Thursday, May 3, 2012

1107.2138 (Armen E. Allahverdyan et al.)

Understanding quantum measurement from the solution of dynamical models    [PDF]

Armen E. Allahverdyan, Roger Balian, Theo M. Nieuwenhuizen

1111.7083 (Yuichi Mizutani et al.)

Non-Equilibrium Thermo Field Dynamics for Relativistic Complex Scalar
and Dirac Fields

Yuichi Mizutani, Tomohiro Inagaki

1111.7282 (Gareth P. Alexander et al.)

Conformal Smectics and their Many Metrics    [PDF]

Gareth P. Alexander, Randall D. Kamien, Ricardo A. Mosna

1204.6425 (Lei Zhang et al.)

The Deformation of Poincaré Subgroups Concerning Very Special

Lei Zhang, Xun Xue

1205.0002 (M. R. Setare et al.)

Fermion Particle Production in Dynamical Casimir Effect in a Three
Dimensional Box

M. R. Setare, A. Seyedzahedi

1205.0005 (Sho Yaida)

Instanton Calculus of Lifshitz Tails    [PDF]

Sho Yaida

1205.0018 (Nikolay Gromov)

On the Derivation of the Exact Slope Function    [PDF]

Nikolay Gromov

1205.0020 (Magnus Goffeng et al.)

Noncommutative deformation of the Ward metric    [PDF]

Magnus Goffeng, Olaf Lechtenfeld

1205.0022 (Marc P. Bellon et al.)

Higher loop corrections to a Schwinger--Dyson equation    [PDF]

Marc P. Bellon, Fidel A. Schaposnik

1205.0024 (Gemma J. Anderson et al.)

Transport equations for the inflationary trispectrum    [PDF]

Gemma J. Anderson, David J. Mulryne, David Seery

1205.0025 (R. Paul Horja)

Toric Deligne-Mumford stacks and the better behaved version of the GKZ
hypergeometric system

R. Paul Horja

1205.0027 (Ignatios Antoniadis et al.)

Differential geometry construction of anomalies and topological
invariants in various dimensions

Ignatios Antoniadis, George Savvidy

1205.0046 (Kazutoshi Ohta et al.)

Non-Abelian Localization for Supersymmetric Yang-Mills-Chern-Simons
Theories on Seifert Manifold

Kazutoshi Ohta, Yutaka Yoshida

1205.0054 (Benjamin Basso)

Scaling dimensions at small spin in N=4 SYM theory    [PDF]

Benjamin Basso

1205.0069 (Dongmin Gang et al.)

Superconformal Index with Duality Domain Wall    [PDF]

Dongmin Gang, Eunkyung Koh, Kimyeong Lee

1205.0100 (Dieter Lust)

Twisted Poisson Structures and Non-commutative/non-associative Closed
String Geometry

Dieter Lust

1205.0120 (Zahra Rezaei)

Boundary Super-Deformations, Boundary States, and Tachyon Condensation    [PDF]

Zahra Rezaei

1205.0135 (Mustafa Sarisaman)

Euclidean Pseudoduality and Boundary Conditions in Sigma Models    [PDF]

Mustafa Sarisaman

1205.0146 (Bibhas Ranjan Majhi et al.)

Phase transition and scaling behavior of topological charged black holes
in Horava-Lifshitz gravity

Bibhas Ranjan Majhi, Dibakar Roychowdhury

1205.0152 (Masud Chaichian et al.)

Lorentz invariant CPT violation    [PDF]

Masud Chaichian, Kazuo Fujikawa, Anca Tureanu

1205.0158 (Kourosh Nozari et al.)

Minimal length, maximal momentum and Hilbert space representation of
quantum mechanics

Kourosh Nozari, Amir Etemadi

1205.0160 (Xingang Chen et al.)

Quasi-Single Field Inflation with Large Mass    [PDF]

Xingang Chen, Yi Wang

1205.0161 (Shi Pi et al.)

Curvature Perturbation Spectrum in Two-field Inflation with a Turning

Shi Pi, Misao Sasaki

1205.0176 (R. Roiban et al.)

On duality symmetry in perturbative quantum theory    [PDF]

R. Roiban, A. A. Tseytlin

1205.0186 (Lev Lipatov et al.)

The Multi-Regge limit of NMHV Amplitudes in N=4 SYM Theory    [PDF]

Lev Lipatov, Alexander Prygarin, Howard J. Schnitzer

1205.0196 (Zhituo Wang)

Constructive Renormalization of 2-dimensional Grosse-Wulkenhaar Model    [PDF]

Zhituo Wang

1205.0209 (Yi Ling et al.)

