Wednesday, May 30, 2012

1011.0624 (Hyeyoun Chung)

Hawking Radiation and Entropy from Horizon Degrees of Freedom    [PDF]

Hyeyoun Chung

1105.5208 (Zhi-Yong Wang)

Some new insights on the statistical origin of the Bekenstein-Hawking
entropy I: Some heuristic arguments

Zhi-Yong Wang

1107.5522 (Ruth Gregory et al.)

Spinflation with Angular Potentials    [PDF]

Ruth Gregory, Dariush Kaviani

1109.0426 (Kanabu Nawa et al.)

Complex 2D Matrix Model and Geometrical Map on Complex-Nc Plane    [PDF]

Kanabu Nawa, Sho Ozaki, Hideko Nagahiro, Daisuke Jido, Atsushi Hosaka

1110.0803 (N. Kitanine et al.)

Form factor approach to the asymptotic behavior of correlation functions
in critical models

N. Kitanine, K. K. Kozlowski, J. M. Maillet, N. A. Slavnov, V. Terras

1110.5510 (Charles B. Thorn)

Improved Proof of the No-ghost Theorem for Fermion States of the

Charles B. Thorn

1205.5796 (Johannes Noller)

Constraining fast-roll inflation    [PDF]

Johannes Noller

1205.5860 (Bikashkali Midya)

Quasi-Hermitian Hamiltonians associated with exceptional orthogonal

Bikashkali Midya

1205.6205 (Elias Kiritsis et al.)

The holographic quantum effective potential at finite temperature and

Elias Kiritsis, Vasilis Niarchos

1205.6207 (Marco Serone)

On the Cut-off Estimate in Lifshitz Five Dimensional Field Theories    [PDF]

Marco Serone

1205.6208 (James Gray et al.)

Heterotic domain wall solutions and SU(3) structure manifolds    [PDF]

James Gray, Magdalena Larfors, Dieter Lust

1205.6238 (G. A. Alekseev)

Monodromy transform and the integral equation method for solving the
string gravity and supergravity equations in four and higher dimensions

G. A. Alekseev

1205.6239 (David J. Fernandez)

Harmonic oscillator SUSY partners and evolution loops    [PDF]

David J. Fernandez

1205.6257 (Pedro Allendes et al.)

Solution to Bethe-Salpeter equation via Mellin-Barnes transform    [PDF]

Pedro Allendes, Bernd Kniehl, Igor Kondrashuk, Eduardo A. Notte Cuello, Marko Rojas Medar

1205.6261 (Mikjel Thorsrud et al.)

Cosmology of a Scalar Field Coupled to Matter and an Isotropy-Violating
Maxwell Field

Mikjel Thorsrud, David F. Mota, Sigbjørn Hervik

1205.6267 (Bhaskar Dutta et al.)

Holomorphic Bisectional Curvatures, Supersymmetry Breaking, and
Affleck-Dine Baryogenesis

Bhaskar Dutta, Kuver Sinha

1205.6269 (Xiao-Qing Shen et al.)

Spontaneously induced general relativity with holographic interior and
general exterior

Xiao-Qing Shen, Shao-Feng Wu, Guo-Hong Yang

1205.6270 (Armen Saghatelian)

Near-horizon dynamics of particle in extreme Reissner-Nordström and
Clément-Gal'tsov black hole backgrounds: action-angle variables

Armen Saghatelian

1205.6282 (Handhika S. Ramadhan)

On DBI Textures with Generalized Hopf Fibration    [PDF]

Handhika S. Ramadhan

1205.6303 (R. Casadio et al.)

Minimum black hole mass from colliding Gaussian packets    [PDF]

R. Casadio, O. Micu, A. Orlandi

1205.6304 (Seokcheon Lee)

Evidence for departure from ΛCDM with LSS    [PDF]

Seokcheon Lee

1205.6354 (Eugene B. Kolomeisky et al.)

Fermion condensation around a Coulomb impurity in a Weyl semimetal as a
manifestation of the Landau zero-charge problem

Eugene B. Kolomeisky, Joseph P. Straley

1205.6369 (Pawel Caputa)

Lightlike contours with fermions    [PDF]

Pawel Caputa

1205.6388 (Manuel Valiente et al.)

Universal properties of Fermi gases in arbitrary dimensions    [PDF]

Manuel Valiente, Nikolaj T. Zinner, Klaus Molmer

1205.6389 (Dennis G. Smoot)

An alternate derivation of Padmanabhan's differential bulk-surface
relation in General Relativity

Dennis G. Smoot

1205.6403 (Emanuel Malek)

U-duality in three and four dimensions    [PDF]

Emanuel Malek

1205.6444 (Gregory Giecold)

A Universal Formula for the Stress-Tensor Contribution to Scalar
Four-Point Functions

Gregory Giecold