Friday, February 10, 2012

1006.3313 (Meng-Chwan Tan)

Supersymmetric Surface Operators, Four-Manifold Theory and Invariants in
Various Dimensions

Meng-Chwan Tan

1104.1733 (James Hartle et al.)

Arrows of Time in the Bouncing Universes of the No-boundary Quantum

James Hartle, Thomas Hertog

1107.1762 (Chih-Hung Wang et al.)

Quantum fluctuations in planar domain-wall space-times: A possible
origin of primordial preferred direction

Chih-Hung Wang, Yu-Huei Wu, Stephen D. H. Hsu

1107.3387 (Alexey Chopovsky et al.)

Weak-field limit of Kaluza-Klein models with spherical compactification:
problematic aspects

Alexey Chopovsky, Maxim Eingorn, Alexander Zhuk

1107.3388 (Alexey Chopovsky et al.)

Weak-field limit of Kaluza-Klein models with spherical compactification:
experimental constraints

Alexey Chopovsky, Maxim Eingorn, Alexander Zhuk

1107.4356 (Marco Billo' et al.)

New numerical results and novel effective string predictions for Wilson

Marco Billo', Michele Caselle, Roberto Pellegrini

1108.0425 (Nabil Iqbal et al.)

Quantum phase transitions in semi-local quantum liquids    [PDF]

Nabil Iqbal, Hong Liu, Márk Mezei

1109.2264 (Claudio Bunster et al.)

Electric charge in the field of a magnetic event in three-dimensional

Claudio Bunster, Cristian Martinez

1109.6764 (Vladimir Fateev et al.)

The large central charge limit of conformal blocks    [PDF]

Vladimir Fateev, Sylvain Ribault

1111.1232 (Thomas W. Grimm et al.)

F-theory fluxes, Chirality and Chern-Simons theories    [PDF]

Thomas W. Grimm, Hirotaka Hayashi

1111.2307 (Matteo Bertolini et al.)

Dynamical completions of generalized O'Raifeartaigh models    [PDF]

Matteo Bertolini, Lorenzo Di Pietro, Flavio Porri

1111.4786 (Kalliopi Petraki et al.)

Visible and dark matter from a first-order phase transition in a
baryon-symmetric universe

Kalliopi Petraki, Mark Trodden, Raymond R. Volkas

1111.5619 (N. Lambert et al.)

5D Yang-Mills instantons from ABJM Monopoles    [PDF]

N. Lambert, H. Nastase, C. Papageorgakis

1111.5759 (Bo Feng et al.)

An Introduction to On-shell Recursion Relations    [PDF]

Bo Feng, Mingxing Luo

1112.1005 (Patrick L. Nash)

Spinor-Unit Field Representation of Electromagnetism Applied to a Model
Inflationary Cosmology

Patrick L. Nash

1112.5739 (Robertus Potting)

The Källén-Lehmann representation for Lorentz-violating field theory    [PDF]

Robertus Potting

1112.6410 (Alexey S. Koshelev)

Modified non-local gravity    [PDF]

Alexey S. Koshelev

1202.1485 (Mohammad F. Maghrebi et al.)

Spontaneous emission by rotating objects: A scattering approach    [PDF]

Mohammad F. Maghrebi, Robert L. Jaffe, Mehran Kardar

1202.1824 (Stephon Alexander et al.)

The Hidden Quantum Groups Symmetry of Super-renormalizable Gravity    [PDF]

Stephon Alexander, Antonino Marciano, Leonardo Modesto

1202.1827 (Alexios P. Polychronakos)

Two-dimensional Born-Infeld gauge theory: spectrum, string picture and
large-N phase transition

Alexios P. Polychronakos

1202.1905 (Gokhan Alkac et al.)

Covariant Symplectic Structure and Conserved Charges of New Massive

Gokhan Alkac, Deniz Olgu Devecioglu

1202.1912 (Attilio Cucchieri et al.)

The No-Pole Condition in Landau gauge: Properties of the Gribov Ghost
Form-Factor and a Constraint on the 2d Gluon Propagator

Attilio Cucchieri, David Dudal, Nele Vandersickel

1202.1935 (Jan Troost)

Models for Modules    [PDF]

Jan Troost

1202.1952 (Dmitri Antonov)

The Aharonov-Bohm effect in a spatially confining theory based on a
turbulent fluid

Dmitri Antonov

1202.1956 (Johan Kallen et al.)

Twisted supersymmetric 5D Yang-Mills theory and contact geometry    [PDF]

Johan Kallen, Maxim Zabzine

1202.1962 (Sumit Ghosh)

Generalized Uncertainty Principle and Klein Paradox    [PDF]

Sumit Ghosh

1202.1984 (M. Billo et al.)

The Lorentz-invariant boundary action of the confining string and its
universal contribution to the inter-quark potential

M. Billo, M. Caselle, F. Gliozzi, M. Meineri, R. Pellegrini

1202.1986 (Marco Crisostomi et al.)

Perturbations in Massive Gravity Cosmology    [PDF]

Marco Crisostomi, Denis Comelli, Luigi Pilo

1202.2019 (Simon Badger et al.)

Hepta-Cuts of Two-Loop Scattering Amplitudes    [PDF]

Simon Badger, Hjalte Frellesvig, Yang Zhang

1202.2039 (W. -y. Chuang et al.)

BPS states and the P=W conjecture    [PDF]

W. -y. Chuang, D. -E. Diaconescu, G. Pan

1202.2049 (Chris Harris)

The Index Bundle for a Family of Dirac-Ramond Operators    [PDF]

Chris Harris

1202.2068 (Robert C. Myers et al.)

Comments on Holographic Entanglement Entropy and RG Flows    [PDF]

Robert C. Myers, Ajay Singh

1202.2070 (Hong Liu et al.)

A refinement of entanglement entropy and the number of degrees of

Hong Liu, Mark Mezei

1202.2073 (David Berenstein et al.)

Open string axions and the flavor problem    [PDF]

David Berenstein, Erik Perkins

1202.2085 (Eric D'Hoker et al.)

Charge Expulsion from Black Brane Horizons, and Holographic Quantum
Criticality in the Plane

Eric D'Hoker, Per Kraus

1202.2102 (Piero Nicolini)

Nonlocal and generalized uncertainty principle black holes    [PDF]

Piero Nicolini

1202.2105 (Francesco Nitti et al.)

Scalar-tensor theories, trace anomalies and the QCD-frame    [PDF]

Francesco Nitti, Federico Piazza

1202.2109 (A. Bazavov et al.)

Density of states and Fisher's zeros in compact U(1) pure gauge theory    [PDF]

A. Bazavov, B. A. Berg, Daping Du, Y. Meurice