Tuesday, January 8, 2013

1108.1237 (Tao Zhu et al.)

U(1) symmetry and elimination of spin-0 gravitons in Horava-Lifshitz
gravity without the projectability condition

Tao Zhu, Qiang Wu, Anzhong Wang, Fuwen Shu

1112.2034 (H. Nikolic)

Solipsistic hidden variables    [PDF]

H. Nikolic

1212.5672 (Matteo Beccaria et al.)

Quantum corrections to short folded superstring in AdS_3 x S^3 x M^4    [PDF]

Matteo Beccaria, Guido Macorini

1301.0436 (Michael Koehn)

Solutions of the Klein-Gordon equation in an infinite square-well
potential with a moving wall

Michael Koehn

1301.0829 (Masha Baryakhtar et al.)

Axion Mediation    [PDF]

Masha Baryakhtar, Edward Hardy, John March-Russell

1301.0847 (Alfredo Perez et al.)

Higher spin black hole entropy in three dimensions    [PDF]

Alfredo Perez, David Tempo, Ricardo Troncoso

1301.0868 (David Skinner)

Twistor Strings for N=8 Supergravity    [PDF]

David Skinner

1301.0879 (Astrid Eichhorn)

On unimodular quantum gravity    [PDF]

Astrid Eichhorn

1301.0882 (A. V. Kotikov et al.)

Pomeron in the N=4 supersymmetric gauge model at strong couplings    [PDF]

A. V. Kotikov, L. N. Lipatov

1301.0895 (Li-Ming Cao et al.)

Maximum Entropy Principle for Self-gravitating Perfect Fluid in Lovelock

Li-Ming Cao, Jianfei Xu, Zhe Zeng

1301.0918 (Sayantan Choudhury et al.)

Features of warped geometry in presence of Gauss-Bonnet coupling    [PDF]

Sayantan Choudhury, Soumitra SenGupta

1301.0940 (Juan Pablo Babaro et al.)

On the description of surface operators in N=2* super Yang-Mills    [PDF]

Juan Pablo Babaro, Gaston Giribet

1301.0946 (Yang-Hui He et al.)

Exploring the Potential Energy Landscape Over a Large Parameter-Space    [PDF]

Yang-Hui He, Dhagash Mehta, Matthew Niemerg, Markus Rummel, Alexandru Valeanu

1301.0969 (Yong-Wan Kim et al.)

A massive graviton in topologically new massive gravity    [PDF]

Yong-Wan Kim, Yun Soo Myung, Young-Jai Park

1301.1070 (Flavio S. Coelho et al.)

n-DBI gravity, maximal slicing and the Kerr geometry    [PDF]

Flavio S. Coelho, Carlos Herdeiro, Mengjie Wang

1301.1073 (F. S. Coelho et al.)

Radiation from a D-dimensional collision of shock waves: an insight
allowed by the D parameter

F. S. Coelho, C. Herdeiro, C. Rebelo, M. O. P. Sampaio

1301.1109 (Hiromi Saida)

Universal Property of Quantum Gravity implied by Bekenstein-Hawking
Entropy and Boltzmann formula

Hiromi Saida

1301.1121 (Rafał R. Suszek)

Gauge Defect Networks in Two-Dimensional CFT    [PDF]

Rafał R. Suszek

1301.1144 (P. V. Buividovich)

Monte-Carlo study of quasiparticle dispersion relation in monolayer

P. V. Buividovich

1301.1159 (Anton Galajinsky)

Near horizon geometry of extremal black holes and Banados-Silk-West

Anton Galajinsky

1301.1174 (J. W. van Holten)

On single scalar field cosmology    [PDF]

J. W. van Holten

1301.1193 (Antonino Flachi)

Strongly Interacting Fermions and Phases of the Casimir Effect    [PDF]

Antonino Flachi

1301.1219 (Razieh Emami et al.)

Curvature Perturbations in Anisotropic Inflation with Symmetry Breaking    [PDF]

Razieh Emami, Hassan Firouzjahi

1301.1231 (Masoumeh Ghasemkhani)

The study of the photon's pole structure in the noncommutative Schwinger

Masoumeh Ghasemkhani

1301.1237 (Milutin Blagojević et al.)

Holography in 3D AdS gravity with torsion    [PDF]

Milutin Blagojević, Branislav Cvetković, Olivera Miskovic, Rodrigo Olea

1301.1276 (J. F. van Diejen et al.)

Orthogonality of Macdonald Polynomials with Unitary Parameters    [PDF]

J. F. van Diejen, E. Emsiz

1301.1300 (A. P. Balachandran et al.)

Algebraic Approach to Entanglement and Entropy    [PDF]

A. P. Balachandran, T. R. Govindarajan, Amilcar R. de Queiroz, A. F. Reyes-Lega

1301.1307 (Gergely Endrodi)

QCD equation of state at nonzero magnetic fields in the Hadron Resonance
Gas model

Gergely Endrodi