Thursday, March 28, 2013

1211.6758 (Thibault Blanchard et al.)

Influence of long-range interactions on the critical behavior of the
Ising model

Thibault Blanchard, Marco Picco, M. A. Rajabpour

1303.6641 (Leopoldo A. Pando Zayas et al.)

Toward a Higher-Spin Dual of Interacting Field Theories    [PDF]

Leopoldo A. Pando Zayas, Cheng Peng

1303.6655 (Romain Vasseur et al.)

Crossover physics in the non-equilibrium dynamics of quenched quantum
impurity systems

Romain Vasseur, Kien Trinh, Stephan Haas, Hubert Saleur

1303.6685 (A. Sagnotti)

Brane SUSY Breaking and Inflation: Implications for Scalar Fields and
CMB Distorsion

A. Sagnotti

1303.6716 (Sukhwinder Singh et al.)

Symmetry protected entanglement renormalization    [PDF]

Sukhwinder Singh, Guifre Vidal

1303.6726 (Paul Franche)

Towards New Classes of Flux Compactifications    [PDF]

Paul Franche

1303.6727 (David S. Berman et al.)

The O_{D,D} Geometry of String Theory    [PDF]

David S. Berman, Chris D. A. Blair, Emanuel Malek, Malcolm J. Perry

1303.6732 (Marcelo Gonzales et al.)

Target duality in N=8 superconformal mechanics and the coupling of dual

Marcelo Gonzales, Sadi Khodaee, Olaf Lechtenfeld, Francesco Toppan

1303.6772 (Sylvain Carrozza et al.)

Renormalization of an SU(2) Tensorial Group Field Theory in Three

Sylvain Carrozza, Daniele Oriti, Vincent Rivasseau

1303.6824 (Anshuman Dey et al.)

Scalar Radiation in the Background of a Naked Singularity    [PDF]

Anshuman Dey, Pratim Roy, Tapobrata Sarkar

1303.6828 (Jiro Matsumoto)

Cosmological perturbations in $F(R)$ gravity    [PDF]

Jiro Matsumoto

1303.6845 (Gabriele Honecker et al.)

D6-Brane Model Building and Discrete Symmetries on T6/Z(2)xZ(6')xOR with
Discrete Torsion

Gabriele Honecker, Wieland Staessens

1303.6853 (Van Sérgio Alves et al.)

On the Chern-Simons terms in Lifshitz like quantum electrodynamics    [PDF]

Van Sérgio Alves, B. Charneski, M. Gomes, Leonardo Nascimento, Francisco Peña

1303.6878 (C. Wetterich)

A Universe without expansion    [PDF]

C. Wetterich

1303.6909 (James Drummond et al.)

Leading singularities and off-shell conformal integrals    [PDF]

James Drummond, Claude Duhr, Burkhard Eden, Paul Heslop, Jeffrey Pennington, Vladimir A. Smirnov

1303.6917 (Anton Kapustin)

Is there life beyond Quantum Mechanics?    [PDF]

Anton Kapustin

1303.6929 (Danning Li et al.)

Dynamical holographic QCD model for glueball and light meson spectra    [PDF]

Danning Li, Mei Huang

1303.6931 (Berthold Stech)

Degenerate states in the scalar boson spectrum. Is the Higgs Boson a
Twin ?

Berthold Stech

1303.6939 (Marco S. Bianchi et al.)

The 1/2 BPS Wilson loop in ABJM theory at two loops    [PDF]

Marco S. Bianchi, Gaston Giribet, Matias Leoni, Silvia Penati

1303.6940 (S. F. Hassan et al.)

Higher Derivative Gravity and Conformal Gravity From Bimetric and
Partially Massless Bimetric Theory

S. F. Hassan, Angnis Schmidt-May, Mikael von Strauss