Thursday, February 7, 2013

1102.2312 (Oren Ben-Bassat)

Equivariant Gerbes on Complex Tori    [PDF]

Oren Ben-Bassat

1302.1198 (Philip Schuster et al.)

On the Theory of Continuous-Spin Particles: Wavefunctions and
Soft-Factor Scattering Amplitudes

Philip Schuster, Natalia Toro

1302.1206 (Bibhas Ranjan Majhi et al.)

Thermality and Heat Content of horizons from infinitesimal coordinate

Bibhas Ranjan Majhi, T. Padmanabhan

1302.1219 (D. A. Bolotin et al.)

Introduction to Redberry: the computer algebra system designed for
tensor manipulation

D. A. Bolotin, S. V. Poslavsky

1302.1241 (Orestis Vasilakis)

Multi-centered Breathing Supersheets    [PDF]

Orestis Vasilakis

1302.1264 (Fabrizio Canfora et al.)

Generalized Hedgehog ansatz and Gribov copies in regions with non
trivial topologies

Fabrizio Canfora, Patricio Salgado-Rebolledo

1302.1271 (Jinn-Ouk Gong et al.)

Squeezed primordial bispectrum from general vacuum state    [PDF]

Jinn-Ouk Gong, Misao Sasaki

1302.1272 (Anindita Bhattacharjee et al.)

Geometric Tachyon and Warm Inflation    [PDF]

Anindita Bhattacharjee, Atri Deshamukhya

1302.1277 (Enseok Oh et al.)

Non-spherical collapse in AdS and Early Thermalization in RHIC    [PDF]

Enseok Oh, Sang-Jin Sin

1302.1288 (Sunandan Gangopadhyay)

Analytic study of properties of holographic superconductors away from
the probe limit

Sunandan Gangopadhyay

1302.1311 (Vladimir E. Rochev)

Asymptotic behavior and critical coupling in the scalar Yukawa model
from Schwinger-Dyson equations

Vladimir E. Rochev

1302.1312 (Maximilian Demmel et al.)

Fixed Functionals in Asymptotically Safe Gravity    [PDF]

Maximilian Demmel, Frank Saueressig, Omar Zanusso

1302.1341 (Baocheng Zhang et al.)

Towards experimentally testing the paradox of black hole information

Baocheng Zhang, Qing-yu Cai, Ming-sheng Zhan, Li You

1302.1357 (J. Bellorin et al.)

A consistent Horava gravity without extra modes and equivalent to
general relativity at the linearized level

J. Bellorin, A. Restuccia, A. Sotomayor

1302.1373 (Leonard Fister et al.)

Quark Confinement from Correlation Functions    [PDF]

Leonard Fister, Jan M. Pawlowski

1302.1426 (Tina K. Herbst et al.)

On the Phase Structure and Thermodynamics of QCD    [PDF]

Tina K. Herbst, Jan M. Pawlowski, Bernd-Jochen Schaefer

1302.1432 (K. Kajantie et al.)

Energy momentum tensor correlators in hot Yang-Mills theory: holography
confronts lattice and perturbation theory

K. Kajantie, Martin Krssak, Aleksi Vuorinen

1302.1445 (J. S. Dowker)

A note on the torque anomaly    [PDF]

J. S. Dowker

1302.1449 (Matthew Kolopanis et al.)

Quantum Excitations in Time-Dependent Backgrounds    [PDF]

Matthew Kolopanis, Tanmay Vachaspati

1302.1503 (J. -P. Ngome)

Dynamical symmetries of generalized Taub-NUT and multi-center metrics    [PDF]

J. -P. Ngome

1302.1507 (R. L. Mkrtchyan)

Nonperturbative universal Chern-Simons theory    [PDF]

R. L. Mkrtchyan