Friday, May 25, 2012

1006.0015 (Abhijit Gadde et al.)

Spin Chains in N=2 Superconformal Theories: from the Z_2 Quiver to
Superconformal QCD

Abhijit Gadde, Elli Pomoni, Leonardo Rastelli

1102.5659 (Ernst Trojan et al.)

Shock waves in superconducting cosmic strings: growth of current    [PDF]

Ernst Trojan, George V. Vlasov

1103.0673 (Ernst Trojan et al.)

Shock waves in superconducting cosmic strings: instability to extrinsic

Ernst Trojan, George V. Vlasov

1104.2009 (Hans-Peter Pavel)

A novel strong coupling expansion of the QCD Hamiltonian    [PDF]

Hans-Peter Pavel

1105.3612 (Jerzy Lukierski et al.)

Braided Tensor Products and the Covariance of Quantum Noncommutative
Free Fields

Jerzy Lukierski, Mariusz Woronowicz

1106.1648 (Fernando Izaurieta et al.)

Dirac Matrices for Chern-Simons Gravity    [PDF]

Fernando Izaurieta, Ricardo Ramírez, Eduardo Rodríguez

1110.0556 (Daisuke Yamauchi et al.)

Weak lensing of CMB by cosmic (super-)strings    [PDF]

Daisuke Yamauchi, Keitaro Takahashi, Yuuiti Sendouda, Chul-Moon Yoo

1111.3047 (Anshuman Maharana)

Symmetry Breaking Bulk Effects in Local D-brane Models    [PDF]

Anshuman Maharana

1205.5275 (Xian Gao et al.)

Influence of heavy modes on perturbations in multiple field inflation    [PDF]

Xian Gao, David Langlois, Shuntaro Mizuno

1205.5279 (Gianluca Grignani et al.)

One-loop three-point functions of BMN operators at weak and strong

Gianluca Grignani, A. V. Zayakin

1205.5288 (Nikolay Gromov et al.)

Tailoring Three-Point Functions and Integrability IV. Theta-morphism    [PDF]

Nikolay Gromov, Pedro Vieira

1205.5291 (Sean A. Hartnoll et al.)

Holographic order parameter for charge fractionalization    [PDF]

Sean A. Hartnoll, Djordje Radicevic

1205.5303 (Marco Chiodaroli et al.)

Holographic duals of Boundary CFTs    [PDF]

Marco Chiodaroli, Eric D'Hoker, Michael Gutperle

1205.5311 (R. A. Konoplya et al.)

Motion of charged particles and quasinormal modes around the
magnetically and tidally deformed black hole

R. A. Konoplya, Yu-Chun Liu

1205.5325 (Eugenio Bianchi et al.)

Horizon energy as the boost boundary term in general relativity and loop

Eugenio Bianchi, Wolfgang Wieland

1205.5336 (Pınar Kirezli et al.)

Higher Dimensional Cylindrical or Kasner Type Electrovacuum Solutions    [PDF]

Pınar Kirezli, Dilek K. Çiftci, Özgür Delice

1205.5356 (Gergely Markó et al.)

Broken phase effective potential in the two-loop Phi-derivable
approximation and nature of the phase transition in a scalar theory

Gergely Markó, Urko Reinosa, Zsolt Szép

1205.5363 (Seiju Ohashi et al.)

Gravitational collapse of charged dust cloud in the Lovelock gravity    [PDF]

Seiju Ohashi, Tetsuya Shiromizu, Sanjay Jhingan

1205.5364 (L. E. Ibanez et al.)

Discrete Gauge Symmetries in Discrete MSSM-like Orientifolds    [PDF]

L. E. Ibanez, A. N. Schellekens, A. M. Uranga

1205.5388 (D. V. Uvarov)

Lagrangian mechanics of massless superparticle on AdS_4 x CP^3

D. V. Uvarov

1205.5431 (Martin Reuter et al.)

Asymptotic Safety, Fractals, and Cosmology    [PDF]

Martin Reuter, Frank Saueressig

1205.5437 (Burkhard Kleihaus et al.)

Black rings in more than five dimensions    [PDF]

Burkhard Kleihaus, Jutta Kunz, Eugen Radu

1205.5461 (Guillaume Bossard et al.)

Duality covariant non-BPS first order systems    [PDF]

Guillaume Bossard, Stefanos Katmadas

1205.5464 (Chang-Guang Shi et al.)

Solitonic solutions of Faddeev model    [PDF]

Chang-Guang Shi, Minoru Hirayama

1205.5469 (A. Shukla et al.)

Supersymmetrization of horizontality condition: nilpotent symmetries for
massless spinning relativistic particle

A. Shukla, S. Krishna, R. P. Malik

1205.5501 (M. Pitschmann et al.)

Solution of Dirac Equation for Charged and Neutral Fermions with
Anomalous Magnetic Moments in Uniform Magnetic Field

M. Pitschmann, A. N. Ivanov

1205.5513 (Joseph Ben Geloun)

Two and four-loop $β$-functions of rank 4 renormalizable tensor
field theories

Joseph Ben Geloun

1205.5521 (V. K. Dobrev)

Invariant Differential Operators for Non-Compact Lie Groups: the Sp(n,R)

V. K. Dobrev

1205.5549 (Toru Kikuchi et al.)

Rotating string in doubled geometry with generalized isometries    [PDF]

Toru Kikuchi, Takashi Okada, Yuho Sakatani

1205.5550 (Yasunori Nomura)

The Static Quantum Multiverse    [PDF]

Yasunori Nomura