Thursday, June 27, 2013

1306.6075 (Andrea Allais et al.)

How to construct a gravitating quantum electron star    [PDF]

Andrea Allais, John McGreevy

1306.6087 (Joe Keir)

Stability, Instability, Canonical Energy and Charged Black Holes    [PDF]

Joe Keir

1306.6135 (Konstantinos N. Anagnostopoulos et al.)

Monte Carlo studies of the spontaneous rotational symmetry breaking in
dimensionally reduced super Yang-Mills models

Konstantinos N. Anagnostopoulos, Takehiro Azuma, Jun Nishimura

1306.6172 (Leonid Marochnik et al.)

Macroscopic effect of quantum gravity: graviton, ghost and instanton
condensation on horizon scale of the Universe

Leonid Marochnik, Daniel Usikov, Grigory Vereshkov

1306.6186 (Jonathan White et al.)

Non-linear curvature perturbation in multi-field inflation models with
non-minimal coupling

Jonathan White, Masato Minamitsuji, Misao Sasaki

1306.6245 (Wolfgang Mueck)

On the number of soft quanta in classical field configurations    [PDF]

Wolfgang Mueck

1306.6292 (Anusar Farooqui et al.)

An Exact Expression for Photon Polarization in Kerr Geometry    [PDF]

Anusar Farooqui, Niky Kamran, Prakash Panangaden

1306.6303 (N. Crampe et al.)

Classification of three-state Hamiltonians solvable by Coordinate Bethe

N. Crampe, L. Frappat, E. Ragoucy

1306.6307 (Ashok K. Das et al.)

The pole of the fermion propagator in a general class of gauges    [PDF]

Ashok K. Das, J. Frenkel

1306.6323 (Steven Abel et al.)

Mapping Dirac gaugino masses    [PDF]

Steven Abel, Daniel Busbridge