Friday, October 12, 2012

1105.4333 (Xian-Hui Ge et al.)

Analytical calculation on critical magnetic field in holographic
superconductors with backreaction

Xian-Hui Ge, Hong-Qiang Leng

1210.3022 (Naresh Dadhich)

The gravitational equation in higher dimensions    [PDF]

Naresh Dadhich

1210.3028 (Antonio Amariti et al.)

Spontaneous R-symmetry breaking from the renormalization group flow    [PDF]

Antonio Amariti, David Stone

1210.3037 (Sergei Alexandrov et al.)

Heterotic-type II duality in twistor space    [PDF]

Sergei Alexandrov, Boris Pioline

1210.3066 (Miranda C. N. Cheng et al.)

Rademacher Sums and Rademacher Series    [PDF]

Miranda C. N. Cheng, John F. R. Duncan

1210.3072 (R. Narayanan)

Two flavor massless Schwinger model on a torus at a finite chemical

R. Narayanan

1210.3079 (Marco Cariglia et al.)

Geometry of Lax pairs: particle motion and Killing-Yano tensors    [PDF]

Marco Cariglia, Valeri P. Frolov, Pavel Krtous, David Kubiznak

1210.3208 (James P Allen et al.)

The low energy dynamics of charge two dyonic instantons    [PDF]

James P Allen, Douglas J Smith

1210.3236 (Naihuan Jing et al.)

Wedge modules for two-parameter quantum groups    [PDF]

Naihuan Jing, Lili Zhang, Ming Liu

1210.3257 (Nicola Bartolo et al.)

The anisotropic power spectrum and bispectrum in the f(phi) F^2

Nicola Bartolo, Sabino Matarrese, Marco Peloso, Angelo Ricciardone

1210.3261 (Robert Svarc et al.)

Geodesic deviation in Kundt spacetimes of any dimension    [PDF]

Robert Svarc, Jiri Podolsky

1210.3284 (A. Codello et al.)

The Renormalization Group and Weyl-invariance    [PDF]

A. Codello, G. D'Odorico, C. Pagani, R. Percacci

1210.3306 (Bibhas Ranjan Majhi)

Gravitational anomalies and entropy    [PDF]

Bibhas Ranjan Majhi

1210.3340 (Guy D. Moore et al.)

Thermodynamical second-order hydrodynamic coefficients    [PDF]

Guy D. Moore, Kiyoumars A. Sohrabi