Tuesday, April 10, 2012

1010.4961 (Xian-Hui Ge et al.)

Acoustic black holes from supercurrent tunneling    [PDF]

Xian-Hui Ge, Shao-Feng Wu, Yunping Wang, Guo-Hong Yang, You-Gen Shen

1103.2594 (Maciej Trzetrzelewski)

Dirac equation for embedded 4-geometries    [PDF]

Maciej Trzetrzelewski

1105.0325 (A. Sheykhi et al.)

Tachyon Reconstruction of Ghost Dark Energy    [PDF]

A. Sheykhi, M. Sadegh Movahed, E. Ebrahimi

1108.0320 (Carlo Rovelli et al.)

Unruh effect without entanglement    [PDF]

Carlo Rovelli, Matteo Smerlak

1109.4072 (Justin R. David et al.)

Shear sum rules at finite chemical potential    [PDF]

Justin R. David, Sachin Jain, Somyadip Thakur

1111.4221 (Yuto Ito et al.)

Line operators on S^1xR^3 and quantization of the Hitchin moduli space    [PDF]

Yuto Ito, Takuya Okuda, Masato Taki

1111.5907 (R. Kumar et al.)

Dual-BRST symmetry: 6D Abelian 3-form gauge theory    [PDF]

R. Kumar, S. Krishna, A. Shukla, R. P. Malik

1112.4487 (Matthew C. Johnson et al.)

Determining the outcome of cosmic bubble collisions in full General

Matthew C. Johnson, Hiranya V. Peiris, Luis Lehner

1112.6080 (K. Farakos et al.)

Symmetry breaking and restoration for interacting scalar and gauge
fields in Lifshitz type theories

K. Farakos, D. Metaxas

1202.4807 (S. I. Kruglov)

Born-Infeld-like modified gravity    [PDF]

S. I. Kruglov

1204.1456 (Babak Vakili et al.)

Classical and quantum massive cosmology for the open FRW universe    [PDF]

Babak Vakili, Nima Khosravi

1204.1569 (Michael P. Salem)

The CMB and the measure of the multiverse    [PDF]

Michael P. Salem

1204.1570 (Alberto Nicolis et al.)

A relativistic non-relativistic Goldstone theorem: gapped Goldstones at
finite charge density

Alberto Nicolis, Federico Piazza

1204.1642 (Chee-Leong Ching et al.)

The Constraints and Spectra of a Deformed Quantum Mechanics    [PDF]

Chee-Leong Ching, Rajesh R. Parwani, Kuldip Singh

1204.1661 (Philip Argyres et al.)

A semiclassical realization of infrared renormalons    [PDF]

Philip Argyres, Mithat Unsal

1204.1684 (Atsushi Higuchi)

Equivalence between the Weyl-tensor and gauge-invariant graviton
two-point functions in Minkowski and de Sitter spaces

Atsushi Higuchi

1204.1698 (Veronika E. Hubeny et al.)

Causal Holographic Information    [PDF]

Veronika E. Hubeny, Mukund Rangamani

1204.1722 (A. Andrasi et al.)

Feynman rules for Coulomb gauge QCD    [PDF]

A. Andrasi, J. C. Taylor

1204.1724 (Kazuhide Ichikawa et al.)

Study of Simulation Method of Time Evolution in Rigged QED    [PDF]

Kazuhide Ichikawa, Masahiro Fukuda, Akitomo Tachibana

1204.1734 (Aristomenis Donos et al.)

Black holes dual to helical current phases    [PDF]

Aristomenis Donos, Jerome P. Gauntlett

1204.1774 (Yi-Zhi Huang)

Meromorphic open-string vertex algebras    [PDF]

Yi-Zhi Huang

1204.1780 (Sung-Sik Lee)

Background independent holographic description : From matrix field
theory to quantum gravity

Sung-Sik Lee

1204.1784 (S. P. Miao et al.)

Issues Concerning Loop Corrections to the Primordial Power Spectra    [PDF]

S. P. Miao, R. P. Woodard

1204.1787 (Xiao-Mei Kuang et al.)

Observing various phase transitions in the holographic model of

Xiao-Mei Kuang, Yunqi Liu, Bin Wang

1204.1793 (Maxim Grigoriev)

Parent formulations, frame-like Lagrangians, and generalized auxiliary

Maxim Grigoriev

1204.1817 (Ajay Singh et al.)

Quantum corrections to screening at strong coupling    [PDF]

Ajay Singh, Aninda Sinha

1204.1853 (Burak Tevfik Kaynak et al.)

A Klein Gordon Particle Captured by Embedded Curves    [PDF]

Burak Tevfik Kaynak, O. Teoman Turgut

1204.1766 (Banibrata Mukhopadhyay)

Can the viscosity in astrophysical black hole accretion disks be close
to its string theory bound?

Banibrata Mukhopadhyay

1204.1930 (Andrew Hodges)

A simple formula for gravitational MHV amplitudes    [PDF]

Andrew Hodges

1204.1955 (Ismail Zahed)

Anomalous Chiral Fermi Surface    [PDF]

Ismail Zahed