Tuesday, July 10, 2012

0908.0989 (Richard M. Green et al.)

The Veldkamp Space of the Smallest Slim Dense Near Hexagon    [PDF]

Richard M. Green, Metod Saniga

1007.0017 (Linda M. Carpenter)

Dirac Gauginos, Negative Supertraces and Gauge Mediation    [PDF]

Linda M. Carpenter

1101.4612 (Adrian Kent)

A No-summoning theorem in Relativistic Quantum Theory    [PDF]

Adrian Kent

1106.5922 (Inês Aniceto et al.)

The Resurgence of Instantons in String Theory    [PDF]

Inês Aniceto, Ricardo Schiappa, Marcel Vonk

1111.1917 (Timothy Renner et al.)

Initial Systematic Investigations of the Landscape of Low Layer NAHE
Variation Extensions

Timothy Renner, Jared Greenwald, Douglas Moore, Gerald Cleaver

1111.4182 (Marco Schreck)

Analysis of the consistency of parity-odd nonbirefringent modified
Maxwell theory

Marco Schreck

1112.2876 (Thomas Mohaupt et al.)

The Hesse potential, the c-map and black hole solutions    [PDF]

Thomas Mohaupt, Owen Vaughan

1207.1726 (Martin Ammon et al.)

Hyperscaling-Violation on Probe D-Branes    [PDF]

Martin Ammon, Matthias Kaminski, Andreas Karch

1207.1743 (T. C. Adorno et al.)

Noncommutative magnetic moment, fundamental length and lepton size    [PDF]

T. C. Adorno, D. M. Gitman, A. E. Shabad

1207.1745 (Charles Nakhleh)

The Lorentz-Dirac and Landau-Lifshitz equations from the perspective of
modern renormalization theory

Charles Nakhleh

1207.1749 (S. P. Gavrilov et al.)

Dirac fermions in strong electric field and quantum transport in

S. P. Gavrilov, D. M. Gitman, N. Yokomizo

1207.1761 (Claudio Bunster et al.)

Supersymmetric electric-magnetic duality as a manifest symmetry of the
action for super-Maxwell theory and linearized supergravity

Claudio Bunster, Marc Henneaux

1207.1772 (Gianmassimo Tasinato et al.)

Loop corrections and a new test of inflation    [PDF]

Gianmassimo Tasinato, Christian T. Byrnes, Sami Nurmi, David Wands

1207.1784 (S. Boukraa et al.)

Holonomic functions of several complex variables and singularities of
anisotropic Ising n-fold integrals

S. Boukraa, S. Hassani, J-M. Maillard

1207.1808 (A. L. Kataev)

Conformal symmetry based relation between Bjorken and Ellis-Jaffe sum

A. L. Kataev

1207.1840 (Claudio Bunster et al.)

Gravitational Electric-Magnetic Duality, Gauge Invariance and Twisted

Claudio Bunster, Marc Henneaux, Sergio Hörtner

1207.1869 (A. Marshakov)

Lie Groups, Cluster Variables and Integrable Systems    [PDF]

A. Marshakov

1207.1897 (Diego Julio Cirilo-Lombardo)

The mathematical and geometrical structure of the spacetime and the
concept of unification, matter and energy

Diego Julio Cirilo-Lombardo

1207.1924 (A. V. Belitsky)

A note on two-loop superloop    [PDF]

A. V. Belitsky

1207.1928 (G. Niccoli)

Antiperiodic dynamical 6-vertex and periodic 8-vertex models I: Complete
spectrum by SOV and matrix elements of the identity on separate states

G. Niccoli

1207.1940 (Itzhak Bars et al.)

Complete Set of Homogeneous Isotropic Analytic Solutions in
Scalar-Tensor Cosmology with Radiation and Curvature

Itzhak Bars, Shih-Hung Chen, Paul J. Steinhardt, Neil Turok

1207.1968 (Kazuki Hasebe)

Non-Compact Hopf Maps and Fuzzy Ultra-Hyperboloids    [PDF]

Kazuki Hasebe

1207.1984 (Ran Li)

Analytical study of superradiant instability for five-dimensional
Kerr-Gödel black hole

Ran Li

1207.2070 (Mattia Cipriani et al.)

Effective Action of Non-Abelian Monopole-Vortex Complex    [PDF]

Mattia Cipriani, Toshiaki Fujimori

1207.2086 (Jerome Martin et al.)

Cosmological Inflation and the Quantum Measurement Problem    [PDF]

Jerome Martin, Vincent Vennin, Patrick Peter

1207.2120 (Mir Faizal)

Harmonic Superspace Gaugeon Formalism for the ABJM Theory    [PDF]

Mir Faizal

1207.2135 (John McDonald)

Anthropically Selected Baryon Number and Isocurvature Constraints    [PDF]

John McDonald