Friday, June 7, 2013

1306.0509 (G. V. Kraniotis et al.)

Closed form solution for the surface area, the capacitance and the
demagnetizing factors of the ellipsoid

G. V. Kraniotis, G. K. Leontaris

1306.0579 (Donatello Dolce)

Elementary cycles of time    [PDF]

Donatello Dolce

1306.1111 (Alexander Alexandrov et al.)

The master T-operator for the Gaudin model and the KP hierarchy    [PDF]

Alexander Alexandrov, Sebastien Leurent, Zengo Tsuboi, Anton Zabrodin

1306.1237 (F. G. Pedro et al.)

Extended No-Scale Structure and $α^{'2}$ Corrections to the Type
IIB Action

F. G. Pedro, M. Rummel, A. Westphal

1306.1239 (R. Horvat et al.)

Self-energies on deformed spacetimes    [PDF]

R. Horvat, A. Ilakovac, J. Trampetic, J. You

1306.1240 (Alberto Nicolis et al.)

More on gapped Goldstones at finite density: More gapped Goldstones    [PDF]

Alberto Nicolis, Riccardo Penco, Federico Piazza, Rachel A. Rosen

1306.1247 (Pedro D. Alvarez et al.)

Local supersymmetry without SUSY partners    [PDF]

Pedro D. Alvarez, Pablo Pais, Jorge Zanelli

1306.1263 (Cristhiam Lopez-Arcos et al.)

Conductivity in the gravity dual to massive ABJM and the membrane

Cristhiam Lopez-Arcos, Horatiu Nastase, Francisco Rojas, Jeff Murugan

1306.1284 (Fernando Marchesano et al.)

Discrete flavor symmetries in D-brane models    [PDF]

Fernando Marchesano, Diego Regalado, Liliana Vázquez-Mercado

1306.1364 (Hao Wei et al.)

Indistinguishability of Warm Dark Matter, Modified Gravity, and Coupled
Cold Dark Matter

Hao Wei, Jing Liu, Zu-Cheng Chen, Xiao-Peng Yan

1306.1404 (Dimitrios Giataganas)

Observables in Strongly Coupled Anisotropic Theories    [PDF]

Dimitrios Giataganas

1306.1450 (P. O. Kazinski)

Radiation of de-excited electrons at large times in a strong
electromagnetic plane wave

P. O. Kazinski

1306.1476 (S. Negro et al.)

On one-point functions for sinh-Gordon model at finite temperature    [PDF]

S. Negro, F. Smirnov

1306.1487 (Hossein Ghorbani)

Gauge-Stringy Instantons in N=2 U(N) Gauge Theories    [PDF]

Hossein Ghorbani

1306.1496 (Mads Sogaard)

Global Residues and Two-Loop Hepta-Cuts    [PDF]

Mads Sogaard

1306.1517 (Jia-Rui Sun et al.)

Mimic the optical conductivity in disordered solids via gauge/gravity

Jia-Rui Sun, Shang-Yu Wu, Hai-Qing Zhang

1306.1522 (Herbert Neuberger)

Remarks on correlators of Polyakov Loops    [PDF]

Herbert Neuberger

1306.1523 (Shoichi Kanno et al.)

Extended Conformal Symmetry and Recursion Formulae for Nekrasov
Partition Function

Shoichi Kanno, Yutaka Matsuo, Hong Zhang

1306.1527 (Joan Sola)

Cosmological constant and vacuum energy: old and new ideas    [PDF]

Joan Sola