Wednesday, June 5, 2013

1306.0116 (P. Valtancoli)

Harmonic oscillators in a Snyder geometry    [PDF]

P. Valtancoli

1306.0117 (P. Valtancoli)

Algebraic method for the harmonic oscillator with a minimal length    [PDF]

P. Valtancoli

1306.0145 (Osvaldo Chandia et al.)

A construction of integrated vertex operator in the pure spinor
sigma-model in AdS5xS5

Osvaldo Chandia, Andrei Mikhailov, Brenno C. Vallilo

1306.0169 (A. Chaney et al.)

BTZ Black Hole Entropy from a Chern-Simons Matrix Model    [PDF]

A. Chaney, Lei Lu, A. Stern

1306.0191 (Mingzhe Li)

Note on the production of scale-invariant entropy perturbation in the
Ekpyrotic universe

Mingzhe Li

1306.0210 (Yong-Zhuang Li et al.)

Nonlocality of entanglement entropy in holographic thermalization
captured by horizon interiors and mutual information

Yong-Zhuang Li, Shao-Feng Wu, Yong-Qiang Wang, Guo-Hong Yang

1306.0220 (Minos Axenides et al.)

Stringy Membranes in AdS/CFT    [PDF]

Minos Axenides, Emmanuel Floratos, Georgios Linardopoulos

1306.0317 (Piotr Bizoń et al.)

Globally regular instability of $AdS_3$    [PDF]

Piotr Bizoń, Joanna Jałmużna

1306.0335 (Xue Pan et al.)

Cumulants in the 3-dimensional Ising, O(2) and O(4) spin models    [PDF]

Xue Pan, Lizhu Chen, X. S. Chen, Yuanfang Wu

1306.0336 (Diptarka Das et al.)

Double Trace Flows and Holographic RG in dS/CFT correspondence    [PDF]

Diptarka Das, Sumit R. Das, Gautam Mandal

1306.0339 (Syoji Zeze)

VSFT revisited    [PDF]

Syoji Zeze

1306.0353 (Francesco Cianfrani et al.)

Wheeler-De Witt equation and AdS/CFT correspondence    [PDF]

Francesco Cianfrani, Jerzy Kowalski-Glikman

1306.0373 (A. A. Bytsenko et al.)

BRST-Invariant Deformations of Geometric Structures in Topological Field

A. A. Bytsenko, M. Chaichian, A. Tureanu, F. L. Williams

1306.0383 (A. Refaei)

Euler-Heisenberg lagrangian through Krein regularization    [PDF]

A. Refaei

1306.0394 (Sourav Sur et al.)

Constraining Torsion in Maximally symmetric (sub)spaces    [PDF]

Sourav Sur, Arshdeep Singh Bhatia

1306.0432 (Giulio Bonelli et al.)

The Stringy Instanton Partition Function    [PDF]

Giulio Bonelli, Antonio Sciarappa, Alessandro Tanzini, Petr Vasko

1306.0457 (Pabitra M. Pradhan et al.)

Pulsating Strings With Angular Momenta    [PDF]

Pabitra M. Pradhan, Kamal L. Panigrahi

1306.0466 (Thomas Creutzig et al.)

Extended higher spin holography and Grassmannian models    [PDF]

Thomas Creutzig, Yasuaki Hikida, Peter B. Ronne

1306.0482 (Stephen L. Adler)

Incorporating gravity into trace dynamics: the induced gravitational

Stephen L. Adler

1306.0492 (Sayantan Choudhury et al.)

Thermodynamics of Charged Kalb Ramond AdS black hole in presence of
Gauss-Bonnet coupling

Sayantan Choudhury, Soumitra SenGupta

1306.0515 (Erik Verlinde et al.)

Passing through the Firewall    [PDF]

Erik Verlinde, Herman Verlinde

1306.0516 (Erik Verlinde et al.)

Black Hole Information as Topological Qubits    [PDF]

Erik Verlinde, Herman Verlinde

1306.0527 (Marco Benini et al.)

Quantum Field Theory on Curved Backgrounds -- A Primer    [PDF]

Marco Benini, Claudio Dappiaggi, Thomas-Paul Hack

1306.0528 (A. Restuccia et al.)

The Hamiltonian structure of a coupled system derived from a
supersymmetric breaking of Super KdV equations

A. Restuccia, A. Sotomayor

1306.0533 (Juan Maldacena et al.)

