Tuesday, August 21, 2012

1101.5700 (Wojciech Dybalski et al.)

Infraparticles with superselected direction of motion in two-dimensional
conformal field theory

Wojciech Dybalski, Yoh Tanimoto

1103.2645 (Hristu Culetu)

Rindler-type geometry inside a black hole    [PDF]

Hristu Culetu

1107.2629 (Yoh Tanimoto)

Construction of wedge-local nets of observables through Longo-Witten

Yoh Tanimoto

1107.2662 (Yoh Tanimoto)

Noninteraction of waves in two-dimensional conformal field theory    [PDF]

Yoh Tanimoto

1109.2276 (H. Itoyama et al.)

D-term Dynamical Supersymmetry Breaking Generating Split N=2 Gaugino
Masses of Mixed Majorana-Dirac Type

H. Itoyama, Nobuhito Maru

1111.0295 (Kin-Wang Ng)

Damping of tensor modes in inflation    [PDF]

Kin-Wang Ng

1112.1961 (Sergei Alexandrov et al.)

Spin Foams and Canonical Quantization    [PDF]

Sergei Alexandrov, Marc Geiller, Karim Noui

1208.3674 (Jean-François Fortin et al.)

A generalized c-theorem and the consistency of scale without conformal

Jean-François Fortin, Benjamin Grinstein, Andreas Stergiou

1208.3680 (Domenico Orlando et al.)

Integrable Superstrings on the Squashed Three-sphere    [PDF]

Domenico Orlando, Linda I. Uruchurtu

1208.3729 (Hyeong-Chan Kim et al.)

Causality Problem in a Holographic Dark Energy Model    [PDF]

Hyeong-Chan Kim, Jae-Weon Lee, Jungjai Lee

1208.3814 (Valerio Faraoni et al.)

Are quantization rules for horizon areas universal?    [PDF]

Valerio Faraoni, Andres F. Zambrano Moreno

1208.3821 (I-Sheng Yang)

Probability of Slowroll Inflation in the Multiverse    [PDF]

I-Sheng Yang

1208.3833 (George Jorjadze et al.)

Quantization of AdS x S particle in static gauge    [PDF]

George Jorjadze, Chrysostomos Kalousios, Zurab Kepuladze

1208.3841 (Alfred Shapere et al.)

Constraints on Chronologies    [PDF]

Alfred Shapere, Frank Wilczek

1208.3860 (V. A. De Lorenci et al.)

Light-cone fluctuations and the renormalized stress tensor of a massless
scalar field

V. A. De Lorenci, G. Menezes, N. F. Svaiter

1208.3867 (Venus Keus)

Symmetries of the Scalar Sector of Multi-Higgs-Doublet Models    [PDF]

Venus Keus

1208.3878 (Shinsuke M. Nishigaki)

Level spacings of parametric chiral random matrices and two-color QCD
with twisted boundary condition

Shinsuke M. Nishigaki

1208.3880 (Nicolò Colombo et al.)

Higher Spin Gravity Amplitudes From Zero-form Charges    [PDF]

Nicolò Colombo, Per Sundell

1208.3886 (Philip Candelas)

Max Kreuzer's Contributions to the Study of Calabi-Yau Manifolds    [PDF]

Philip Candelas

1208.3908 (C. M. Cantanhede et al.)

Magnetic flux inversion in Charged BPS vortices in a Lorentz-violating
Maxwell-Higgs framework

C. M. Cantanhede, R. Casana, M. M. Ferreira Jr, E. da Hora

1208.3921 (Shouvik Datta et al.)

Supersymmetry of classical solutions in Chern-Simons higher spin

Shouvik Datta, Justin R. David

1208.3930 (Amit Giveon et al.)

String Theory Versus Black Hole Complementarity    [PDF]

Amit Giveon, Nissan Itzhaki

1208.3937 (Kazuyuki Sugimura et al.)

Non-Gaussian bubbles in the sky    [PDF]

Kazuyuki Sugimura, Daisuke Yamauchi, Misao Sasaki

1208.3968 (Takahisa Igata et al.)

Stationary Closed Strings in Five-dimensional Flat Spacetime    [PDF]

Takahisa Igata, Hideki Ishihara, Keisuke Nishiwaki

1208.3990 (Masud Chaichian et al.)

On higher derivative gravity with spontaneous symmetry breaking:
Hamiltonian analysis of new covariant renormalizable gravity

Masud Chaichian, Josef Klusoň, Markku Oksanen, Anca Tureanu

1208.4002 (Betti Hartmann et al.)

Gravitating superconducting strings with timelike or spacelike currents    [PDF]

Betti Hartmann, Florent Michel

1208.4015 (A. A. Ovchinnikov)

On the asymptotic expansion of the correlators in the XX spin chain    [PDF]

A. A. Ovchinnikov

1208.4028 (I. Elmashad et al.)

Quantum Gravity effect on the Quark-Gluon Plasma    [PDF]

I. Elmashad, A. Farag Ali, L. I. Abou-Salem, Jameel-Un Nabi, A. Tawfik

1208.4036 (Simone Giombi et al.)

The Higher Spin/Vector Model Duality    [PDF]

Simone Giombi, Xi Yin

1208.4052 (Jean-Philippe Michel)

Conformally equivariant quantization for spinning particles    [PDF]

Jean-Philippe Michel

1208.4054 (Micheal S. Berger et al.)

Properties of a Discrete Quantum Field Theory    [PDF]

Micheal S. Berger, Naoki Yamatsu

1208.4074 (Atish Dabholkar et al.)

Quantum Black Holes, Wall Crossing, and Mock Modular Forms    [PDF]

Atish Dabholkar, Sameer Murthy, Don Zagier

1208.4077 (Carlo Iazeolla et al.)

Biaxially symmetric solutions to 4D higher-spin gravity    [PDF]

Carlo Iazeolla, Per Sundell