Monday, February 18, 2013

1108.4221 (Hinnerk Albert)

A classical solution in SU(2) Yang-Mills gauge theory    [PDF]

Hinnerk Albert

1210.8355 (Youngsub Yoon)

Quantum corrections to Hawking radiation spectrum    [PDF]

Youngsub Yoon

1302.1496 (F. R. Klinkhamer)

Standard Model Higgs field and energy scale of gravity    [PDF]

F. R. Klinkhamer

1302.3630 (Tomer Shacham)

A Non-Renormalization Theorem in Three Dimensional Quantum Field Theory    [PDF]

Tomer Shacham

1302.3645 (Hyungchul Kim et al.)

Aharony Dualities for 3d Theories with Adjoint Matter    [PDF]

Hyungchul Kim, Jaemo Park

1302.3648 (A. del Campo et al.)

Causality and non-equilibrium second-order phase transitions in
inhomogeneous systems

A. del Campo, T. W. B. Kibble, W. H. Zurek

1302.3653 (Michael Gutperle)

A note on interface solutions in higher-spin gravity    [PDF]

Michael Gutperle

1302.3690 (Vladimir Dzhunushaliev)

Nonperturbative quantization and turbulence: the comparison    [PDF]

Vladimir Dzhunushaliev

1302.3707 (Alexios Polychronakos et al.)

Brane compactifications and 4-dimensional geometry in the IKKT model    [PDF]

Alexios Polychronakos, Harold Steinacker, Jochen Zahn

1302.3732 (C. P. Martin)

The Minimal and the New Minimal Supersymmetric Grand Unified Theories on
Noncommutative Space-time

C. P. Martin

1302.3748 (Mauricio Cataldo et al.)

Phantom evolving wormholes with big rip singularities    [PDF]

Mauricio Cataldo, Paola Meza

1302.3760 (Yoshinori Honma et al.)

Exact Kahler Potential for Calabi-Yau Fourfolds    [PDF]

Yoshinori Honma, Masahide Manabe

1302.3778 (G. Vartanov et al.)

Supersymmetric gauge theories, quantization of moduli spaces of flat
connections, and conformal field theory

G. Vartanov, J. Teschner

1302.3791 (Victor E. Ambruş et al.)

Rotating fermions    [PDF]

Victor E. Ambruş, Elizabeth Winstanley

1302.3808 (Thomas Kvorning)

The quantum Hall hierarchy in spherical geometry    [PDF]

Thomas Kvorning

1302.3833 (Ivan Agullo et al.)

Loop Quantum Cosmology    [PDF]

Ivan Agullo, Alejandro Corichi

1302.3851 (Antal Jevicki et al.)

Field Theory of Primaries in W_N Minimal Models    [PDF]

Antal Jevicki, Junggi Yoon

1302.3864 (Janos Polonyi)

Effective dynamics of a classical point charges    [PDF]

Janos Polonyi

1302.3874 (Paul K. Townsend et al.)

Thermodynamics of "exotic" BTZ black holes    [PDF]

Paul K. Townsend, Baocheng Zhang