Thursday, April 4, 2013

1109.4994 (Norman Margolus)

The maximum average rate of state change    [PDF]

Norman Margolus

1304.0467 (Luís C. B. Crispino et al.)

Greybody factors for non-minimally coupled scalar fields in
Schwarzschild-de Sitter spacetime

Luís C. B. Crispino, Atsushi Higuchi, Ednilton S. Oliveira, Jorge V. Rocha

1304.0757 (Tiberiu Harko et al.)

Cosmological anisotropy from non-comoving dark matter and dark energy    [PDF]

Tiberiu Harko, Francisco S. N. Lobo

1304.0762 (Masahito Yamazaki)

Entanglement in Theory Space    [PDF]

Masahito Yamazaki

1304.0766 (Sergei Alexandrov et al.)

Quantum hypermultiplet moduli spaces in N=2 string vacua: a review    [PDF]

Sergei Alexandrov, Jan Manschot, Daniel Persson, Boris Pioline

1304.0772 (Eugeniu Plamadeala et al.)

Short-Range Entangled Bosonic States with Chiral Edge Modes and
$T$-duality of Heterotic Strings

Eugeniu Plamadeala, Michael Mulligan, Chetan Nayak

1304.0774 (C. Adam et al.)

Extended Supersymmetry and BPS solutions in baby Skyrme models    [PDF]

C. Adam, J. M. Queiruga, J. Sanchez-Guillen, A. Wereszczynski

1304.0778 (Ernesto Contreras et al.)

Abelian Ashtekar formulation from the ADM action    [PDF]

Ernesto Contreras, Lorenzo Leal

1304.0779 (Davide Gaiotto et al.)

On Three Dimensional Quiver Gauge Theories and Integrability    [PDF]

Davide Gaiotto, Peter Koroteev

1304.0784 (Daniel Farquet et al.)

Wilson loops and the geometry of matrix models in AdS_4/CFT_3    [PDF]

Daniel Farquet, James Sparks

1304.0792 (Cesar Damian et al.)

More stable dS vacua from S-dual non-geometric fluxes    [PDF]

Cesar Damian, Oscar Loaiza-Brito

1304.0822 (M. Shifman et al.)

Detailing N=1 Seiberg's Duality through the Seiberg-Witten Solution of

M. Shifman, A. Yung

1304.0876 (Gianluca Mandanici)

On the invariance of the relative rest in doubly special relativity    [PDF]

Gianluca Mandanici

1304.0885 (J. A. de Azcarraga et al.)

k-Leibniz algebras from lower order ones: from Lie triple to Lie l-ple

J. A. de Azcarraga, J. M. Izquierdo

1304.0898 (Seungjin Lee et al.)

Higher Spin Contributions to Holographic Fluid Dynamics in $AdS_5/CFT_4$    [PDF]

Seungjin Lee, Dimitri Polyakov

1304.0935 (V. G. Bornyakov et al.)

Topology across the finite temperature transition studied by
overimproved cooling in gluodynamics and QCD

V. G. Bornyakov, E. -M. Ilgenfritz, B. V. Martemyanov, V. K. Mitrjushkin, M. Muller-Preussker

1304.0937 (So Okada)

Quintic periods and stability conditions via homological mirror symmetry    [PDF]

So Okada

1304.0978 (L. De Angelis et al.)

Magnetized Branes and the Six-Torus    [PDF]

L. De Angelis, R. Marotta, F. Pezzella, R. Troise

1304.1016 (Joseph A. Minahan et al.)

5D super Yang-Mills theory and the correspondence to AdS$_7$/CFT$_6$    [PDF]

Joseph A. Minahan, Anton Nedelin, Maxim Zabzine