Thursday, December 13, 2012

1212.2557 (James Lucietti et al.)

On the horizon instability of an extreme Reissner-Nordstr√∂m black hole    [PDF]

James Lucietti, Keiju Murata, Harvey S. Reall, Norihiro Tanahashi

1212.2641 (Mariam Bouhmadi-Lopez et al.)

Slow-Roll Inflation Preceded by a Topological Defect Phase à la
Chaplygin Gas

Mariam Bouhmadi-Lopez, Pisin Chen, Yu-Chien Huang, Yu-Hsiang Lin

1212.2643 (Willy Fischler et al.)

Strongly Coupled Gauge Theories: High and Low Temperature Behavior of
Non-local Observables

Willy Fischler, Sandipan Kundu

1212.2689 (Carlos Batista et al.)

Spinors and the Weyl Tensor Classification in Six Dimensions    [PDF]

Carlos Batista, Bruno Carneiro da Cunha

1212.2691 (Minjoon Park et al.)

Vacua and instantons of ghost-free massive gravity    [PDF]

Minjoon Park, Lorenzo Sorbo

1212.2695 (Hongwei Yu et al.)

Detecting modified vacuum fluctuations due to presence of a boundary by
means of the geometric phase

Hongwei Yu, Jiawei Hu

1212.2721 (Nan Bai et al.)

Holographic insulator/superconductor phase transition in Born-Infeld

Nan Bai, Yi-Hong Gao, Guan-Bu Qia, Xiao-Bao Xua

1212.2726 (Ryuichiro Kitano et al.)

Emergent Higgs from hidden dimensions    [PDF]

Ryuichiro Kitano, Yuichiro Nakai

1212.2731 (Keith Burghardt et al.)

Adinkra Isomorphisms and `Seeing' Shapes with Eigenvalues    [PDF]

Keith Burghardt, S. James Gates Jr

1212.2735 (Ke Yang et al.)

Gravity localization and mass hierarchy in scalar-tensor branes    [PDF]

Ke Yang, Yu-Xiao Liu, Yuan Zhong, Xiao-Long Du, Shao-Wen Wei

1212.2741 (C. Adam et al.)

Lifshitz field theories with SDiff symmetries    [PDF]

C. Adam, C. Naya, J. Sanchez-Guillen, A. Wereszczynski

1212.2769 (Somdeb Chakraborty et al.)

Holographic quark-antiquark potential in hot, anisotropic Yang-Mills

Somdeb Chakraborty, Najmul Haque

1212.2776 (Anders K. H. Bengtsson et al.)

Counterterms in Gravity in the Light-Front Formulation and a D=2
Conformal-like Symmetry in Gravity

Anders K. H. Bengtsson, Lars Brink, Sung-Soo Kim

1212.2814 (Masanori Hanada)

Monte Carlo approach to the string/M-theory    [PDF]

Masanori Hanada

1212.2839 (Alessandro Bisio et al.)

Quantum Field as a Quantum Cellular Automaton I: the Dirac free
evolution in one dimension

Alessandro Bisio, Giacomo Mauro D'Ariano, Alessandro Tosini

1212.2875 (Tomasz Korzec et al.)

Simulating the All-Order Strong Coupling Expansion V: Ising Gauge Theory    [PDF]

Tomasz Korzec, Ulli Wolff

1212.2892 (Marcin Kisielowski)

New Faddeev-Niemi type variables for static SU(3) Yang-Mills theory    [PDF]

Marcin Kisielowski

1212.2900 (Georgios Papathanasiou et al.)

Worldsheet Propagator on the Lightcone Worldsheet Lattice    [PDF]

Georgios Papathanasiou, Charles B. Thorn

1212.2904 (Filipe Moura)

Tensorial perturbations and stability of spherically symmetric
d-dimensional black holes in string theory

Filipe Moura

1212.2906 (Spenta R. Wadia)

A Study of U(N) Lattice Gauge Theory in 2-dimensions    [PDF]

Spenta R. Wadia

1212.2921 (A. Maleknejad et al.)

Gauge Fields and Inflation    [PDF]

A. Maleknejad, M. M. Sheikh-Jabbari, J. Soda

1212.2922 (Yasha Neiman)

On-shell actions with lightlike boundary data    [PDF]

Yasha Neiman

1212.2945 (Max Dohse)

Classical Klein-Gordon solutions, symplectic structures and isometry
actions on AdS spacetimes

Max Dohse

1212.2949 (Craig Lawrie et al.)

The Tate Form on Steroids: Resolution and Higher Codimension Fibers    [PDF]

Craig Lawrie, Sakura Schafer-Nameki