Wednesday, August 29, 2012

0807.5081 (Till Bargheer et al.)

Boosting Nearest-Neighbour to Long-Range Integrable Spin Chains    [PDF]

Till Bargheer, Niklas Beisert, Florian Loebbert

1009.4915 (F. A. Brito et al.)

Spectral dimension of Horava-Snyder spacetime and the $AdS_2\times S^2$
momentum space

F. A. Brito, E. Passos

1109.2082 (Daniele Bertacca et al.)

A new approach to cosmological perturbations in f(R) models    [PDF]

Daniele Bertacca, Nicola Bartolo, Sabino Matarrese

1109.5523 (Shobhit Sachan et al.)

Thermodynamics of soft wall AdS/QCD at finite chemical potential    [PDF]

Shobhit Sachan, Sanjay Siwach

1112.4054 (Fedor Bezrukov et al.)

Composite Inflation Setup and Glueball Inflation    [PDF]

Fedor Bezrukov, Phongpichit Channuie, Jakob Jark Joergensen, Francesco Sannino

1208.5490 (Anzhong Wang et al.)

Polarizing primordial gravitational waves by parity violation    [PDF]

Anzhong Wang, Qiang Wu, Wen Zhao, Tao Zhu

1208.5536 (Ken Matsuno et al.)

Charged rotating Kaluza-Klein multi-black holes and multi-black strings
in five-dimensional Einstein-Maxwell theory

Ken Matsuno, Hideki Ishihara, Masashi Kimura, Takamitsu Tatsuoka

1208.5570 (Michael Maziashvili)

Hilbert space representation of higher-dimensional minimum-length
deformed uncertainty relation and some of its implications for ADD model

Michael Maziashvili

1208.5626 (Korbinian Muenster et al.)

Homotopy Classification of Bosonic String Field Theory    [PDF]

Korbinian Muenster, Ivo Sachs

1208.5676 (M. A. L. Capri et al.)

Physical spectrum from confined excitations in a Yang-Mills-inspired toy

M. A. L. Capri, D. Dudal, M. S. Guimaraes, L. F. Palhares, S. P. Sorella

1208.5704 (Mattia Cipriani et al.)

Colorful boojums at the interface of a color superconductor    [PDF]

Mattia Cipriani, Walter Vinci, Muneto Nitta

1208.5708 (Andrej Mesaros et al.)

Zero-energy states bound to a magnetic pi-flux vortex in a
two-dimensional topological insulator

Andrej Mesaros, Robert-Jan Slager, Jan Zaanen, Vladimir Juricic

1208.5715 (T. Banks)

The Top 10^{500} Reasons Not to Believe in the Landscape    [PDF]

T. Banks

1208.5750 (A. Levin et al.)

Characteristic Classes of SL(N)-Bundles and Quantum Dynamical Elliptic

A. Levin, M. Olshanetsky, A. Smirnov, A. Zotov

1208.5761 (Viqar Husain et al.)

Generalized uncertainty principles and quantum field theory    [PDF]

Viqar Husain, Dawood Kothawala, Sanjeev S. Seahra

1208.5763 (Valeri P. Frolov et al.)

Anomaly and the self-energy of electric charges    [PDF]

Valeri P. Frolov, Andrei Zelnikov

1208.5766 (Luca Griguolo et al.)

The generalized cusp in ABJ(M) N = 6 Super Chern-Simons theories    [PDF]

Luca Griguolo, Daniele Marmiroli, Gabriele Martelloni, Domenico Seminara