Tuesday, August 6, 2013

0903.1960 (Horacio E. Camblong et al.)

Conformal Tightness of Holographic Scaling in Black Hole Thermodynamics    [PDF]

Horacio E. Camblong, Carlos R. Ordonez

1308.0605 (Mustafa A. Amin et al.)

A Clash of Kinks: Phase shifts in colliding non-integrable solitons    [PDF]

Mustafa A. Amin, Eugene A. Lim, I-Sheng Yang

1308.0606 (Mustafa A. Amin et al.)

A scattering theory of ultra-relativistic solitons    [PDF]

Mustafa A. Amin, Eugene A. Lim, I-Sheng Yang

1308.0619 (Min-xin Huang et al.)

Refined stable pair invariants for E-, M- and [p,q]-strings    [PDF]

Min-xin Huang, Albrecht Klemm, Maximilian Poretschkin

1308.0635 (Shao-Jun Zhang et al.)

Horizon instability of massless scalar perturbations of an extreme
Reissner-Nordström-AdS black hole

Shao-Jun Zhang, Qiyuan Pan, Bin Wang, Elcio Abdalla

1308.0654 (Tristan Hubsch et al.)

Golden Ratio Controlled Chaos in Supersymmetric Dynamics    [PDF]

Tristan Hubsch, Gregory A. Katona

1308.0673 (S. Mignemi)

Classical dynamics on Snyder spacetime    [PDF]

S. Mignemi

1308.0819 (Song He et al.)

Entanglement Temperature in Non-conformal Cases    [PDF]

Song He, Danning Li, Jun-Bao Wu

1308.0860 (Luis P. Chimento et al.)

Nonbaryonic dark matter and scalar field coupled with a transversal
interaction plus decoupled radiation

Luis P. Chimento, Martín G. Richarte

1308.0929 (V. K. Oikonomou)

Extended Supersymmetries and 2+1 Dimensional Supersymmetric Chern Simons

V. K. Oikonomou

1308.0982 (Sudhaker Upadhyay)

Finite field dependent BRST transformations and its applications to
gauge field theories

Sudhaker Upadhyay

1308.1007 (Gerard 't Hooft)

The Fate of the Quantum    [PDF]

Gerard 't Hooft

1308.1019 (C. Wetterich)

Variable gravity Universe    [PDF]

C. Wetterich

1308.1027 (Johannes Schmude)

Laplace operators on Sasaki-Einstein manifolds    [PDF]

Johannes Schmude

1308.1052 (Steven Duplij)

Formulation of singular theories in a partial Hamiltonian formalism
using a new bracket and multi-time dynamics

Steven Duplij

1308.1054 (J. Sadeghi et al.)

Thermodynamics of a charged hairy black hole in (2+1) dimensions    [PDF]

J. Sadeghi, H. Farahani

1308.1061 (Yoann Dabrowski et al.)

Functional properties of Hörmander's space of distributions having a
specified wavefront set

Yoann Dabrowski, Christian Brouder

1308.1076 (Alcides Garat)

The equivalence between local inertial frames and electromagnetic gauge
in Einstein-Maxwell theories

Alcides Garat

1308.1083 (Eric Perlmutter)

A universal feature of CFT Renyi entropy    [PDF]

Eric Perlmutter

Monday, August 5, 2013

1305.2320 (Holger Gies et al.)

Quantum Reflection as a New Signature of Quantum Vacuum Nonlinearity    [PDF]

Holger Gies, Felix Karbstein, Nico Seegert

1305.4647 (R Aros et al.)

On Wald entropy of black holes: logarithmic corrections and trace

R Aros, D E Diaz, A Montecinos

1308.0329 (Paul Chesler et al.)

Conformal field theories in a periodic potential: results from
holography and field theory

Paul Chesler, Andrew Lucas, Subir Sachdev

1308.0331 (Paul McFadden)

On the power spectrum of inflationary cosmologies dual to a deformed CFT    [PDF]

Paul McFadden

1308.0335 (Aleksey Cherman et al.)

Searching for Fermi Surfaces in Super-QED    [PDF]

Aleksey Cherman, Sašo Grozdanov, Edward Hardy

1308.0341 (Peter Arnold et al.)

Spin 1/2 quasinormal mode frequencies in Schwarzschild-AdS spacetime    [PDF]

Peter Arnold, Phillip Szepietowski

1308.0343 (Emil J. Bergholtz et al.)

Topological Flat Band Models and Fractional Chern Insulators    [PDF]

Emil J. Bergholtz, Zhao Liu

1308.0344 (Jihn E. Kim)

Abelian discrete symmetries Z_{N} and Z_{nR} from string orbifolds    [PDF]

Jihn E. Kim

1308.0370 (Kevin J. Costello)

Integrable lattice models from four-dimensional field theories    [PDF]

Kevin J. Costello

1308.0402 (J. S. Bhattacharyya)

Critical String In (3+1)+4 Dimensions    [PDF]

J. S. Bhattacharyya

1308.0461 (V. K. Oikonomou)

Supersymmetric Chern-Simons Vortex Systems and Extended Supersymmetric
Quantum Mechanics Algebras

V. K. Oikonomou

1308.0479 (Daniel R. Terno)

Localization of relativistic particles and uncertainty relations    [PDF]

Daniel R. Terno

1308.0515 (Luca Carlevaro et al.)

