Wednesday, July 25, 2012

0808.1442 (Andreas Malmendier et al.)

SO(3)-Donaldson invariants of CP^2 and Mock Theta Functions    [PDF]

Andreas Malmendier, Ken Ono

1002.0028 (Junya Yagi)

Vanishing Chiral Algebras and Höhn-Stolz Conjecture    [PDF]

Junya Yagi

1009.2093 (Leonardo Senatore et al.)

The Effective Field Theory of Multifield Inflation    [PDF]

Leonardo Senatore, Matias Zaldarriaga

1110.2555 (L. Ortíz)

No superradiance for the scalar field in the BTZ black hole with
reflexive boundary conditions

L. Ortíz

1110.4447 (L. Ortíz)

The Energy-Momentum Tensor in the 1+1 dimensional non-rotating BTZ black

L. Ortíz

1207.5096 (Tom Banks et al.)

Approximate Particle Spectra in the Pyramid Scheme    [PDF]

Tom Banks, T. J. Torres

1207.5493 (Kayll Lake)

Visualizing Spacetime Curvature via Gradient Flows I: Introduction    [PDF]

Kayll Lake

1207.5496 (Majd Abdelqader et al.)

Visualizing Spacetime Curvature via Gradient Flows II: An Example of the
Construction of a Newtonian analogue

Majd Abdelqader, Kayll Lake

1207.5511 (Alexander C. Edison et al.)

Symmetric-group decomposition of SU(N) group-theory constraints on
four-, five-, and six-point color-ordered amplitudes

Alexander C. Edison, Stephen G. Naculich

1207.5514 (Stefano Bolognesi)

Cosmology of a Trans-Planckian Theory and the Dark Energy    [PDF]

Stefano Bolognesi

1207.5517 (Dionysios Anninos et al.)

The Wave Function of Vasiliev's Universe - A Few Slices Thereof    [PDF]

Dionysios Anninos, Frederik Denef, Daniel Harlow

1207.5520 (Euihun Joung et al.)

Solving the Noether procedure for cubic interactions of higher spins in

Euihun Joung, Luca Lopez, Massimo Taronna

1207.5525 (Luis C. Barbado et al.)

Unruh-DeWitt detector event rate for trajectories with time-dependent

Luis C. Barbado, Matt Visser

1207.5531 (Per Sundin et al.)

Classical integrability and quantum aspects of the AdS(3) x S(3) x S(3)
x S(1) superstring

Per Sundin, Linus Wulff

1207.5547 (Ryo Namba)

Curvature Perturbations from a Massive Vector Curvaton    [PDF]

Ryo Namba

1207.5584 (Satoru Odake et al.)

Multi-indexed Wilson and Askey-Wilson Polynomials    [PDF]

Satoru Odake, Ryu Sasaki

1207.5605 (Sunandan Gangopadhyay et al.)

Analytic study of properties of holographic p-wave superconductors    [PDF]

Sunandan Gangopadhyay, Dibakar Roychowdhury

1207.5658 (Shoichi Kanno et al.)

Virasoro constraint for Nekrasov instanton partition function    [PDF]

Shoichi Kanno, Yutaka Matsuo, Hong Zhang

1207.5666 (Y. Schroder)

A fresh look on three-loop sum-integrals    [PDF]

Y. Schroder

1207.5669 (Rahul Srivastava et al.)

Poincaré Invariant Quantum Field Theories With Twisted Internal

Rahul Srivastava, Sachindeo Vaidya

1207.5683 (Sergey Fedoruk et al.)

New particle model in extended space-time and covariantization of planar
Landau dynamics

Sergey Fedoruk, Jerzy Lukierski

1207.5705 (Baishali Chakraborty et al.)

Effect of topological defects and Coulomb charge on the low energy
quantum dynamics of gapped graphene

Baishali Chakraborty, Kumar S. Gupta, Siddhartha Sen

1207.5706 (Enrico Cattaruzza et al.)

Universal local symmetries in classical mechanics and physical degrees
of freedom

Enrico Cattaruzza, Ennio Gozzi

1207.5730 (Rodolfo Gambini et al.)

Self-adjointness in the Hamiltonians of deparameterized totally
constrained theories: a model

Rodolfo Gambini, Jorge Pullin

1207.5739 (Kazuhiro Sakai)

Seiberg-Witten prepotential for E-string theory and global symmetries    [PDF]

Kazuhiro Sakai

1207.5740 (Leszek Hadasz et al.)

Recurrence relations for toric N=1 superconformal blocks    [PDF]

Leszek Hadasz, Zbigniew Jaskolski, Paulina Suchanek

1207.5744 (P. Colangelo et al.)

Holography, chiral Lagrangian and form factor relations    [PDF]

P. Colangelo, J. J. Sanz-Cillero, F. Zuo

1207.5773 (O. W. Greenberg et al.)

Construction of asymptotic fields for a charged particle    [PDF]

O. W. Greenberg, Steve Cowen

1207.5782 (Jihye Seo)

Exactly stable non-BPS spinors in heterotic string theory on tori    [PDF]

Jihye Seo