Tuesday, July 9, 2013

1212.0341 (Alex E. Bernardini et al.)

The Hamiltonian formalism for scalar fields coupled to gravity in a
cosmological background

Alex E. Bernardini, O. Bertolami

1305.3260 (Pablo Alejandro Sánchez et al.)

Inflationary dark energy from a condensate of spinors in a 5D vacuum    [PDF]

Pablo Alejandro Sánchez, Mauricio Bellini

1307.1701 (Iñaki García-Etxebarria et al.)

New N=1 dualities from orientifold transitions - Part II: String Theory    [PDF]

Iñaki García-Etxebarria, Ben Heidenreich, Timm Wrase

1307.1734 (Rodolfo Casana et al.)

Self-dual Maxwell-Chern-Simons solitons from a Lorentz-violating model    [PDF]

Rodolfo Casana, Lucas Sourrouille

1307.1749 (Eric D'Hoker et al.)

Two-loop vacuum energy for Calabi-Yau orbifold models    [PDF]

Eric D'Hoker, Duong H. Phong

1307.1762 (Martin Cederwall)

Pure spinor superfields -- an overview    [PDF]

Martin Cederwall

1307.1780 (Gandalf Lechner et al.)

Non-local in time perturbations of linear hyperbolic PDEs    [PDF]

Gandalf Lechner, Rainer Verch

1307.1796 (Mark Van Raamsdonk)

Evaporating Firewalls    [PDF]

Mark Van Raamsdonk

1307.1802 (Caio V. Costa et al.)

Nonlinear corrections in basic problems of electro- and magneto-statics
in the vacuum

Caio V. Costa, Dmitry M. Gitman, Anatoly E. Shabad

1307.1812 (R. A. Konoplya et al.)

A massive charged scalar field in the Kerr-Newman background I:
quasinormal modes, late-time tails and stability

R. A. Konoplya, A. Zhidenko

1307.1831 (Hiroyuki Abe et al.)

Flavor landscape of 10D SYM theory with magnetized extra dimensions    [PDF]

Hiroyuki Abe, Tatsuo Kobayashi, Hiroshi Ohki, Keigo Sumita, Yoshiyuki Tatsuta

1307.1848 (Itzhak Bars et al.)

Local Conformal Symmetry in Physics and Cosmology    [PDF]

Itzhak Bars, Paul Steinhardt, Neil Turok

1307.1853 (Leonardo Pedro)

The Majorana spinor representation of the Poincare group    [PDF]

Leonardo Pedro

1307.1883 (Tiberiu Harko et al.)

Wormhole geometries in Eddington-inspired Born-Infeld gravity    [PDF]

Tiberiu Harko, Francisco S. N. Lobo, M. K. Mak, Sergey V. Sushkov

1307.1910 (P. Fré et al.)

Integrable Scalar Cosmologies I. Foundations and links with String

P. Fré, A. Sagnotti, A. S. Sorin

1307.1920 (S. A. Fulling et al.)

Comment on `Wedges, cones, cosmic strings and their vacuum energy'    [PDF]

S. A. Fulling, F. D. Mera

1307.1974 (J. Kluson)

Hamiltonian Formalism of Bimetric Gravity In Vierbein Formulation    [PDF]

J. Kluson

1307.2023 (Junpeng Cao et al.)

Off-diagonal Bethe ansatz solutions of the anisotropic spin-1/2 chains
with arbitrary boundary fields

Junpeng Cao, Wen-Li Yang, Kangjie Shi, Yupeng Wang

1307.2060 (Enrique Alvarez et al.)

Pseudo Weyl invariance is still anomalous    [PDF]

Enrique Alvarez, Mario Herrero-Valea

1307.2086 (Parinya Karndumri et al.)

3D Supergravity from wrapped D3-branes    [PDF]

Parinya Karndumri, Eoin O Colgain

1307.2116 (Ya. I. Azimov)

Angular Functions with Complex Angular Momenta    [PDF]

Ya. I. Azimov

1307.2128 (C. Rugina)

Almost-BPS solutions in multi-center Taub-NUT    [PDF]

C. Rugina

1307.2172 (Wei-Ming Chen et al.)

Partition Function of Chiral Boson on 2-Torus from Floreanini-Jackiw

Wei-Ming Chen, Pei-Ming Ho, Hsien-chung Kao, Fech Scen Khoo, Yutaka Matsuo

1307.2184 (Mara Grahl et al.)

Functional renormalization group study of the two-flavor linear sigma
model in the presence of the axial anomaly

Mara Grahl, Dirk H. Rischke

1307.2194 (Andres Anabalon et al.)

On the mechanical stability of asymptotically flat black holes with
minimally coupled scalar hair

Andres Anabalon, Nathalie Deruelle

1307.2199 (Freddy Cachazo et al.)

Scattering of Massless Particles in Arbitrary Dimension    [PDF]

Freddy Cachazo, Song He, Ellis Ye Yuan

1307.2216 (A. Anokhina et al.)

Cabling procedure for the colored HOMFLY polynomials    [PDF]

A. Anokhina, An. Morozov

1307.2221 (Matthias R. Gaberdiel et al.)

Probing higher spin black holes from CFT    [PDF]

Matthias R. Gaberdiel, Kewang Jin, Eric Perlmutter

1307.2222 (Yu-tin Huang et al.)

On Three-Algebra and Bi-Fundamental Matter Amplitudes and Integrability
of Supergravity

Yu-tin Huang, Henrik Johansson, Sangmin Lee