Friday, January 11, 2013

1109.1767 (A. M. Semikhatov)

Virasoro central charges for Nichols algebras    [PDF]

A. M. Semikhatov

1301.1973 (Vitaly Vanchurin)

Kinetic Theory and Hydrodynamics of Cosmic Strings    [PDF]

Vitaly Vanchurin

1301.1977 (Meng-Chwan Tan)

M-Theoretic Derivations of 4d-2d Dualities: From a Geometric Langlands
Duality for Surfaces, to the AGT Correspondence, to Integrable Systems

Meng-Chwan Tan

1301.1980 (Jurgis Pasukonis et al.)

Quivers as Calculators: Counting, Correlators and Riemann Surfaces    [PDF]

Jurgis Pasukonis, Sanjaye Ramgoolam

1301.1986 (Juven Wang)

Schrodinger Fermi Liquids    [PDF]

Juven Wang

1301.1996 (Alexei Davydov et al.)

A braided monoidal category for symplectic fermions    [PDF]

Alexei Davydov, Ingo Runkel

1301.2016 (Carlos Batista)

On the Weyl Tensor Classification in All Dimensions and its Relation
with Integrability Properties

Carlos Batista

1301.2017 (Ardian Nata Atmaja)

Application of Harmonic Maps $CP^{(N-1)}$ on SU(N) Bogomolny Equation
for BPS Magnetic Monopoles

Ardian Nata Atmaja

1301.2035 (D. Dutta et al.)

Pseudo Hermitian Generalized Dirac Oscillators    [PDF]

D. Dutta, O. Panella, P. Roy

1301.2056 (A. D. Alhaidari)

Non-Hermitian CP-Symmetric Dirac Hamiltonians with Real Energy

A. D. Alhaidari

1301.2057 (S. Deldar et al.)

A decomposition for SU(2) Yang-Mills fields    [PDF]

S. Deldar, A. Mohamadnejad

1301.2077 (Roberto Balbinot et al.)

Hawking effect in BECs acoustic white holes    [PDF]

Roberto Balbinot, Alessandro Fabbri, Carlos Mayoral

1301.2081 (Paul R. Anderson et al.)

Hawking radiation correlations in Bose Einstein condensates using
quantum field theory in curved space

Paul R. Anderson, Roberto Balbinot, Alessandro Fabbri, Renaud Parentani

1301.2108 (R. R. Francisco et al.)

Hard thermal loops in long wave-length and static external gravitational

R. R. Francisco, J. Frenkel

1301.2139 (A. A. Golubtsova et al.)

Triple M-brane configurations and preserved supersymmetries    [PDF]

A. A. Golubtsova, V. D. Ivashchuk

1301.2154 (Juraj Tekel)

Random matrix approach to scalar fields on fuzzy spaces    [PDF]

Juraj Tekel

1301.2225 (Rolf Schimmrigk)

Motivic L-Function Identities from CFT and Arithmetic Mirror Symmetry    [PDF]

Rolf Schimmrigk

1301.2230 (N. G. Misuna et al.)

Off-Shell Scalar Supermultiplet in the Unfolded Dynamics Approach    [PDF]

N. G. Misuna, M. A. Vasiliev

1301.2231 (Ovidiu Cristinel Stoica)

Singular Semi-Riemannian Geometry and Singular General Relativity    [PDF]

Ovidiu Cristinel Stoica

1301.2234 (Stephen G. Naculich et al.)

All-loop infrared-divergent behavior of most-subleading-color
gauge-theory amplitudes

Stephen G. Naculich, Horatiu Nastase, Howard J. Schnitzer

1301.2238 (S. Deser et al.)

PM = EM: Partially Massless Duality Invariance    [PDF]

S. Deser, A. Waldron

1301.2249 (Mir Faizal)

Superloop Space    [PDF]

Mir Faizal