catino, Claudio A. Scrucca, Paul Smyth

1302.1760 (A. Stabile et al.)

Galaxy rotation curves in $f(R,φ)$-gravity    [PDF]

A. Stabile, S. Capozziello

1302.1763 (Jan Ambjorn et al.)

Trees and spatial topology change in CDT    [PDF]

Jan Ambjorn, Timothy G. Budd

1302.1781 (Aldo Riello)

Self-Energy in the Lorentzian ERPL-FK Spin Foam Model of Quantum Gravity    [PDF]

Aldo Riello

1302.1832 (O. Gamayun et al.)

How instanton combinatorics solves Painlevé VI, V and III's    [PDF]

O. Gamayun, N. Iorgov, O. Lisovyy

1302.1854 (Volker Braun et al.)

New Global F-theory GUTs with U(1) symmetries    [PDF]

Volker Braun, Thomas W. Grimm, Jan Keitel

1302.1860 (Ian A. Morrison)

On cosmic hair and "de Sitter breaking" in linearized quantum gravity    [PDF]

Ian A. Morrison