Friday, July 20, 2012

1012.5225 (Jen-Chi Lee et al.)

High-Energy String Scattering Amplitudes and Signless Stirling Number

Jen-Chi Lee, Catherine H. Yan, Yi Yang

1109.1973 (Torsten Asselmeyer-Maluga et al.)

The modification of the energy spectrum of charged particles by exotic
open 4-smoothness via superstring theory

Torsten Asselmeyer-Maluga, Paweł Gusin, Jerzy Król

1201.2071 (S. Capozziello et al.)

Cosmic relic abundance and f(R) gravity    [PDF]

S. Capozziello, M. De Laurentis, G. Lambiase

1207.4480 (Takahiro Nishinaka et al.)

Matrix models for irregular conformal blocks and Argyres-Douglas

Takahiro Nishinaka, Chaiho Rim

1207.4484 (Moritz McGarrie)

General Resonance Mediation    [PDF]

Moritz McGarrie

1207.4485 (Chi-Ming Chang et al.)

ABJ Triality: from Higher Spin Fields to Strings    [PDF]

Chi-Ming Chang, Shiraz Minwalla, Tarun Sharma, Xi Yin

1207.4499 (Raphael Flore et al.)

Functional renormalization group of the non-linear sigma model and the
O(N) universality class

Raphael Flore, Andreas Wipf, Omar Zanusso

1207.4513 (Rouven Frassek et al.)

From Baxter Q-Operators to Local Charges    [PDF]

Rouven Frassek, Carlo Meneghelli

1207.4523 (Eugene Gorsky et al.)

Torus knots and the rational DAHA    [PDF]

Eugene Gorsky, Alexei Oblomkov, Jacob Rasmussen, Vivek Shende

1207.4542 (Taeyoon Moon et al.)

Tricritical gravity waves in the four-dimensional generalized massive

Taeyoon Moon, Yun Soo Myung

1207.4545 (Xiaowen Hu)

The Quantum McKay Correspondence for Singularities of type D    [PDF]

Xiaowen Hu

1207.4549 (Yi-Jian Du et al.)

On General BCJ Relation at One-loop Level in Yang-Mills Theory    [PDF]

Yi-Jian Du, Hui Luo

1207.4584 (D. A. Demir)

Gravi-Natural Higgs and Conformal New Physics    [PDF]

D. A. Demir

1207.4591 (Kaddour Chelabi et al.)

Translation-Invariant Renormalizable Noncommutative Chern-Simons Theory    [PDF]

Kaddour Chelabi, Manfred Schweda, Smain Kouadik

1207.4593 (Ofer Aharony et al.)

Correlation Functions of Large N Chern-Simons-Matter Theories and
Bosonization in Three Dimensions

Ofer Aharony, Guy Gur-Ari, Ran Yacoby

1207.4602 (Torsten Asselmeyer-Maluga et al.)

Towards superconformal and quasi-modular representation of exotic smooth
R^4 from superstring theory I

Torsten Asselmeyer-Maluga, Jerzy Król

1207.4603 (Torsten Asselmeyer-Maluga et al.)

Towards superconformal and quasi-modular representation of exotic smooth
R^4 from superstring theory II

Torsten Asselmeyer-Maluga, Jerzy Król

1207.4605 (Timothy J. Hollowood et al.)

Deconfinement transitions of large N QCD with chemical potential at weak
and strong coupling

Timothy J. Hollowood, Joyce C. Myers

1207.4612 (Mustafa Özcan)

Scalar Casimir effect between two concentric D-dimensional spheres    [PDF]

Mustafa Özcan

1207.4643 (Koji Hashimoto et al.)

Impurities in Holography and Transport Coefficients    [PDF]

Koji Hashimoto, Norihiro Iizuka

1207.4657 (Jakub Mielczarek)

Signature change in loop quantum cosmology    [PDF]

Jakub Mielczarek

1207.4662 (Cesar Asensio et al.)

Exploring a simple sector of the Einstein-Maxwell landscape    [PDF]

Cesar Asensio, Antonio Segui

1207.4675 (Marija Dimitrijevic Voja Radovanovic et al.)

AdS-inspired noncommutative gravity on the Moyal plane    [PDF]

Marija Dimitrijevic Voja Radovanovic, Hrvoje Stefancic

1207.4685 (Eckart Marsch)

On the Majorana equation - Relations between its complex two-component
and real four-component eigenfunctions

Eckart Marsch

1207.4693 (J. Nissinen et al.)

The quantum Hall curve    [PDF]

J. Nissinen, C. A. Lütken

1207.4712 (Freddy Cachazo et al.)

Gravity in Twistor Space and its Grassmannian Formulation    [PDF]

Freddy Cachazo, Lionel Mason, David Skinner

1207.4750 (Sachin Jain et al.)

Supersymmetric Chern-Simons Theories with Vector Matter    [PDF]

Sachin Jain, Sandip P. Trivedi, Spenta R. Wadia, Shuichi Yokoyama

1207.4751 (Dimitri Polyakov)

Higher Spin Holography and AdS String Sigma-Model    [PDF]

Dimitri Polyakov

1207.4753 (Malin Göteman et al.)

Semichiral Sigma Models with 4D Hyperkaehler Geometry    [PDF]

Malin Göteman, Ulf Lindström, Martin Rocek

1207.4764 (Eugeny Babichev)

Plane waves in the generalized Galileon theory    [PDF]

Eugeny Babichev

1207.4767 (Fotis Farakos et al.)

Emerging Potentials in Higher-Derivative Gauged Chiral Models Coupled to
N=1 Supergravity

Fotis Farakos, Alex Kehagias

1207.4784 (Jan Plefka et al.)

Three-Point Functions of Twist-Two Operators in N=4 SYM at One Loop    [PDF]

Jan Plefka, Konstantin Wiegandt

1207.4785 (Matej Kudrna et al.)

Boundary State from Ellwood Invariants    [PDF]

Matej Kudrna, Carlo Maccaferri, Martin Schnabl