Wednesday, September 26, 2012

1109.5927 (Justo Lopez-Sarrion et al.)

Microcausality and quantization of the fermionic Myers-Pospelov model    [PDF]

Justo Lopez-Sarrion, Carlos M. Reyes

1109.6372 (Masanori Hanada)

Large-Nc equivalence and the sign problem at finite baryon density    [PDF]

Masanori Hanada

1110.2297 (Marco Frasca)

Beyond one-gluon exchange in the infrared limit of Yang-Mills theory    [PDF]

Marco Frasca

1201.4850 (Jean-Francois Dufaux)

Cosmic Super-Strings and Kaluza-Klein Modes    [PDF]

Jean-Francois Dufaux

1209.5392 (Xi Dong et al.)

Moduli Stabilization and the Holographic RG for AdS and dS    [PDF]

Xi Dong, Bart Horn, Eva Silverstein, Gonzalo Torroba

1209.5396 (Shamik Banerjee et al.)

Smoothed Transitions in Higher Spin AdS Gravity    [PDF]

Shamik Banerjee, Alejandra Castro, Simeon Hellerman, Eliot Hijano, Arnaud Lepage-Jutier, Alexander Maloney, Stephen Shenker

1209.5403 (C. Adam et al.)

Topological duality between vortices and planar skyrmions in BPS
theories with APD symmetries

C. Adam, J. Sanchez-Guillen, A. Wereszczynski, W. J. Zakrzewski

1209.5404 (Thomas Creutzig et al.)

N=1 supersymmetric higher spin holography on AdS_3    [PDF]

Thomas Creutzig, Yasuaki Hikida, Peter B. Ronne

1209.5408 (Thomas T. Dumitrescu et al.)

Exploring Curved Superspace (II)    [PDF]

Thomas T. Dumitrescu, Guido Festuccia

1209.5461 (Edward Witten)

Superstring Perturbation Theory Revisited    [PDF]

Edward Witten

1209.5476 (O. M. Del Cima)

The Jackiw-Pi model: classical theory    [PDF]

O. M. Del Cima

1209.5517 (Patrick Dorey et al.)

The Bethe Ansatz and the TzitzĂ©ica-Bullough-Dodd equation    [PDF]

Patrick Dorey, Simone Faldella, Stefano Negro, Roberto Tateo

1209.5554 (Ingo Runkel)

A braided monoidal category for free super-bosons    [PDF]

Ingo Runkel

1209.5579 (Ed Bennett et al.)

Topology of Minimal Walking Technicolor    [PDF]

Ed Bennett, Biagio Lucini

1209.5597 (Heikki Arponen)

On generalizations of asymptotically AdS_3 spaces and geometry of SL(N)    [PDF]

Heikki Arponen

1209.5673 (Gabor Zsolt Toth)

Projection operator approach to the quantization of higher spin fields    [PDF]

Gabor Zsolt Toth

1209.5701 (C. P. Burgess et al.)

Inflating in a Trough: Single-Field Effective Theory from Multiple-Field
Curved Valleys

C. P. Burgess, M. W. Horbatsch, Subodh P. Patil