Heterotic warped Eguchi-Hanson spectra with five-branes and line bundles    [PDF]

Luca Carlevaro, Stefan Groot Nibbelink

1308.0534 (Joseph Elliston)

Observable predictions of generalised inflationary scenarios    [PDF]

Joseph Elliston

1308.0538 (Pontus Ahlqvist et al.)

Exploring Spiral Inflation in String Theory    [PDF]

Pontus Ahlqvist, Brian Greene, David Kagan

1308.0547 (Konstantin Y. Bliokh et al.)

Extraordinary momentum and spin in evanescent waves    [PDF]

Konstantin Y. Bliokh, Aleksandr Y. Bekshaev, Franco Nori

1308.0548 (Jose Luis Blazquez-Salcedo et al.)

Sequences of extremal radially excited rotating black holes    [PDF]

Jose Luis Blazquez-Salcedo, Jutta Kunz, Francisco Navarro-Lerida, Eugen Radu

1308.0553 (Andreas P. Braun et al.)

U-folds as K3 fibrations    [PDF]

Andreas P. Braun, Francesco Fucito, Jose Francisco Morales

1308.0589 (Andrew Strominger)

Asymptotic Symmetries of Yang-Mills Theory    [PDF]

Andrew Strominger

Sunday, August 4, 2013

0804.3153 (S. A. Alavi)

Thermodynamics of quasianti-Hermitian quaternionic systems    [PDF]

S. A. Alavi

1308.0038 (H. Razmi et al.)

The Casimir Forces in a Single Conducting Cylindrical Cavity    [PDF]

H. Razmi, S. M. Shirazi

1308.0006 (H. Razmi et al.)

Casimir Torque for a Perfectly Conducting Wedge: A Canonical Quantum
Field Theoretical Approach

H. Razmi, S. M. Modarresi

1308.0007 (H. Razmi et al.)

The Covariant Electromagnetic Casimir Effect for Real Conducting
Cylindrical Shells

H. Razmi, N. Fadaei

1308.0010 (Stefan Hofmann et al.)

Interpretation of the Weyl Tensor    [PDF]

Stefan Hofmann, Florian Niedermann, Robert Schneider

1308.0024 (Tirthabir Biswas)

Before the Bang    [PDF]

Tirthabir Biswas

1308.0027 (Mohamed M. Anber)

The abelian confinement mechanism revisited: new aspects of the
Georgi-Glashow model

Mohamed M. Anber

1308.0064 (Kazunobu Maruyoshi et al.)

Dynamical Supersymmetry Breaking with T_N Theory    [PDF]

Kazunobu Maruyoshi, Yuji Tachikawa, Wenbin Yan, Kazuya Yonekura

1308.0093 (Ryuichiro Kitano et al.)

Quark confinement via magnetic color-flavor locking    [PDF]

Ryuichiro Kitano, Naoto Yokoi

1308.0096 (A. M. Ghezelbash et al.)

Vector Fields in Kerr/CFT Correspondence    [PDF]

A. M. Ghezelbash, H. M. Siahaan

1308.0100 (Noriaki Ikeda et al.)

Current Algebras from DG Symplectic Pairs in Supergeometry    [PDF]

Noriaki Ikeda, Xiaomeng Xu

1308.0117 (L. V. Bork et al.)

On the amplitudes in N=(1,1) D=6 SYM    [PDF]

L. V. Bork, D. I. Kazakov, D. E. Vlasenko

1308.0124 (Luigi Delle Rose)

The Standard Model in a Weak Gravitational Background. Dilatons, Scale
Anomalies and Conformal Methods

Luigi Delle Rose

1308.0127 (Aleksey Cherman et al.)

Resurgence in QFT: Unitons, Fractons and Renormalons in the Principal
Chiral Model

Aleksey Cherman, Daniele Dorigoni, Gerald V. Dunne, Mithat Unsal

1308.0153 (Ladislav Hlavaty et al.)

New solvable homogeneous plane waves    [PDF]

Ladislav Hlavaty, Ivo Petr

1308.0186 (Yang-Hui He)

Calabi-Yau Geometries: Algorithms, Databases, and Physics    [PDF]

Yang-Hui He

1308.0263 (Sangyong Jeon)

Color Glass Condensate in Schwinger-Keldysh QCD    [PDF]

Sangyong Jeon

1308.0265 (Alfredo Iorio et al.)

Quantum field theory in curved graphene spacetimes, Lobachevsky
geometry, Weyl symmetry, Hawking effect, and all that

Alfredo Iorio, Gaetano Lambiase

1308.0276 (S. Bellucci et al.)

