Wednesday, October 24, 2012

1106.3261 (Pedro D. Prieto-Martínez et al.)

Lagrangian-Hamiltonian unified formalism for autonomous higher-order
dynamical systems

Pedro D. Prieto-Martínez, Narciso Román-Roy

1210.0990 (Varghese Mathai et al.)

Geometry of Pseudodifferential algebra bundles and Fourier Integral

Varghese Mathai, R. B. Melrose

1210.5510 (Marco Panero)

Recent results in large-N lattice gauge theories    [PDF]

Marco Panero

1210.6034 (Mirjam Cvetič et al.)

Anomaly Cancellation And Abelian Gauge Symmetries In F-theory    [PDF]

Mirjam Cvetič, Thomas W. Grimm, Denis Klevers

1210.6038 (Jonathan Hauenstein et al.)

Numerical Analyses on Moduli Space of Vacua    [PDF]

Jonathan Hauenstein, Yang-Hui He, Dhagash Mehta

1210.6048 (Leonardo Senatore et al.)

The constancy of ζin single-clock Inflation at all loops    [PDF]

Leonardo Senatore, Matias Zaldarriaga

1210.6053 (Kevin Dusling et al.)

Quantum chaos in the perfect fluid: spectrum of initial fluctuations in
the little bang

Kevin Dusling, Thomas Epelbaum, Francois Gelis, Raju Venugopalan

1210.6057 (Sayantani Bhattacharyya et al.)

A One-Loop Test of Quantum Supergravity    [PDF]

Sayantani Bhattacharyya, Alba Grassi, Marcos Marino, Ashoke Sen

1210.6074 (A. Krikun et al.)

Holographic model of S^{+/-} multiband superconductor    [PDF]

A. Krikun, V. P. Kirilin, A. V. Sadofyev

1210.6140 (Olga V. Radchenko et al.)

Notes on soft breaking of BRST symmetry in the Batalin-Vilkovisky

Olga V. Radchenko, Alexander A. Reshetnyak

1210.6164 (A. L. Cherchiglia et al.)

(Un)determined finite regularization dependent quantum corrections: the
Higgs decay into two photons and the two photon scattering examples

A. L. Cherchiglia, L. A. Cabral, M. C. Nemes, Marcos Sampaio

1210.6188 (Suphakorn Chunlen et al.)

Instability of N=2 gauge theory in compact space with an isospin
chemical potential

Suphakorn Chunlen, Kasper Peeters, Pichet Vanichchapongjaroen, Marija Zamaklar

1210.6215 (Gianluca Delfino et al.)

Pure connection formalism for gravity: Feynman rules and the
graviton-graviton scattering

Gianluca Delfino, Kirill Krasnov, Carlos Scarinci

1210.6224 (Ying-li Zhang et al.)

Hawking-Moss instanton in nonlinear massive gravity    [PDF]

Ying-li Zhang, Ryo Saito, Misao Sasaki

1210.6251 (Young S. Kim et al.)

Dirac Matrices and Feynman's Rest of the Universe    [PDF]

Young S. Kim, Marilyn E. Noz

1210.6257 (Thomas Krajewski)

Group field theories    [PDF]

Thomas Krajewski

1210.6261 (A. N. Atehortua et al.)

Non Linear Lorentz Transformation and Doubly Special Relativity    [PDF]

A. N. Atehortua, D. E. Jaramillo, J. M. Mira, N. Vanegas

1210.6273 (Seungjoon Hyun et al.)

Fake Supersymmetry and Extremal Black Holes    [PDF]

Seungjoon Hyun, Jaehoon Jeong, Sang-Heon Yi

1210.6308 (Yosuke Imamura)

Perturbative partition function for squashed S^5    [PDF]

Yosuke Imamura

1210.6318 (D. Bazeia et al.)

Braneworld solutions from scalar field in bimetric theory    [PDF]

D. Bazeia, F. A. Brito, F. G. Costa

1210.6323 (Davesh Maulik)

Stable pairs and the HOMFLY polynomial    [PDF]

Davesh Maulik

1210.6331 (Adam Balcerzak et al.)

Redshift drift in a pressure gradient cosmology    [PDF]

Adam Balcerzak, Mariusz P. Dabrowski