Wednesday, June 27, 2012

1103.0029 (James T. Liu et al.)

Supersymmetry of consistent massive truncations of IIB supergravity    [PDF]

James T. Liu, Phillip Szepietowski

1106.3149 (Yuki Yokokura)

Entropy Balance Equation of Spacetime Thermodynamics in f(R) Gravity    [PDF]

Yuki Yokokura

1106.3563 (David R. Morrison et al.)

Matter and singularities    [PDF]

David R. Morrison, Washington Taylor

1106.5216 (Heng Guo et al.)

Thick branes with a nonminimally coupled bulk-scalar field    [PDF]

Heng Guo, Yu-Xiao Liu, Zhen-Hua Zhao, Feng-Wei Chen

1108.5187 (Mirjam Cvetič et al.)

Implications of String Constraints for Exotic Matter and Z' s Beyond the
Standard Model

Mirjam Cvetič, James Halverson, Paul Langacker

1109.2627 (Evan McDonough et al.)

Searching for Signatures of Cosmic String Wakes in 21cm Redshift Surveys
using Minkowski Functionals

Evan McDonough, Robert H. Brandenberger

1109.4732 (Ole L. Trinhammer)

Neutron to proton mass difference, parton distribution functions and
baryon resonances from dynamics on the Lie group u(3)

Ole L. Trinhammer

1110.2524 (Paul S. Aspinwall)

A McKay-Like Correspondence for (0,2)-Deformations    [PDF]

Paul S. Aspinwall

1111.1576 (Tai-Zhuo Huang et al.)

Fluid/gravity duality with Petrov-like boundary condition in a spacetime
with a cosmological constant

Tai-Zhuo Huang, Yi Ling, Wen-Jian Pan, Yu Tian, Xiao-Ning Wu

1112.0788 (M. J. Duff)

String and M-theory: answering the critics    [PDF]

M. J. Duff

1112.1060 (Simon Caron-Huot et al.)

Jumpstarting the all-loop S-matrix of planar N=4 super Yang-Mills    [PDF]

Simon Caron-Huot, Song He

1201.0286 (Luca Fabbri et al.)

A square-torsion modification of Einstein-Cartan theory    [PDF]

Luca Fabbri, Stefano Vignolo, Cosimo Stornaiolo

1201.1756 (Maxim Eingorn et al.)

Remarks on gravitational interaction in Kaluza-Klein models    [PDF]

Maxim Eingorn, Alexander Zhuk

1201.3501 (Iver Brevik)

Casimir Theory of the Relativistic Composite String Revisited, and a
Formally Related Problem in Scalar QFT

Iver Brevik

1201.4893 (Federico Galli et al.)

Soft Spectrum in Yukawa-Gauge Mediation    [PDF]

Federico Galli, Alberto Mariotti

1206.5740 (Peter P. Orth et al.)

Emergent Critical Phase and Ricci Flow in a 2D Frustrated Heisenberg

Peter P. Orth, Premala Chandra, Piers Coleman, Jörg Schmalian

1206.5808 (L. A. Ferreira et al.)

The concept of quasi-integrability for modified non-linear Schrodinger

L. A. Ferreira, G. Luchini, Wojtek J. Zakrzewski

1206.5815 (Allan Adams et al.)

GLSMs for non-Kahler Geometries    [PDF]

Allan Adams, Ethan Dyer, Jaehoon Lee

1206.5827 (Francesco Aprile)

Holographic Superconductors in a Cohesive Phase    [PDF]

Francesco Aprile

1206.5831 (William Donnelly et al.)

Do gauge fields really contribute negatively to black hole entropy?    [PDF]

William Donnelly, Aron C. Wall

1206.5832 (F. S. Bemfica et al.)

Five-dimensional Horava-like braneworld models    [PDF]

F. S. Bemfica, M. Dias, M. Gomes, J. M. Hoff da Silva

1206.5839 (Flávio S. Coelho et al.)

Radiation from a D-dimensional collision of shock waves: higher order
set up and perturbation theory validity

Flávio S. Coelho, Carlos Herdeiro, Carmen Rebelo, Marco Sampaio

1206.5877 (Andrea Campoleoni et al.)

Maxwell-like Lagrangians for higher spins    [PDF]

Andrea Campoleoni, Dario Francia

1206.5880 (Michael Dine et al.)

Deformed Bubbles and Lorentz Invariance in Vacuum Decay    [PDF]

Michael Dine, Patrick Draper, Chang-Soon Park

1206.5886 (Shengmao Zhu)

Colored HOMFLY polynomial via skein theory    [PDF]

Shengmao Zhu

1206.5897 (Shigenori Seki et al.)

Chiral Condensate in Holographic QCD with Baryon Density    [PDF]

Shigenori Seki, Sang-Jin Sin

1206.5900 (Dimitrios Tsimpis)

Supersymmetric AdS vacua and separation of scales    [PDF]

Dimitrios Tsimpis

1206.5916 (Ofer Aharony et al.)

4d N=2 superconformal linear quivers with type IIA duals    [PDF]

Ofer Aharony, Leon Berdichevsky, Micha Berkooz

1206.5936 (Igal Arav et al.)

The Sound of Topology in the AdS/CFT Correspondence    [PDF]

Igal Arav, Yaron Oz

1206.5942 (Mariam Bouhmadi-Lopez et al.)

Scalar perturbations from brane-world inflation with curvature effects    [PDF]

Mariam Bouhmadi-Lopez, Pisin Chen, Yen-Wei Liu

1206.5954 (Jong-Phil Lee)

On the quantization of the noncommutative geometry inspired black hole    [PDF]

Jong-Phil Lee

1206.5961 (J. M. Carmona et al.)

Relativistic kinematics beyond Special Relativity    [PDF]

J. M. Carmona, J. L. Cortes, F. Mercati

1206.5966 (Teruhiko Kawano et al.)

5D SYM on 3D Sphere and 2D YM    [PDF]

Teruhiko Kawano, Nariaki Matsumiya

1206.5970 (Freddy Cachazo)

Fundamental BCJ Relation in N=4 SYM From The Connected Formulation    [PDF]

Freddy Cachazo

1206.6008 (Johan Kallen et al.)

The perturbative partition function of supersymmetric 5D Yang-Mills
theory with matter on the five-sphere

Johan Kallen, Jian Qiu, Maxim Zabzine

1206.6040 (T. Ootsuka)

New covariant Lagrange formulation for field theories    [PDF]

T. Ootsuka

1206.6043 (A. M. M. Leite et al.)

Accurate Calibration of the Velocity-dependent One-scale Model for
Domain Walls

A. M. M. Leite, C. J. A. P. Martins, E. P. S. Shellard

1206.6050 (Francois Delduc et al.)

Alleviating the non-ultralocality of the AdS_5 x S^5 superstring    [PDF]

Francois Delduc, Marc Magro, Benoit Vicedo

1206.6063 (Yukihiro Mimura et al.)

Bootstrap Dynamical Symmetry Breaking with New Heavy Chiral Quarks    [PDF]

Yukihiro Mimura, Wei-Shu Hou, Hiroaki Kohyama

1206.6076 (Y. Habara et al.)

Physical Account of Weyl Anomaly from Dirac Sea    [PDF]

Y. Habara, H. B. Nielsen, M. Ninomiya

1206.6096 (D. G. C. McKeon et al.)

On Determining the Running Coupling from the Effective Action    [PDF]

D. G. C. McKeon, A. Patrushev