Electromagnetic two-point functions and the Casimir effect in
Friedmann-Robertson-Walker cosmologies

S. Bellucci, A. A. Saharian

1308.0289 (Hrant Gharibyan et al.)

Are entangled particles connected by wormholes? Support for the ER=EPR
conjecture from entropy inequalities

Hrant Gharibyan, Robert F. Penna

1308.0300 (Andrzej Banburski et al.)

Snyder Momentum Space in Relative Locality    [PDF]

Andrzej Banburski, Laurent Freidel

1308.0302 (Claudio Bonati et al.)

The Maximal Abelian Gauge in SU(N) Gauge Theories and Thermal Monopoles
for N = 3

Claudio Bonati, Massimo D'Elia

1308.0304 (Xian O. Camanho et al.)

Cosmic censorship in Lovelock theory    [PDF]

Xian O. Camanho, Jose D. Edelstein

1308.0318 (Lin-Qing Chen)

Orientability of loop processes in Relative Locality    [PDF]

Lin-Qing Chen

1308.0323 (Andrew R. Frey et al.)

The Dimensional Reduction and Kähler Metric of Forms In Flux and

Andrew R. Frey, James Roberts

Thursday, August 1, 2013

1307.8395 (Guilherme França et al.)

Statistical and other properties of Riemann zeros based on an explicit
formula for the n-th zero

Guilherme França, André LeClair

1307.8348 (D. Momeni et al.)

Holographic superconductors with Weyl Corrections via gauge/gravity

D. Momeni, R. Myrzakulov, M. Raza

1307.8086 (Huan Yang et al.)

Quasinormal modes of nearly extremal Kerr spacetimes: spectrum
bifurcation and power-law ringdown

Huan Yang, Aaron Zimmerman, Anıl Zenginoğlu, Fan Zhang, Emanuele Berti, Yanbei Chen

1307.8114 (Solomon Endlich et al.)

The squeezed limit of the solid inflation three-point function    [PDF]

Solomon Endlich, Bart Horn, Alberto Nicolis, Junpu Wang

1307.8117 (Brian Swingle)

Entanglement does not generally decrease under renormalization    [PDF]

Brian Swingle

1307.8144 (Laura Sampson et al.)

A Rosetta Stone for Parameterized Tests of Gravity    [PDF]

Laura Sampson, Nicolas Yunes, Neil Cornish

1307.8149 (Ahmed Almheiri et al.)

An Uneventful Horizon in Two Dimensions    [PDF]

Ahmed Almheiri, James Sully

1307.8159 (Sean Stotyn et al.)

Numerical Boson Stars with a Single Killing Vector I: the $D\ge5$ Case    [PDF]

Sean Stotyn, C. Danielle Leonard, Marius Oltean, Laura J. Henderson, Robert B. Mann

1307.8174 (Naofumi Hama et al.)

AGT relation in the light asymptotic limit    [PDF]

Naofumi Hama, Kazuo Hosomichi

1307.8194 (Maissam Barkeshli)

Transitions Between Chiral Spin Liquids and Z2 Spin Liquids    [PDF]

Maissam Barkeshli

1307.8222 (W. -C. Syu et al.)

External magnetic fields and the chiral phase transition in QED at
nonzero chemical potential

W. -C. Syu, D. -S. Lee, C. N. Leung

1307.8260 (Marek Rogatko)

Uniqueness of charged static asymptotically flat black holes in
dynamical Chern-Simons gravity

Marek Rogatko

1307.8295 (Hadi Godazgar et al.)

Generalised geometry from the ground up    [PDF]

Hadi Godazgar, Mahdi Godazgar, Hermann Nicolai

1307.8299 (Joseph Ben Geloun)

On the finite amplitudes for open graphs in Abelian dynamical colored
Boulatov-Ooguri models

Joseph Ben Geloun

1307.8317 (D. G. Green et al.)

Dynamics of an electron in a high intensity laser field    [PDF]

D. G. Green, C. N. Harvey

1307.8323 (Masato Arai et al.)

A Thermal Field Theory with Non-uniform Chemical Potential    [PDF]

Masato Arai, Yoshishige Kobayashi, Shin Sasaki

1307.8329 (Denis Comelli et al.)

Cosmology in General Massive Gravity Theories    [PDF]

Denis Comelli, Fabrizio Nesti, Luigi Pilo

1307.8349 (A. Celi et al.)

Synthetic gauge fields in synthetic dimensions    [PDF]

A. Celi, P. Massignan, J. Ruseckas, N. Goldman, I. B. Spielman, G. Juzeliunas, M. Lewenstein

1307.8365 (Adriana Di Dato)

Kaluza-Klein reduction of relativistic fluids and their gravity duals    [PDF]

Adriana Di Dato

1307.8377 (Kanghoon Lee et al.)

Covariant action for a string in doubled yet gauged spacetime    [PDF]

Kanghoon Lee, Jeong-Hyuck Park