Monday, May 7, 2012

1102.0281 (Andrea Brini)

Open topological strings and integrable hierarchies: Remodeling the

Andrea Brini

1107.2932 (Oleg Antipin et al.)

Light Dilaton at Fixed Points and Ultra Light Scale Super Yang Mills    [PDF]

Oleg Antipin, Matin Mojaza, Francesco Sannino

1110.6186 (L. C. Ferreira et al.)

Momentum routing invariance in Feynman diagrams and quantum symmetry

L. C. Ferreira, A. L. Cherchiglia, Brigitte Hiller, Marcos Sampaio, M. C. Nemes

1112.1277 (Marina Huerta)

Numerical determination of the entanglement entropy for free fields in
the cylinder

Marina Huerta

1112.5923 (Ling-Xiao Cui et al.)

Thermal Mass Spectra of Vector and Axial-Vector Mesons in Predictive
Soft-Wall AdS/QCD Model

Ling-Xiao Cui, Shingo Takeuchi, Yue-Liang Wu

1201.1943 (David R. Morrison et al.)

Classifying bases for 6D F-theory models    [PDF]

David R. Morrison, Washington Taylor

1205.0805 (J. Sadeghi et al.)

Strong Gravitational Lensing in a Charged Squashed Kaluza- Klein Black

J. Sadeghi, A. Banijamali, H. Vaez

1205.0841 (Mingzhe Li et al.)

Metric-Affine Formalism of Higher Derivative Scalar Fields in Cosmology    [PDF]

Mingzhe Li, Xiulian Wang

1205.0853 (Mitsutoshi Fujita et al.)

A new large-N limit and the planar equivalence outside the planar limit    [PDF]

Mitsutoshi Fujita, Masanori Hanada, Carlos Hoyos

1205.0890 (Axel Maas)

(Non-)Aligned gauges and global gauge symmetry breaking    [PDF]

Axel Maas

1205.0912 (Chihiro Matsui)

Boundary bound states in the SUSY sine-Gordon model with Dirichlet
boundary conditions

Chihiro Matsui

1205.0921 (Lj. Davidović et al.)

Nongeometric background arising in the solution of Neumann boundary

Lj. Davidović, B. Sazdović

1205.0926 (Abdullah Algin et al.)

High temperature behavior of a deformed Fermi gas obeying interpolating

Abdullah Algin, Mustafa Senay

1205.0937 (Pouria Pedram)

One-dimensional hydrogen atom with minimal length uncertainty and
maximal momentum

Pouria Pedram

1205.0952 (Washington Taylor)

On the Hodge structure of elliptically fibered Calabi-Yau threefolds    [PDF]

Washington Taylor

1205.0971 (Ashoke Sen)

Logarithmic Corrections to Schwarzschild and Other Non-extremal Black
Hole Entropy in Different Dimensions

Ashoke Sen

1205.1011 (Jeremiah Birrell et al.)

Possibility of Electroweak Phase Transition at Low Temperature    [PDF]

Jeremiah Birrell, Johann Rafelski

1205.1017 (Ł. T. Stȩpień)

The existence of Bogomolny decomposition for gauged restricted baby
Skyrme model

Ł. T. Stȩpień

1205.1026 (Robert J. Finkelstein)

An SLq(2) Extension of the Standard Model    [PDF]

Robert J. Finkelstein

1205.1029 (B. G. Pusztai)

On the r-matrix structure of the hyperbolic BC(n) Sutherland model    [PDF]

B. G. Pusztai

1205.1030 (Masanori Hanada et al.)

Sign problem and phase quenching in finite-density QCD: models,
holography, and lattice

Masanori Hanada, Yoshinori Matsuo, Naoki Yamamoto