Monday, September 3, 2012

1108.1180 (David A. Kosower et al.)

Maximal Unitarity at Two Loops    [PDF]

David A. Kosower, Kasper J. Larsen

1108.6225 (Alexander Quintero Velez)

Boundary coupling of Lie algebroid Poisson sigma models and
representations up to homotopy

Alexander Quintero Velez

1201.5343 (Samuel Lepe et al.)

Γ-sign in entropic cosmology    [PDF]

Samuel Lepe, Francisco Peña

1208.6291 (Jorge E. Santos et al.)

Black Funnels    [PDF]

Jorge E. Santos, Benson Way

1208.6302 (Claudio Bunster et al.)

Duality invariance implies Poincare invariance    [PDF]

Claudio Bunster, Marc Henneaux

1208.6314 (Przemyslaw Gorka et al.)

The initial value problem for ordinary differential equations with
infinitely many derivatives

Przemyslaw Gorka, Humberto Prado, Enrique G. Reyes

1208.6315 (H. Falomir et al.)

Noncommutativity in (2+1)-dimensions and the Lorentz group    [PDF]

H. Falomir, F. Vega, J. Gamboa, F. Méndez, M. Loewe

1208.6341 (Térence Delsate et al.)

Non-axisymmetric baby-skyrmion branes    [PDF]

Térence Delsate, Masahiro Hayasaka, Nobuyuki Sawado

1208.6367 (Nobuyoshi Ohta et al.)

Charged Black Holes in String Theory with Gauss-Bonnet Correction in
Various Dimensions

Nobuyoshi Ohta, Takashi Torii

1208.6368 (Elena Caceres et al.)

Jet Quenching and Holographic Thermalization    [PDF]

Elena Caceres, Arnab Kundu, Berndt Müller, Diana Vaman, Di-Lun Yang

1208.6383 (DaeKil Park)

Entanglement Degradation in the presence of $(4+n)$-dimensional
Schwarzschild Black Hole

DaeKil Park

1208.6449 (Duccio Pappadopulo et al.)

OPE Convergence in Conformal Field Theory    [PDF]

Duccio Pappadopulo, Slava Rychkov, Johnny Espin, Riccardo Rattazzi

1208.6450 (Hristu Culetu)

On the conformally flat Rindler-like geometry    [PDF]

Hristu Culetu

1208.6477 (Dirk Kreimer et al.)

Quantization of gauge fields, graph polynomials and graph cohomology    [PDF]

Dirk Kreimer, Matthias Sars, Walter D. van Suijlekom

1208.6480 (Amos Ori)

Firewall or smooth horizon?    [PDF]

Amos Ori

1208.6482 (Knut Bakke et al.)

On the influence of a Coulomb-like potential induced by the Lorentz
symmetry breaking effects on the Harmonic Oscillator

Knut Bakke, Humberto Belich

1208.6485 (Molin Liu et al.)

Spectrums of Black Hole in de Sitter Spacetime with Highly Damped
Quasinormal Modes: High Overtone Case

Molin Liu, Xuehui Hu, Junwang Lu, Jianbo Lu

1208.6547 (Lukas Hollenstein et al.)

Cosmological Ohm's law and dynamics of non-minimal electromagnetism    [PDF]

Lukas Hollenstein, Rajeev Kumar Jain, Federico R. Urban

1208.6563 (Dong-il Hwang et al.)

Euclidean quantum gravity and stochastic inflation    [PDF]

Dong-il Hwang, Bum-Hoon Lee, Ewan D. Stewart, Dong-han Yeom, Heeseung Zoe

1208.6568 (Pierluigi Falco)

Two-dimensional Quantum Field Models (with applications to Statistical

Pierluigi Falco

1208.6584 (Ahmed Farag Ali)

No Existence of Black Holes at LHC Due to Minimal Length in Quantum

Ahmed Farag Ali

1208.6585 (F. T. Brandt et al.)

The high temperature limit in static backgrounds    [PDF]

F. T. Brandt, J. B. Siqueira