Cool horizons for entangled black holes    [PDF]

Juan Maldacena, Leonard Susskind

1306.0535 (Bei Jia)

D-branes and $K$-homology    [PDF]

Bei Jia

1306.0538 (Mauricio Bellini)

Natural exit of fresh inflation to a radiation dominated universe    [PDF]

Mauricio Bellini

1306.0552 (M Wheeler)

Multiple integral formulae for the scalar product of on-shell and
off-shell Bethe vectors in SU(3)-invariant models

M Wheeler

1306.0564 (Paul M. Chesler et al.)

Heavy quark energy loss far from equilibrium in a strongly coupled

Paul M. Chesler, Mindaugas Lekaveckas, Krishna Rajagopal

1306.0562 (Don N. Page)

Excluding Black Hole Firewalls with Extreme Cosmic Censorship    [PDF]

Don N. Page

1306.0577 (Volker Braun et al.)

Geometric Engineering in Toric F-Theory and GUTs with U(1) Gauge Factors    [PDF]

Volker Braun, Thomas W. Grimm, Jan Keitel

1306.0582 (Andreas Karch et al.)

Higher-spin realization of a dS static patch/cut-off CFT correspondence    [PDF]

Andreas Karch, Christoph F. Uhlemann

1306.0588 (S. Benic et al.)

Lorentz symmetry breaking effects in nonlocal PNJL models beyond the
mean field

S. Benic, D. Blaschke, G. A. Contrera, D. Horvatic

1306.0602 (Alcides Garat)

Dynamical symmetry breaking in geometrodynamics    [PDF]

Alcides Garat

1306.0609 (Xingang Chen et al.)

Non-Bunch-Davies Anisotropy    [PDF]

Xingang Chen, Yi Wang

1306.0622 (Stephen H. Shenker et al.)

Black holes and the butterfly effect    [PDF]

Stephen H. Shenker, Douglas Stanford

1306.0629 (Gianluca Calcagni et al.)

Quantum field theory with varying couplings    [PDF]

Gianluca Calcagni, Giuseppe Nardelli

1306.0638 (Dam Thanh Son)

Newton-Cartan Geometry and the Quantum Hall Effect    [PDF]

Dam Thanh Son

1306.0639 (Fei-Quan Tu et al.)

Emergence of space and cosmic evolution based on entropic force    [PDF]

Fei-Quan Tu, Yi-Xin Chen

1306.0647 (S. Deser et al.)

No consistent bimetric gravity?    [PDF]

S. Deser, M. Sandora, A. Waldron

1306.0711 (D. Chicherin et al.)

Yangian symmetric correlators    [PDF]

D. Chicherin, R. Kirschner

1306.0718 (Shogo Aoyama et al.)

Constrained WZWN Models on G/{S x U(1)^n} and Exchange Algebra of

Shogo Aoyama, Katsuyuki Ishii

1306.0722 (Jose Gaite)

The relativistic virial theorem and scale invariance    [PDF]

Jose Gaite

1306.0723 (Alexander A. Andrianov et al.)

Gravity effects on thick brane formation from scalar field dynamics    [PDF]

Alexander A. Andrianov, Vladimir A. Andrianov, Oleg O. Novikov

1306.0732 (D. V. Uvarov)

On integrability of D0-brane equations on AdS_4 x CP^3 superbackground    [PDF]

D. V. Uvarov

1306.0744 (Rabin Banerjee et al.)

BRST symmetry and $W$-algebra in higher derivative models    [PDF]

Rabin Banerjee, Biswajit Paul, Sudhaker Upadhyay

1306.0789 (Sophia K. Domokos et al.)

Deformation Constraints on Solitons and D-branes    [PDF]

Sophia K. Domokos, Carlos Hoyos, Jacob Sonnenschein

1306.0820 (N. Pinto-Neto et al.)

Quantum cosmology from the de Broglie-Bohm perspective    [PDF]

N. Pinto-Neto, J. C. Fabris

1306.0866 (Kimball A. Milton et al.)

Investigations of the torque anomaly in an annular sector. I. Global
calculations, scalar case

Kimball A. Milton, Fardin Kheirandish, Prachi Parashar, E. K. Abalo, Stephen A. Fulling, Jeffrey D. Bouas, Hamilton Carter, Klaus Kirsten

1306.0884 (Marc Casals et al.)

Self-Force and Green Function in Schwarzschild spacetime via Quasinormal
Modes and Branch Cut

Marc Casals, Sam Dolan, Adrian C. Ottewill, Barry Wardell