(m,n)-type holographic dark energy models    [PDF]

Yi Ling, Wen-Jian Pan

1205.0210 (Yu-Xiao Liu et al.)

Non-minimal Coupling Branes    [PDF]

Yu-Xiao Liu, Feng-Wei Chen, Heng-Guo, Xiang-Nan Zhou

1205.0222 (Gerardo Adesso et al.)

Continuous variable methods in relativistic quantum information:
Characterisation of quantum and classical correlations of scalar field modes
in noninertial frames

Gerardo Adesso, Sammy Ragy, Davide Girolami

1205.0226 (Yuxiang Gu)

New Variables For Graviton Scattering Amplitudes    [PDF]

Yuxiang Gu

1205.0234 (Andre LeClair et al.)

Quantum Bose and Fermi gases with large negative scattering length in
the 2-body S-matrix approximation

Andre LeClair, Edgar Marcelino, Andre Nicolai, Itzhak Roditi

1205.0242 (Eric Perlmutter)

Hyperscaling violation from supergravity    [PDF]

Eric Perlmutter

1205.0251 (Tommaso Tufarelli et al.)

Quantumness of correlations and entanglement are different resources    [PDF]

Tommaso Tufarelli, Davide Girolami, Ruggero Vasile, Sougato Bose, Gerardo Adesso

1205.0258 (Sanved Kolekar et al.)

Drift, Drag and Brownian motion in the Davies-Unruh bath    [PDF]

Sanved Kolekar, T. Padmanabhan

1205.0290 (Erich Poppitz et al.)

Continuity, Deconfinement, and (Super) Yang-Mills Theory    [PDF]

Erich Poppitz, Thomas Schaefer, Mithat Unsal

1205.0297 (Kasper J. Larsen)

Global Poles of the Two-Loop Six-Point N=4 SYM integrand    [PDF]

Kasper J. Larsen

1205.0307 (A. Duncan et al.)

On the temporal breakdown of the complex Langevin method    [PDF]

A. Duncan, M. Niedermaier

1205.0319 (Marcin Daszkiewicz)

N-enlarged Galilei Hopf algebra and its twist deformations    [PDF]

Marcin Daszkiewicz

1205.0379 (Nikos Irges et al.)

On the large N limit of SU(N) lattice gauge theories in five dimensions    [PDF]

Nikos Irges, George Koutsoumbas

1205.0389 (M. Maio)

Superembedding methods for 4d N-extended SCFTs    [PDF]

M. Maio

1205.0410 (Victor L. Chernyak)

Mass spectra in N=1 SQCD with additional fields. I    [PDF]

Victor L. Chernyak

1205.0412 (Mariano Cadoni et al.)

Phase transition and hyperscaling violation for scalar Black Branes    [PDF]

Mariano Cadoni, Salvatore Mignemi

1205.0443 (R. Jackiw et al.)

Conformal Blocks for the 4-Point Function in Conformal Quantum Mechanics    [PDF]

R. Jackiw, S. -Y. Pi

1205.0465 (Harald Grosse et al.)

Self-dual noncommutative φ^4-theory in four dimensions is a
non-perturbatively solvable and non-trivial quantum field theory

Harald Grosse, Raimar Wulkenhaar

1205.0476 (Nobuyoshi Ohta)

Beta Function and Asymptotic Safety in Three-dimensional Higher
Derivative Gravity

Nobuyoshi Ohta

1205.0491 (Axel Weber)

The infrared fixed point of Landau gauge Yang-Mills theory: A
renormalization group analysis

Axel Weber

1205.0496 (L. Tagliacozzo et al.)

Optical Abelian Lattice Gauge Theories    [PDF]

L. Tagliacozzo, A. Celi, A. Zamora, M. Lewenstein

1205.0501 (Pedro Aguilar et al.)

Operational Geometry on de Sitter Spacetime    [PDF]

Pedro Aguilar, Yuri Bonder, Chryssomalis Chryssomalakos, Daniel Sudarsky

1205.0527 (Jorge V. Rocha et al.)

An electrically charged doubly spinning dipole black ring    [PDF]

Jorge V. Rocha, Maria J. Rodriguez, Oscar Varela

1205.0538 (Massimo D'Elia et al.)

Theta dependence of the deconfinement temperature in Yang-Mills theories    [PDF]

Massimo D'Elia, Francesco Negro