Friday, April 6, 2012

1006.2299 (Sergei M. Kuzenko et al.)

New supersymmetric sigma-model duality    [PDF]

Sergei M. Kuzenko, Ulf Lindstrom, Rikard von Unge

1008.3686 (Heng Guo et al.)

Gravity Localization and Effective Newtonian Potential for Bent Thick

Heng Guo, Yu-Xiao Liu, Shao-Wen Wei, Chun-E Fu

1102.4500 (Yu-Xiao Liu et al.)

Deformed brane with finite extra dimension    [PDF]

Yu-Xiao Liu, Chun-E Fu, Heng Guo, Hai-Tao Li

1102.4608 (Eiji Konishi)

Derived Category Structure and Non-linear Potential of Gauged S-Duality    [PDF]

Eiji Konishi

1104.3120 (Alex E. Bernardini)

Quantum measurement schemes related to flavor-weighted energies    [PDF]

Alex E. Bernardini

1109.2633 (Nick Evans et al.)

Towards a Holographic Model of the QCD Phase Diagram    [PDF]

Nick Evans, Astrid Gebauer, Keun-Young Kim, Maria Magou

1109.6174 (N. Brouzakis et al.)

On the dynamics of classicalization    [PDF]

N. Brouzakis, J. Rizos, N. Tetradis

1109.6503 (Jens Fjelstad et al.)

New symmetries of the chiral Potts model    [PDF]

Jens Fjelstad, Teresia Mansson

1110.1339 (Nelson Pinto-Neto et al.)

Quantum-to-classical transition of primordial cosmological perturbations
in de Broglie--Bohm quantum theory

Nelson Pinto-Neto, Grasiele Santos, Ward Struyve

1111.2037 (Paolo Furlan et al.)

Quantum su(n)_k monodromy matrices    [PDF]

Paolo Furlan, Ludmil Hadjiivanov

1112.2422 (Dongfeng Gao)

Vortex and droplet in holographic D-wave superconductors    [PDF]

Dongfeng Gao

1201.3163 (Teruaki Suyama et al.)

Fully non-linear equivalence of delta N and covariant formalisms    [PDF]

Teruaki Suyama, Yuki Watanabe, Masahide Yamaguchi

1201.4103 (Marco Baumgartl et al.)

D-brane Moduli Spaces and Superpotentials in a Two-Parameter Model    [PDF]

Marco Baumgartl, Ilka Brunner, Daniel Plencner

1204.0755 (B. Charneski et al.)

Lorentz violation bounds on Bhabha scattering    [PDF]

B. Charneski, M. Gomes, R. V. Maluf, A. J. da Silva

1204.1055 (Vitaly Vanchurin)

Dynamical systems of eternal inflation: a possible solution to the
problems of entropy, measure, observables and initial conditions

Vitaly Vanchurin

1204.1057 (Gim Seng Ng et al.)

State/Operator Correspondence in Higher-Spin dS/CFT    [PDF]

Gim Seng Ng, Andrew Strominger

1204.1060 (Y. Pang et al.)

Spectrum of Higher Derivative 6D Chiral Supergravity    [PDF]

Y. Pang, C. N. Pope, E. Sezgin

1204.1062 (H. Lu et al.)

AdS and Lifshitz Black Holes in Conformal and Einstein-Weyl Gravities    [PDF]

H. Lu, Y. Pang, C. N. Pope, J. Vazquez-Poritz

1204.1064 (Hovhannes R. Grigoryan et al.)

New Sum Rules from Low Energy Compton Scattering on Arbitrary Spin

Hovhannes R. Grigoryan, Massimo Porrati

1204.1065 (Yang-Hui He et al.)

Brane Geometry and Dimer Models    [PDF]

Yang-Hui He, Vishnu Jejjala, Diego Rodriguez-Gomez

1204.1075 (Zhuo Chen et al.)

From Atiyah Classes to Homotopy Leibniz Algebras    [PDF]

Zhuo Chen, Mathieu StiƩnon, Ping Xu

1204.1077 (Bei-Lok Hu)

Emergence: Key physical issues for deeper philosophical inquiries    [PDF]

Bei-Lok Hu

1204.1117 (Siamak S Gousheh et al.)

Renormalization Program for Systems with Non-Perturbative Conditions    [PDF]

Siamak S Gousheh, Farid Charmchi

1204.1154 (Ashmita Das et al.)

Gauge and moduli hierarchy in a multiply warped braneworld scenario    [PDF]

Ashmita Das, Soumitra SenGupta

1204.1164 (Shigehiro Yasui et al.)

Non-Abelian statistics of vortices with non-Abelian Dirac fermions    [PDF]

Shigehiro Yasui, Yuji Hirono, Kazunori Itakura, Muneto Nitta

1204.1181 (Harald Skarke)

How to Classify Reflexive Gorenstein Cones    [PDF]

Harald Skarke

1204.1191 (Mir Faizal)

Deformation of the ABJM Theory    [PDF]

Mir Faizal

1204.1192 (Emanuele Levi)

Composite branch-point twist fields in the Ising model and their
expectation values

Emanuele Levi

1204.1193 (Fulvio Sbisa' et al.)

Characterising Vainshtein Solutions in Massive Gravity    [PDF]

Fulvio Sbisa', Gustavo Niz, Kazuya Koyama, Gianmassimo Tasinato

1204.1195 (Gang Chen)

Complexified Ward Identity in pure Yang-Mills theory at tree-level    [PDF]

Gang Chen

1204.1221 (Maxim Konyushikhin)

Extended supersymmetry and its applications in quantum mechanical models
associated with self-dual gauge fields

Maxim Konyushikhin

1204.1246 (D. Momeni et al.)

p-wave holographic superconductors with Weyl corrections    [PDF]

D. Momeni, N. Majd, R. Myrzakulov

1204.1270 (Betti Hartmann et al.)

Semi-local cosmic strings: stability and chiral currents    [PDF]

Betti Hartmann, Patrick Peter

1204.1280 (Luis F. Alday et al.)

The large N limit of M2-branes on Lens spaces    [PDF]

Luis F. Alday, Martin Fluder, James Sparks

1204.1284 (Alejandra Castro et al.)

Universal properties and the first law of black hole inner mechanics    [PDF]

Alejandra Castro, Maria J. Rodriguez

1204.1288 (Ivan Agullo et al.)

Perturbations in loop quantum cosmology    [PDF]

Ivan Agullo, Abhay Ashtekar, William Nelson

1204.1291 (C. Molina et al.)

Wormholes in de Sitter branes    [PDF]

C. Molina, J. C. S. Neves

1204.1322 (P. Bozhilov et al.)

On the semiclassical 3-point function in AdS_3    [PDF]

P. Bozhilov, P. Furlan, V. B. Petkova, M. Stanishkov

1204.1330 (Bartlomiej Czech et al.)

The Gravity Dual of a Density Matrix    [PDF]

Bartlomiej Czech, Joanna L. Karczmarek, Fernando Nogueira, Mark Van Raamsdonk