Wednesday, February 29, 2012

1009.1220 (Manfred Requardt)

An Alternative to Decoherence by Environment and the Appearance of a
Classical World

Manfred Requardt

1104.4446 (Klaus Bering)

A Note on Angular Momentum Commutators in Light-Cone Formulation of Open
Bosonic String Theory

Klaus Bering

1105.4025 (Yan-Gang Miao et al.)

The coordinate coherent states approach revisited    [PDF]

Yan-Gang Miao, Shao-Jun Zhang

1108.0874 (Paolo Creminelli)

Conformal invariance of scalar perturbations in inflation    [PDF]

Paolo Creminelli

1109.6666 (H. Falomir et al.)

Graphene and non-Abelian quantization    [PDF]

H. Falomir, J. Gamboa, M. Loewe, M. Nieto

1111.0384 (Jean-Emile Bourgine)

A note on the integral equation for the Wilson loop in N = 2 D=4
superconformal Yang-Mills theory

Jean-Emile Bourgine

1111.1366 (Mikhail N. Smolyakov)

On unremovable divergencies in four-dimensional electrodynamics
localized on a domain wall

Mikhail N. Smolyakov

1111.1743 (F. Saueressig et al.)

Higher Derivative Gravity from the Universal Renormalization Group

F. Saueressig, K. Groh, S. Rechenberger, O. Zanusso

1111.3776 (Vit Jakubsky et al.)

Supersymmetric twisting of carbon nanotubes    [PDF]

Vit Jakubsky, Mikhail S. Plyushchay

1112.2987 (Teruhiko Kawano et al.)

A Note on Kahler Potential of Charged Matter in F-theory    [PDF]

Teruhiko Kawano, Yoichi Tsuchiya, Taizan Watari

1112.5182 (Benedict Fraser et al.)

Large rank Wilson loops in N=2 superconformal QCD at strong coupling    [PDF]

Benedict Fraser, S. Prem Kumar

1201.2485 (Jian-Pin Wu et al.)

Dynamic gap from holographic fermions in charged dilaton black branes    [PDF]

Jian-Pin Wu, Hua-Bi Zeng

1201.2500 (Fusheng Deng et al.)

On fermionic representation of the Gromov-Witten invariants of the
resolved Conifold

Fusheng Deng, Jian Zhou

1202.6056 (Kurt Hinterbichler et al.)

Non-linear Realizations of Conformal Symmetry and Effective Field Theory
for the Pseudo-Conformal Universe

Kurt Hinterbichler, Austin Joyce, Justin Khoury

1202.6062 (Bom Soo Kim)

Schrödinger Holography with and without Hyperscaling Violation    [PDF]

Bom Soo Kim

1202.6067 (E. G. Floratos et al.)

On Topological Modifications of Newton's Law    [PDF]

E. G. Floratos, G. K. Leontaris

1202.6183 (Kirill Krasnov)

A Gauge Theoretic Approach to Gravity    [PDF]

Kirill Krasnov

1202.6189 (P. Castelo Ferreira)

Constraining an Expanding Locally Anisotropic metric from the Pioneer

P. Castelo Ferreira

1202.6204 (Kourosh Nozari et al.)

Cosmological braneworld solutions with bulk scalar field in DGP setup    [PDF]

Kourosh Nozari, M. Khamesian, N. Rashidi

1202.6218 (Rituparno Goswami et al.)

Scalar field collapse and cosmic censorship    [PDF]

Rituparno Goswami, Pankaj S. Joshi, Daniele Malafarina

1202.6268 (Tudor D. Dimofte et al.)

The quantum content of the gluing equations    [PDF]

Tudor D. Dimofte, Stavros Garoufalidis

1202.6289 (P. Forgács et al.)

Comment on "Finite Size Corrections to the Radiation Reaction Force in
Classical Electrodynamics" [arXiv:1005.2617]

P. Forgács, T. Herpay, P. Kovács

1202.6298 (P. P. Avelino et al.)

Scaling laws for weakly interacting cosmic (super)string and p-brane

P. P. Avelino, L. Sousa

1202.6306 (Harold Steinacker)

Gravity and compactified branes in matrix models    [PDF]

Harold Steinacker

1202.6309 (Mirian Tsulaia)

On Tensorial Spaces and BCFW Recursion Relations for Higher Spin Fields    [PDF]

Mirian Tsulaia

1202.6311 (Thibault Damour)

Theoretical Aspects of the Equivalence Principle    [PDF]

Thibault Damour

1202.6322 (Georgios Giasemidis et al.)

Multigraph models for causal quantum gravity and scale dependent
spectral dimension

Georgios Giasemidis, John F Wheater, Stefan Zohren

1202.6332 (H. Falomir et al.)

Spectral functions of non essentially selfadjoint operators    [PDF]

H. Falomir, P. A. G. Pisani